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Time Series Analysis: Simple and Log-linear Trend ModelsSorting and Indexing Data for Efficient Analysis in PythonMerging and Joining Datasets in Python pandasFiltering Rows in a DataFrame in PythonRenaming Columns in Python pandasHandling Date and Time Data in Python pandasEncoding Categorical Data in Python pandasConverting Data Types in Python pandasHandling Missing Data - Example - Part 4Handling Missing Data - Example - Part 3 (Non-numeric Values)Handling Missing Data - Example - Part 2Handling Missing Data - Example - Part 1Expected Return and Variance for a Two Asset PortfolioExploring Data using pandasMachine Learning with PythonPandas - Install Python and PandasFinancial Statement Analysis FrameworkCarry Markets and Forward PricesUnderstanding the Greece CrisisWhy Gold Prices Fluctuate?Careers in Sales, Trading and ResearchAll You Wanted To Know About ETFsStudy Material for CFA ExamHow to Create a Covariance Matrix in RWhat is Principal Component Analysis (With Steps)Sorting Data in R Using order() FunctionHow to Perform Correlation Analysis in R for Financial DataWhat is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)Understanding Fungibility: What It Is and How It WorksUsing ChatGPT for FinanceHow to build a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) modelIndustrialisation and its Impact on SocietyMeasures of DispersionSampling Frame - Definition, Examples and FeaturesRepresentative SamplingSampling Methods in StatisticsIs The Hypothesised Ethereum Flippening A Step Closer To Happening Due To The Merge?Calculate Percentage by Group in RHow to Calculate Skewness and Kurtosis in RHow to Calculate Covariance and Correlation in R ProgrammingHow to Remove Outliers in RData Analyst Vs Business AnalystQuantitative and Qualitative Variables in StatisticsParameters and StatisticsPassive Income Tips for You to Build in 2022Python NumPy - Indexing and Slicing ArraysPython NumPy - Numerical Operations on ArraysNumPy - Methods to Create Arraysndarray - Methods and Data TypeWhat is NumPy in PythonHow to loop over python dictionaries and Numpy arraysWhile Loop in PythonFor Loop in PythonConditional Statements in PythonLogical Operators in PythonComparison Operators in PythonPython DictionariesWhat is MicrofinanceFive Stages of Venture Capital FundingAn Introduction to Angel InvestingBooks on Macroeconomics: A Reading ListBooks on Microeconomics: A Reading ListCFA® Level I Mock ExamCrowdStreet Platform for Real Estate Investing Crowdfunding in Real Estate InvestmentsThe Crowdfunding ProcessAsset-based Valuation ModelsCompany AnalysisImpact of External Factors on Industry Growth, Risk and ProfitabilityIndustry Life CycleEffects of Various Factors on Pricing Power and Return on CapitalPrinciples of Strategic AnalysisElements of Industry AnalysisRelation of “Peer Group” to a Company’s Industry ClassificationFactors Affecting the Sensitivity of a Company to Business CycleClassification of IndustriesApproaches to Classifying CompaniesIntroduction - Industry and Company AnalysisCharacteristics of Equity SecuritiesWhat are Depository ReceiptsInvesting in Non-domestic Equity SecuritiesObjectives of Market RegulationFinancial IntermediariesClassification of Assets in Financial MarketsClassification of Financial MarketsFunctions of Financial SystemBreakeven AnalysisImpact of Financial Leverage on Net Income and ROELeverage, Business Risk, and Financial RiskTypes of CrowdfundingMethods of Calculating Weights in WACCFinancial Ratios: Uses and LimitationsValuation RatiosDuPont AnalysisProfitability RatiosWhat is CrowdfundingSolvency RatiosFree Cash Flow to the Firm and EquityCash Flow from Investing and Financing ActivitiesCash Flow from Operating ActivitiesSteps to Prepare Statement of Cash FlowsNoncash Investing and Financing ActivitiesCommon Size Balance SheetStatement of Changes in Shareholder’s EquityStockholders' EquityCost of Equity and Rate of ReturnIntangible Assets and GoodwillNon-current Assets - Investments and FundsAsset Side of the Balance SheetBalance Sheet in Financial AnalysisCash Flow Statements: US GAAP Vs. IFRSComprehensive IncomePerformance Measures of a CompanyCommon Size Income StatementCalculation of Diluted EPS (Convertible Debt)Calculation of Diluted EPS (Convertible Preferred Stock)Diluted EPSOperating and Non-operating Components of Income StatementFinancial Reporting of Non-recurring ItemsBad Debt Expense and Warranty Expense RecognitionAmortization Expense RecognitionDepreciation Expense RecognitionInventory Expense RecognitionExpense RecognitionRevenue Recognition - Barter TransactionsRevenue Recognition - Instalment SalesRevenue Recognition - Long-term ContractsPrinciples of Revenue RecognitionFormats of Income StatementsAnalyzing Company DisclosuresMonitoring Developments in Financial Reporting StandardsLiabilities Side of Balance SheetOther Sources of Information used by AnalystsAuditing of Financial StatementsFinancial Statement Notes and Supplementary InformationKey Financial StatementsRoles of Financial ReportingFactors Affecting Balance of PaymentsGross Domestic Product and Gross National ProductUses and Limitations of Economic IndicatorsCost-Push vs. Demand-Pull InflationConsumer Price Index (CPI) to measure inflationInflation, Hyperinflation, Deflation and DisinflationTypes and Measures of UnemploymentTheories of the Business CycleEconomic Activities in Phases of Business CycleBusiness CyclesThe Production FunctionSources, Measurement, and Sustainability of Economic GrowthImpact of Changes in Aggregate Supply and DemandBusiness Cycle and EconomicsEconomic Growth and InflationMacroeconomic EquilibriumShifts in Supply CurveShifts in Aggregate Demand CurveAggregate Supply CurveAggregate Demand CurveThe IS CurveRelationship Between Saving, Investment, Fiscal Balance, and Trade BalanceGDP, National Income, and Personal IncomeNominal Vs. Real GDPMethods of Calculating GDPGross Domestic ProductConcentration Measures in EconomicsSupply Curve in Various Market StructuresMonopolyOligopoly or Oligopolistic MarketWhat is Monopolistic CompetitionWhat is Perfect Competition?Cross Price Elasticity of DemandIncome Elasticity of DemandPrice Elasticity of DemandEffects of Government Regulation on Demand and SupplyConsumer and Producer SurplusStable and Unstable EquilibriumTypes of Markets in EconomicsNon-parametric TestsF-test - Test for the Differences Between Two Population VariancesChi-square Test – Test for value of a single population varianceHypothesis Tests Concerning VariancesAggregating Demand and Supply Curves and Concept of EquilibriumPaired Comparision Tests - Mean Differences When Populations are Not IndependentTests Concerning Differences in MeansHypothesis Testing with z-statisticHypothesis Testing with t-statisticRelative Locations of Mean, Median and ModeSkewness and KurtosisEthical Decision Making FrameworksEthical vs. Legal StandardsImportance of Ethical Behavior in the Investment IndustrySelecting the Appropriate Test StatisticEthics and ProfessionalismWhat is Ethics in Business?How to Improve your Financial HealthPackages and Modules in PythonMethods in PythonDefine Custom Functions in RFunctions in PythonLists in Pythonp-Value in Hypothesis TestingImporting Data from Web in RSQL Queries from RImporting Data from a Database in RUsing XLConnect in R ProgrammingImporting Data from Excel in RImporting Data Using data.table – fread in RImport Data using read.table in RImporting Data Using read.csv in RImporting Data from External Data Sources in RApply Functions in RCreating Functions in RFunctions in R ProgrammingWhile and Repeat Loop in R ProgrammingFor Loop in R ProgrammingConditional Statements in RLogical Operators in RFactors in R ProgrammingMatrices in R ProgrammingVariables in PythonSetting up Python on your ComputerRelational Operators in RIntroduction to PythonPerforming Basic Math Operations in RInstalling R Software on Your ComputerChanging Themes (Look and Feel) in ggplot2 in RCoordinates in ggplot2 in RFacets for ggplot2 Charts in R (Faceting Layer)stat_summary for Statistical Summary in ggplot2 RCreating a Line Chart in ggplot 2 in Rggplot2 - Chart Aesthetics and Position Adjustments in RSplitting Plots with Facets in ggplotsCreate ggplot Graph with German Credit Data in RData Import and Basic Manipulation in R - German Credit DatasetGrammar of Graphics in ggplotIntroduction to ggplot2Adding Details and Features to R PlotsPlotting Multiple Datasets on One Chart in RCreating a Line Chart in RCreating a Bar Chart in RCreate a Scatter Plot in R with Multiple GroupsHow to Create a Scatter Plot in RAccessing Built-in Datasets in RGraphic Systems in RVisualization in Data ScienceUnderstanding Treemap, Heatmap and Other Map ChartsUnderstanding Japanese Candlestick Charts and OHLC ChartsWhat is a Box Plot and How to Read ItHow to Read Scatter Chart and Bubble ChartWhat are Pie Chart and Donut Chart and When to Use ThemWhen to Use Bar Chart, Column Chart, and Area ChartOverview of Data VisualizationOptions Strategy: Create Long Straddle with R LanguageOptions Strategy: Create Bull Call Spread with R LanguageTDS Payment for Purchase of Property in IndiaHome Loan Process in IndiaTop 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Trust DeedUpgrade Your Skills by Taking Microsoft 70-767 Test with Exam DumpsA Guide to Setting Up a Small Business NetworkVelvet Caviar CEO Michelle Aranbayev Discusses E- Commerce Financing5 Tips to Write Outstanding Papers for Accounting Students3 Tips in Finding Flexible Premium Life InsurancePlotting Volatility Smile in RWill Cash Make A Comeback In 2020?Need Extra Cash? Here's Something You Can Do4 Useful Tips to Pass The Exam for Finance StudentsCredit Card Debt: 5 Ways to Pay It OffBlack Scholes Options Pricing Model in RReview of Options ContractsExploring Open Interest for Futures Contracts with RContango and BackwardationCreating Term Structure of Futures Contracts Using RDifferent Parties in the Futures MarketComparing Futures vs Spot Prices for WTI Crude OilHistorical Simulation Vs Monte Carlo SimulationCRM Systems and Revenue Growth. Is There Any Connection?Facts That Influence the Fluctuation of Stocks in the Marijuana IndustryR Visualization of Statistical Properties of Future PricesExploring Crude Oil (CL) Future Data from Quandl in RHow to Create Futures Continuous SeriesOverview of Derivatives with R TutorialWhen Is The Right Time For A Car Loan?Neural Networks OverviewK-Means Algorithm Python ExampleK-Fold Cross Validation Example Using Python scikit-learnCross Validation to Avoid Overfitting in Machine LearningClassifier Model in Machine Learning Using PythonMultivariate Linear Regression in Python with scikit-learn LibrarySupport Vector Machine Algorithm ExplainedHow to Take Care of Your EmployeesRandom Forest Algorithm in PythonLending Valley CEO Chad Otar Announces A.I. Powered FundingUnderstanding Options Greeks5 Things You Didn’t Know About Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)Decision Trees in Machine LearningLogistic Regression in Python using scikit-learn Package5 Tips on How to Become Eligible in Applying For a LoanLogistic RegressionMultiple Linear RegressionSupervised Learning ModelsBias Variance Trade OffSocial media reporting - it is not as difficult as you thinkModel Selection in Machine LearningEvaluate Model Performance - Loss FunctionTrain-Test Datasets in Machine LearningHow Much Will It Cost to Buy a House in 2020Feature Selection in Machine LearningAvoiding the Classic Fraud: Understand the Ponzi Scheme Beyond the StereotypesThree Best Credit Cards For People With No CreditData Preprocessing in Data Science and Machine LearningWhat is Machine Learning?Binomial Option Pricing Model in RPortfolio Optimisation in RModern Portfolio TheoryEverything You Need to Know About Car Title LoansCalculating Stock Returns and Portfolio Returns in RDownloading Stock Data in R Using QuantModR Financial Packages for Portfolio AnalysisHow Insurance Companies Calculate RiskPredictive Modelling: Comparing Model ResultsConcise Management Services – Document Preparation ProfessionalsThe Top tips And Strategies To Help Increase Your Financial AcumenExtreme Gradient Boosting in RRandom Forest Model in RSupport Vector Machine (SVM) Model in RCredit Risk - Logistic Regression Model in RBuilding Credit Risk ModelCreate a Function and Prepare Test Data in RRemove Dimensions By Fitting Logistic RegressionData Cleaning in R - Part 55 Factors That Influence the Stock Market – ExplainedAdvanced Concept of Risk-reward Ratio in TradingData Cleaning in R - Part 3Data Cleaning in R - Part 2Predictive Modelling: Averaging Results from Multiple ModelsData Cleaning in R - Part 1Loan Data - Training and Test Data SetsCredit Risk Modelling - Required R PackagesExplore Loan Data in R - Loan Grade and Interest RateExplore Financial Data in RCredit Risk Modelling - Case Study- Lending Club DataLogistic Regression Model in RBuild the Predictive ModelCredit Modelling: Training and Test Data SetsGerman Credit Data : Data Preprocessing and Feature Selection in RImport Credit Data Set in RCase Study - German Credit - Steps to Build a Predictive ModelClassification vs. Regression ModelsCreate a Confusion Matrix in RCredit Risk Modelling - Case StudiesQuantstrat Case Study - Multiple Symbol PortfolioQuantstrat Example in R - RSI StrategyIoT Capabilities for the Insurance IndustryQuantstrat - EMA Crossover Strategy - Performance and Risk MetricsQuantstrat Example in R - EMA Crossover StrategyMeasuring Overall ETFs PerformanceData Analysis with Quantmod in RCreating Charts with QuantmodDownloading Data Using Quantmod Package in RIntroduction to Quantmod in RPlotting the VIX Index and TED Spread in RRisk Indicators - VIX Index and TED SpreadCreating and Using Vectors in RData Types in RUsing Variables in RInstalling and Using RStudio with RRisk Management of a Trading StrategyBacktesting a Trading Strategy - ConsiderationsDesigning A Trading Strategy For ProfitHow to Generate Trading IdeasMarket Making Strategies and Day Trading StrategiesMean Reversion StrategiesMomentum StrategiesTypes of Quantitative Trading StrategiesQuantitative Trading - Advantages and DisadvantagesSetting Up a Working Directory in RIntroduction to Quantitative TradingFinancial Time Series in R - Course ConclusionAutomatic Identification of Model Using auto.arima() Function in RForecasting with ARIMA Modeling in R - Case StudyARIMA Modelling - Identify Model for a Time SeriesARIMA Modelling in REstimating Moving Average (MA) Model in RForecasting with AutoRegressive (AR) Model in REstimating AutoRegressive (AR) Model in RAutoRegressive (AR) Model in RSimulate Random Walk (RW) in RSimulate White Noise (WN) in RARIMA ModelingTime Series ModelsAutocorrelation in RDifferencing and Log TransformationTime Series Transformation in RTransforming a Series to StationaryStationary Process in Time SeriesCharacteristics of Time SeriesPlotting Financial Time Series Data (Multiple Columns) in RThese 7 Business Expenses Are More Negotiable Than You ThinkCheck if an object is a time series object in RCreating a Time Series Object in R15 Random Tips For Those Living Alone For the First TimeHandling Missing Values in Time SeriesPlotting Time Series in RHow To Create a 1099Exploring Time Series Data in RFinancial Time Series DataA Brief Look into Alibaba StocksThe Impact of Brexit on the HR SectorGuide to Claim Insurance for Your Stolen Two-wheelerRole of Data Science in Risk ManagementSave Money Today to Relish Benefits in Future6 reasons why you should plan your own funeralStop Stressing About Debt And Get Out Of It ASAP Using These TipsCheck If Data Is Normally Distributed Using R - QQ Plots7 Best Cannabis Stocks for You to Consider InvestingFacts About Deferred Sales TrustSettlement Price of Futures ContractsCalmar Ratio: Definition, Calculation, and ImportanceCredit card processing and how it affects the finance of a businessSteps To Take When Applying For Secured LoansWestern Union Prepaid MasterCardCash Back Credit Cards: Why Use Them At All?What You Need to Know About Balance Transfer Credit Cards Before You Get OneWhy does bankruptcy occur in small businesses?How Can Businesses Dig Themselves Out of Debt?What are the Top Emerging Currencies Pairs in Forex Market?How to Make Profits in the Car Rental BusinessTips to Decrease Funeral Expenses5 Ways You Make Yourself Vulnerable to HackersYoungster’s Guide to Finding the Best Cheap Car Insurance3 Reasons Why Investing in New Office Equipment Will Help Your BusinessHistorical Stock Returns and Investing for RetirementHow To Pay Your Debts Without Going Broke?Is Getting Business Startup Loans a Good Idea5 Common Payroll Problems and How to Manage ThemHow Has Brexit Already Affected the Economy?6 Financial Assets for the Wise MillennialFactors That Drive Electricity PriceHarald Seiz: Visions and the future of moneyWhat’s All the Fuss About Keeping Your Cryptocurrency Keys off Exchanges?How Do Title Loans Work?Forex Trading and its Long Term BenefitsSix Ways to Save Money on Your Life Insurance PolicyManaging Your Debt Through Consolidation: Where to StartHow Resolvly Helps With Unsecured Loans8 Essential Things to Look For When Buying Life InsuranceImportance of Conference Call Recording for a BusinessBacktesting Quantitative Trading Strategies7 Tips To Break Free Of Stronghold Of Debt6 Smart Ways to Use a Payday LoanFour Types of Insurance Everyone Should HaveHow to Avoid Freelancer False Billing in Your Small BusinessTips To Invest Wisely In Stocks MarketParenting Financial Lessons That Will Stick with Your Kids Through AdulthoodHow to Find the Right Life Insurance for You?Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Forex BrokersThe Financial Impact Phishing Can Have on You and Your Business5 Requirements For A Business Line Of Credit ApprovalLife Insurance For Every Stage of LifeHow IVA Affects Your Credit Score?How Life Insurance Helps In Managing Financial Risks?4 Different Ways to Easily Add Years to Your Nest EggDebunking 5 Myths About ULIP PlansHow Insurance Can Secure Your FinancesHow to File Tax Return for Small Business with GSTOffshore Company Registration: What Entrepreneurs Need To KnowThe Importance of Customer Retention in Business GrowthBest Banks for Each type of AccountWhat’s an ECN Broker and how to Choose One?5 Secrets That Bitcoin Experts Don't Tell You AboutHow Does Cryptocurrency Affect the Global Economy?What kind of credit card user are you?What You Need to Know About IVAsWhat Is the Best Approach Toward A Refinance Mortgage Loan?What Are Unsecured Loans and What are the Benefits?Diversify your forex trading with exotic currency pairsCFD Trading Tips: Professionals Come After YouIs a 401(k) loan the solution to end your credit card debt?Most Common Questions About Playing Music In Your BusinessWhat to do if you have debt letters from Lowell FinancialWhat Every Startup Business Should Know?Buyer's Markets vs. Seller's MarketsHow to Build Your Own Quantitative Trading StrategyWhy Financial Traders Should Learn R5 Things To Consider When Applying For A Small Payday LoanKC Bank is the world's first fully-licensed cryptocurrency bank5 Tools that Will Help You Scale Your TeamMastering three amazing technique in Forex marketHow to Manage Your Money in College4 Ways Going Green Can Improve Your Company’s Financial HealthGet a Lower Interest Rate When Financing Your Sallie Mae LoanLooking for the best accident lawyerPoor Credit Rating? Here Is How to Fix It4 Tips for Buying Vending MachinesYou and Your MoneySimple Ways to Make Money This SummerAre There Any Effective Ways to Curb Runaway Debt?Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer and an Owner/Operator of a Semi TruckTips when Selecting a Personal Injury LawyerHow to Manage Your 401(k)Buying a Home? 5 Reasons Why a Home Inspection is CriticalDifference Between Model and AlgorithmWhat is Bond Laddering Strategy for Investment5 Ways Renting a Shipping Container Can Benefit You FinanciallyConcept of Cryptographic Currencies and its UsageTerms and Conditions Enhanced by Books runWhat is Regularization in Data Science - Lasso, Ridge and Elastic NetNew Course - Credit Risk Modelling in RHow to Sell Your Used Books? Find OutDo You Understand What an IVA Is?7 Essential Things You must do Before you get MarriedHow to Calculate Option-adjusted Spread (OAS) of a BondHow Data Science is Used in Fintech (Financial Technologies)What Drove Amazon Stock Higher in 2017?Best Ways to Consolidate Your Credit in 2018What's There in the Fine Print of Your Life Insurance Policy?How To Keep Your Money Safe When Investing In The MarketsManage your Personal Finances and Reduce Debt Effectively Using these TipsBitcoin or Ethereum: Which is the Better Buy?The slippery slopes of debt consolidation that you’re best off avoidingWhat is Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB)?Over 50s life insurance FAQsModelling Probability of Default Using Logistic Regression888 Holdings and its stock in 2017Gathering data and information regarding a businessShopping for Health Insurance With High CholesterolPredictive Modelling: Splitting Data into Training and Test SetWhat is Cryptocurrency and How to Use ItSupply Chain Financing: Using Technology to Improving Supplier-Buyer RelationsNew Course - Fixed Income MarketsGuidelines on Choosing the Right Credit Card ProcessorCFA Exam Adds Fintech, Big Data, and Data Analysis to 2019 CurriculumNobel Prize in Economics 2017 - Richard H. Thaler3 Serious Mistakes to Avoid When Opting for Home Loan RefinanceShare Trading Can be Volatile and Lucrative5 Strategies for Growing Your BusinessNew Course - Equity Analysis and Valuation5 Ideas for Reducing Company Debt5 reasons Why a Loan Could Benefit Your BusinessNew Online Course - Corporate FinanceQuantitative Trading Vs. Algorithmic TradingShould You Invest in Amazon Stock?New Online Course - DerivativesNew Course - Financial Time Series Analysis with RWhat Will Greece’s Return Mean for the Financial Markets?Why Finance is Reconsidering Trade and Transport InvestmentsApplications of Data Science in BankingData Cleaning Using tidyr Package in RRobo Advisors: The Changing Face of Financial AdvisorsThe best calculators on the market – Get the best help for managing your financesHow Banks Meet Customer ExpectationsEverything you need to know about Self Directed IRA servicesAdd a Statistical Layer on Line Chart in ggplot2Data Science Vs Financial EngineeringPTS TrainersPlanning To Invest In Gold? 10 Facts You Should KnowWhat You Need to Know About Bad Loans and Your Credit ScoreData Science for Finance ProfessionalsHow to Stay on Top of Your Family’s FinancesWhat You Need to Know About Reverse MortgagesThe End of Tax Freedoms for Pensioners: What Does the Autumn Statement Mean for Those Approaching retirement?Why should you buy a health insurance with reset benefit?Best Python Libraries/Packages for Finance and Financial Data ScientistsKey Metrics for SaaS Business (Subscription KPIs)How to Become a Financial Data ScientistPotential Jobs for CFA CandidatesCommon Areas Overlooked by Forex TradersWhat is Line Chart and When to Use ItA Few Signs an Investment Opportunity is SuspectInstallment Loans: Tips to Understanding the Loan AgreementWays You Can Cut Down Your Medical Expenses In 2017Trading CFDs Online – The AdvantagesEight myths about SIPs5 Steps to Getting Your Personal Finances in OrderHow to Stay Safe Around a TrenchWhy Are Payday Loans So ControversialWhy government should make home insurance compulsoryThe Benefits of Hiring a Pet SitterEstate Inheritance Loan: How Does it WorksIs Amazon Arbitrage a Profitable E-Commerce Model?Your Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online BusinessLife Mishaps That Can Be Challenging FinanciallyFederal Fund RatesTen Great Ways To Effectively Manage Your FinancesWhat is Real Interest RateProgramming Skills That Are Opening Many Doors In The Financial IndustryHistorically Low Interest Rates: Causes and ExplanationMost Important Excel Skills for FinanceWill Finance Professionals Be Replaced By Technology In The Finance Industry? Not Yet.Programming Skills All Finance Professionals Need to LearnThe PRMIA Credit and Counterparty Risk Manager CertificateFinancial Modelling: Excel Shortcuts You Must KnowFinancial Modelling: Writing Formulas in ExcelFinancial Modelling: Setup Excel for ProductivityFinancial Risk Manager Handbook: FRM Part I and Part IICFA Confidential: What It Really Takes to Become a Chartered Financial AnalystWhen Does the IRS File Criminal Charges?British Pound Exchange Rate Forecast Post BrexitThink Beyond EPF for a Wealthier RetirementAre You Ready To Retire?PEO Companies OhioWhat is an Interim Manager and How Do You Become One?Financial Modeling: How to Build a Complete Model with ExcelPass The 7 – 2015: A Plain English Explanation To Help You Pass The Series 7 ExamDivorce Attorney Consultation: How it Should Benefit YouWiley Series 7 Exam Review 2015 + Test Bank: The General Securities Representative ExaminationKaplan Series 7 Securities License Exam Manual, General Securities Representative Exam4 Factors that Prove to be Decisive in a Term PlanCFP Certification Exam Practice Question WorkbookWhat Makes Product Liability Insurance A Profitable Pick?ObamaCare: Insurance Facts Over FictionInside Job - Movie ReviewToo Big to Fail: Movie ReviewThe Piotroski ScoreHow to choose a health insurance in India?MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial FreedomAll About Bonds, Bond Mutual Funds, and Bond ETFs - Book ReviewFinancial Accounting in an Economic ContextIntermediate Accounting - Book ReviewBusiness Process Outsourcing For Insurance CompaniesPCI Compliance - What It Is and Why You Should Be Concerned About ItHedge Funds, Leverage, and the Lessons of Long-Term Capital Management - ReportThe Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness - Book ReviewFinancial Reporting and Analysis (eBook)Accounting Skills for Managers (Kindle eBook)Bloomberg Visual Guide to Candlestick ChartingGlobal InterGold Offers Tips for Protecting Wealth from Economic UncertaintyVisual Guide to Chart Patterns - Book ReviewInvestment Course: Timeless Principles for Building Wealth - Book reviewVenture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist - Book ReviewThe Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excess - Book ReviewFinancial Statement Analysis: A Practitioner’s GuideThe Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable - Book ReviewThe Art of Short Selling - Book ReviewCommon Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings - Book ReviewOptions, Futures, and Other Derivatives (9th Edition) - Book Review5 Concepts That Will Help Every College Student To Be Financially LiterateFinancial Modeling: Implement Financial Models in Excel - Book ReviewFinancial Modeling and Valuation: A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity - Book ReviewMastering Python for Finance - Book ReviewBuilding Financial Models - Book ReviewBook Review: Damodaran on Valuation: Security Analysis for Investment and Corporate FinanceWhat You Need to Know About Credit ReportsWhich Cryptocurrency Is Best for Beginners?What Small Business Owners Should Ask A Bankruptcy AttorneyHow to Help Your Elderly Parents with FinancesBook Review: Applied Corporate Finance by Aswath DamodaranKeeping Your Business Afloat Without the DebtsHow to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Made when Purchasing a Used VehicleHow to Develop a Winning Trading StrategyWill Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 impact two-wheeler insurance? Here’s what you need to knowDiscovering Why you have not become Wealthy: YetVISA/MasterCard accepted: Where to buy Bitcoin with a credit card?How to Keep International Money Transfer Fees and Exchange Rate Differentials below $1,000?Myth Buster: Why is it important to have a term insurance when you are single?VaultOS - A New Core Banking SoftwareHow Blockchain Technology WorksWhat does a public accountant do?Choosing the Right KPIs for your Business DashboardsHow Money Moves - InfographicPuerto Rico Debt: $70 Billion and CountingTop 5 online courses for becoming an expert stock traderThe Panama Papers: Exposing The Dichotomy Between Good Words And Bad ActionsBest Mobile Apps for Stock AnalysisS&P 500 - Should Investors Be Concerned?10 Reasons to Hold Gold in Your PortfolioIndicators That A Global Recession Is Just Around The BendOnline Broking: Things You Must Keep In Mind Before You DoShort-term Savings: Where To Park ThemWhy Investing In An Emergency Fund Makes Sense, Even if You Have Bills To PayThings to Consider When Choosing a New HomeWhat the Fed Interest Rate Hike Means for EveryoneLowering Oil Prices: Another Drop in The Growing Woe of a Global RecessionChina Records Lowest Growth in a Quarter A Century: Is This the Beginning of a Slowdown?Tech Trends in The Financial Services SectorBest CRM For BanksGold Bullion Money Making Success System - Global Income AdvantagesThe Importance of Financial Planning for a Toronto Resident3 Signs That You Need a Calgary AccountantNow is the time to invest in platinumLet’s Introduce You the FinanceHow can freelancers and sole traders save money on IT?4 Ways the Internet Can Help Save You MoneyTips on Securing a Toronto Home LoanFive Common Mistaken Beliefs about Debt ReliefSome Misconceptions about Debt Consolidation6 Practical Ways of Getting Yourself Out of DebtTips for Starting a Successful BusinessCarl Icahn Video - 'Danger Ahead' About US EconomyWhat the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is all about?Anatomy of a Perfect Stock ReportWhat is a Tear Sheet?What is CEF Expense Ratio and how is it calculated?How to Get Historical Bond Prices and Yields Data?Excel Add-in – Currency Quotes in ExcelTop Investing Tools to Help you Excel at InvestingYIELD MANAGEMENT INC. TOKYO, JAPAN REVIEWHelpful Tips on DasCoin and Other AltcoinsHow to Download Options Prices in ExcelHow to Download Stock Prices into Google SpreadsheetsStock Market Functions (SMF) Add-in - Get Financial Data in ExcelAlternative to MSN Stock Quotes Add-in in ExcelBest Calculator for CFA ExamBooks on PRM CertificationCFA Exam Registration FeesWELLINGTON CAPITAL GROUP INSIGHTS: 2018 YEAR OF THE DOGOverdraft Loan Facility by Muthoot FinanceSample Questions for ERP ExamWhy companies issue multiple classes of common stock?Basel III for DummiesFRM Pass Rate and GradingRipple vs Bitcoin: What Makes Them So Different?How to Compare Mutual Fund PerformanceERP vs. FRM ExamHow to Become a Data Scientist – Part 2How to Become a Data Scientist – Part 1Have You ever Heard of these High Paying ProfessionsAnalyst AdjustmentsScreening Equity InvestmentsCredit RatingsGetting a Fair Settlement after a Semi- Truck AccidentDebt Repayment Hacks to Stop Runaway DebtHow to calculate beta for a portfolioProjecting a Firm’s Financial PerformanceEvaluating a Company’s Past Financial PerformanceDefined Benefit Plans & the Company Balance SheetPension Expense (both GAAP & IFRS) for the Income StatementHow to Show Negative Numbers in Brackets in MS Excel?Defined Benefits Plans vs. Defined Contribution PlansDisclosures for Capital and Operating LeaseEffect of Leases on Financial Statements for LessorsAssessing the Credit QualityLessors and Direct Financing Capital LeasesLessors and Sales-Type Capital LeasesLessor Accounting for LeasesEffects of Leases on Selected Financial Reporting Items for LesseesCritical Assessment of Online Term Plan Plus6 Invoice Factoring Mistakes You Don’t Want To MakeCollege Loan Debt Consolidation Reduction - What Choices Are Accessible To You?Money Habits to Teach Your KidsWhy You Should Grab Cashback Online DealsLessee AccountingCapital Leases and Operating LeasesLeasing Vs. Purchasing AssetsPresentation and Disclosures Related to DebtConsolidating Credit Debt Solutions, A Guide to Credit Card ConsolidationRole of Debt CovenantsDerecognition of DebtBond Amortization, Interest Expense, and Interest PaymentsRecognition and Measurement of BondsBondsIT Accounting under IFRS and US GAAPThe Handbook of Municipal BondsDisclosures for Deferred Tax ItemsValuation Allowance for Deferred Tax AssetsPermanent and Temporary Differences Between Taxable Income and Accounting ProfitsExample of a Deferred Tax LiabilityTax Base of Assets and LiabilitiesDeferred Tax Liabilities and AssetsIntroduction to Income TaxFinancial Reporting of Investment Property Vs. PPEDisclosures Related to PPE and Intangible AssetsDerecognition of PPE and Intangible AssetsImpact of Asset ImpairmentImpairment of Long-lived AssetsRevaluation Model for Fixed AssetsAmortization of Intangible AssetsDepreciation – Important PointsDepreciation Methods for Property, Plant, and Equipment (PPE)Financial Reporting of Intangible AssetsCapitalizing Vs. Expensing CostsLong-lived Assets - IntroductionImpacts of LIFO and FIFO Inventory Methods on Selected Financial RatiosDisclosures Relating to InventoriesInventory at Net Realizable ValueImpact of Depreciation Methods on Financial StatementsImpact of Inventory Valuation MethodsPerpetual Vs. Periodic Inventory SystemsInventory Accounting Analysis and Inflation/DeflationAnalyze Securities Using Tableau VisualizationsTrading as a Career OptionWhy Stock Prices MoveHow to Identify a MultibaggerHow to Judge Short CoveringSynthesis of Numbers - The DuPont WayBiggest Trades of All TimeUnderstanding LiquidityHow to Day Trade for a LivingBest Sector for Long-term InvestmentTrading Mistakes to AvoidOverview of Income Tax in IndiaHow Chit Funds Work?Big Data and the Role of the Data ScientistUnderstanding Hypothesis Testing and p-valueInventory Valuation MethodsCosts Included in InventoryInventory - IntroductionDecision Rule in Hypothesis TestingTest Statistic, Type I and type II Errors, and Significance LevelBiases in SamplingHow to Read Student’s t TableStudent’s t DistributionConfidence Interval for a Population Mean, when the Distribution is Non-normalConfidence Interval for a Population mean, with an Unknown Population VarianceConfidence Interval for a Population mean, with a known Population VarianceConfidence Interval EstimatesPoint EstimatesParameter EstimationStandard Error of the Sample MeanCentral Limit TheoremTime Series and Cross Sectional DataStratified Random SamplingSampling ErrorSimple Random Sampling and Sampling DistributionContinuously Compounded Rate of ReturnDiscretely Compounded Rate of ReturnLognormal Distribution and Stock PricesSafety-first RatioShortfall RiskCalculating Probabilities Using Standard Normal DistributionStandard Normal DistributionConfidence Intervals for a Normal DistributionUnivariate Vs. Multivariate DistributionNormal DistributionContinuous Uniform DistributionTracking Error and Tracking RiskStock Price Movement Using a Binomial TreeBernoulli and Binomial DistributionDiscrete Uniform Random VariableCumulative Distribution FunctionDiscrete Vs. Continuous Random VariableWhat is a Probability DistributionPermutation and Combination FormulaMultiplication Rule of CountingBayes’ TheoremVariance and Standard Deviation of a PortfolioExpected Value of a PortfolioCalculating Covariance and CorrelationConditional Expected ValuesCalculating Variance and Standard Deviation of Stock ReturnsExpected Value of InvestmentsJoint Probability of a Number of Independent EventsDependent Vs. Independent Events in ProbabilityProbability of Atleast One of the Events OccuringJoint Probability of Two EventsMultiplication, Addition and Total Probability RulesUnconditional and Conditional ProbabilitiesState the Probability of an Event as OddsEmpirical, Subjective and Priori ProbabilityMeasure Model Performance in R Using ROCR PackageTwo Defining Properties of ProbabilityProbability - Basic TerminologySharpe RatioCoefficient of VariationChebyshev’s InequalityMoving Average (MA) Model in RVariance and Standard DeviationRange and Mean Absolute DeviationQuartiles, Quintiles, Deciles, and PercentilesCalculating Median and Mode of a Data SetCalculating Harmonic MeanCalculating Geometric MeanCalculating Weighted Average MeanCalculating Arithmetic MeanMeasures of Central TendencyProperties of a Data Set (Histogram / Frequency Polygon)Unconditional Probability Using Total Probability RuleRelative Frequencies and Cumulative Relative FrequenciesParameter, Sample Statistic, and Frequency DistributionTypes of Measurement ScalesDescriptive Vs. Inferential StatisticsConvert One Yield to AnotherMoney Market YieldEffective Annual Yield for Money Market InstrumentsHolding Period Yield (HPY)Bank Discount YieldYield Measures for Money Market InstrumentsHow to Calculate Annualized ReturnsMoney-weighted ReturnsTime-weighted ReturnsHolding Period Return (Total Return)Conflict Between NPV and IRR (And Problem with IRR)These are the mistakes you’ll want to avoid when buying life insuranceHow to Use Residential Property as a Retirement VehicleThinking of Getting a Loan Online? Here's 3 Things You Should DoCharacteristics of Well-functioning Financial SystemInternal Rate of ReturnNet Present ValueUsing a Timeline to Solve Time Value of Money ProblemsAnnuities with Different Compounding FrequenciesPresent Value and Future Value of Uneven Cash FlowsNew Book - Quantitative Trading Strategies with RPresent Value and Future Value of Annuity DueEffective Annual YieldInterest RatesIntroduction - Time Value of MoneyMajor Sections of GIPS StandardsScope of GIPS StandardsGIPS - Fundamentals of ComplianceKey Features of GIPS StandardsGIPS VerificationConstruction and Purpose of CompositesOverview of GIPSIntroduction - GIPSGuidance for Standard VII – Responsibilities of a CFA Institute Member or CFA CandidateStandard VI (C) - Referral FeesStandard VI (B) - Priority of TransactionsStandard V (C) - Record RetentionStandard V (B) - Communication with Clients and Prospective ClientsStandard V (A) - Diligence and Reasonable BasisStandard IV (C) - Responsibilities of SupervisorsStandard IV (B) - Additional Compensation ArrangementsStandard IV (A) - LoyaltyStandard III (E) - Preservation of ConfidentialityStandard III (D) - Performance PresentationStandard III (C) - SuitabilityStandard III (B) - Fair DealingStandard II (A) - Material Non-public InformationStandard I (D) Professionalism - MisconductStandard I (C) Professionalism - MisrepresentationStandard I (B) Professionalism - Independence and ObjectivityStandard I (A) Professionalism - Knowledge of the LawStandard II (B) - Market ManipulationSeven Standards of Professional ConductStandard VII – Responsibilities of a CFA Institute Member or CFA CandidateStandard VI – Conflicts of InterestStandard V – Investment Analysis, Recommendations, and ActionsStandard IV – Duties to EmployersStandard III – Duties of ClientsStandard II – Integrity of Capital MarketsStandard I - Professionalism (Standards of Professional Conduct)Seven Standards of Professional ConductCFA Institute Professional Conduct ProgramHow to find lost superChanges to the PRM ExamCreate Financial Dashboards Using Excel PowerPivotForex WebinarsStock Evaluation SpreadsheetTrading Forex - Your WayWhy Switching Banks is Sometimes a Good IdeaEmerging Markets: 5 Best Countries to Invest in TodayCommon Automobile Insurance MythsThe Pros And Cons Of Structured CDsDegree of Total LeverageDegree of Financial LeverageHow to Calculate Degree of Operating LeverageHow to Calculate Annualized Standard DeviationThe Accounting EquationStandard VI (A) - Disclosure of ConflictsPut Option PayoffCall Option PayoffHow to Buy SharesGlobal Depositary ReceiptsAmerican Depositary Receipts (ADRs)Class A and Class B Common StockVoting Systems: Statutory Voting and Cumulative VotingConvertible Preference SharesPreference Shares - Meaning, Types and FeaturesCommon Equity Shares - Meaning and FeaturesArbitrage-free Valuation Approach for BondsCalculate the Value of a Coupon Paying BondWhat does gold mean in the 21st century economy?Ways To Send Money OverseasForex Trading for Beginners – A GuideHow To Find The Perfect MortgageCareer Path for Forensic AccountantsOperating Return on Assets (ROA)6 Rules for Your Startup CompanyImpact of Stock Dividends and Stock Splits on Earnings Per Share (EPS)How to Calculate Basic Earnings Per Share (EPS)Should you add gold to your retirement investment strategy?Stock Portfolio Tracker in Google Docs SpreadsheetHedge Fund Fee Structure, High Water Mark and Hurdle RateOverview of Structured NotesThe Hidden Costs of White Label Binary Options BrokersSeries 7 ExamCFA Level I - Study Notes and Question BankWhat are Medium-term NotesWhat are Corporate BondsCFA Vs. FRM: Which Designation is Right for You?Home Reversion – The Popular Equity Release SchemeGet Stock Quotes in Excel: New Excel Add-inCFA Level 1 – Exam Preparation GuideHow Email Marketing Works For Finance BusinessesSample Study Notes from CFA Level I AuthoritySix Components of the Code of EthicsTop 3 Things You Need to Know About Behavioral EconomicsAccounting Profit Vs. Economic ProfitSubstitution and Income EffectsConsumer's Equilibrium Bundle of GoodsBudget ConstraintseBook - Introduction to Corporate FinanceExcel: How to Sort Data Using a Custom Sort OrderExcel: How to Move to First or Last Row in a ListHow to Magnify a Selection in Excel?Role of Risk ManagementConsumer Choice Theory and Utility TheoryRole of Controller in Protection of AssetsPersonal Finance Startups in India – All closing down?Books for FRM Part 1 ExamInterpreting Forward Exchange Rate QuotesTypes of AuctionsExcess Demand and Excess SupplySupply Function and Supply CurveShifts in Demand and Supply CurvesDemand Function and Demand CurveTrendline, Support and Resistance LevelsWhat is Hypothesis TestingHow to Read Student's t Distribution Table (With PDF)Why Lognormal Distribution is Used to Describe Stock PricesShort-fall Risk, Safety-first Ratio, and Optimal Portfolio SelectionWhat is Tracking ErrorConstructing Binomial Tree to Describe Stock Price MovementNew Short Courses: Basics of Options and Option GreeksHow to Construct a Frequency DistributionPresent Value of a PerpetuityFuture Value and Present Value of Ordinary AnnuityPresent Value of a Single Cash FlowFuture Value of a Single Cash FlowTime Value of Money for Different Compounding FrequenciesInterest Rate EquationTypes of Interest RatesCFA Level II Exam - Sample Item Set QuestionsPRM Exam 1 - Sample QuestionsWhat do Derivative Traders Do?CFA Experience RequirementsWhy do companies manipulate their financial reports?CFA Study Plan in Excel (For Level 1)Career of a CFAMost Common CFA Level 1 Questions and TopicsCreating Data Quality Scorecard: Motivation and MechanicsStandard III (A) - Loyalty, Prudence, and CareData Quality ScorecardData Quality Inspection and ValidationOperational Data GovernanceDimensions of Acceptable DataCommon Issues Resulting in Data ErrorsHow Poor Quality Data Impacts BusinessesBanking: How Banks Give Out Loans?Banking: How Bank Notes and Checks Work?Banking: Introduction to Bank NotesBanking: Multiplier Effect and the Money SupplyA Bank’s Income StatementHow a Bank Works?Understanding the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act and Its Effect on Family LawCorporate Debt Securities and Rights of BondholdersKey Dimensions that Characterize Acceptable DataExplained: The difference between bankruptcy and an IVAStudy Techniques for CFA Exam4 Jobs for the Mathmatically-Minded Individual with an Accounting DegreeCross Hedging Commodities5 Ways to Budget But Still Enjoy Some of the Finer ThingsDefine and Compute a Commodity SpreadOverview of Municipal BondsHow to Take the Long View With Your InvestmentsBusiness Cut Tuition Reimbursement? No Problem. 5 Educational Online OptionsCollateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs)Calculate the Value of a Zero-coupon BondQ1 Green Energy Investment Hits Lowest Levels Since 2009What are Bitcoins?Mortgage Pass-through SecuritiesAlternative Risk Transfer (The ART Market)Strip Hedge and Stack Hedge in Commodities MarketEquilibrium Formula for Pricing Commodity ForwardsFederal Agency SecuritiesOverview of U.S. Treasury SecuritiesFour Methods of Distributing Government SecuritiesCredit Risk and Rating of Sovereign DebtTypes of Bond MarketsConstructing a Real Estate Price Index: The Moroccan ExperienceEvent Risk and Sovereign Risk in BondsVolatility Risk in Bonds with Embedded OptionsInflation Risk in BondsExchange Rate Risk in BondsFRM Exam Study Plan in ExcelCredit Risk in BondsReinvestment Risk in BondsBasis Risk in Commodities HedgingFactors Affecting Commodity Market PricesBasic Commodity TerminologyBanking: Understanding Reserve RatiosCall and Prepayment RiskYield Curve RiskFormula to Check if a Cell Contains #N/AHow to Delete Blank Rows Using Excel VBA?Why take Excel Training?Interest Rate Risk of Floating-rate BondsPrice of a Callable BondImpact of Yield Level on Bond’s Price SensitivityBond Features Affecting Interest Rate RiskLiquidity Risk in BondsUnderstanding Inverse Price/Yield Relationship in BondsKey Risks Associated with Investing in BondsUnderstanding Three Different Types of Binary Options TradesWaiting for the Perfect Pitch (Taking out a Business Loan)Best Linear Unbiased Estimator (B.L.U.E.)Linear Combinations of Random VariablesIndependent and Identically Distributed VariablesInterpretation of Skewness, Kurtosis, CoSkewness, CoKurtosisBayes Theorem – Calculating Conditional ProbabilitiesProperties of Log-Normal DistributionParamteric vs Non-Parametric DistributionsTypes of Commodity Investment StrategiesJPMorgan Chase: Out of ControlProperties of Normal DistributionProperties of Bernoulli DistributionProperties of Uniform DistributionWhy Commodity Index Strategies are Active InvestmentsHow Commodity Investments Can Help a PortfolioContango and Backwardation in Commodity MarketsExchange-Traded Funds, Market Structure and the Flash CrashSensitivity Analysis (Duration and Convexity)Case Study: Equity Derivative Losses at UBSCalculate and Interpret Covariance and CorrelationsTails of the Unexpected (Andrew Haldane and Benjamin Nelson)Sovereign Creditworthiness and Financial Stability: An International PerspectiveChallenges of Financial InnovationTrust and Delegation (Operational Risk in Hedge Funds)Chase Manhattan and their involvement with Drysdale SecuritiesRisk Management for Hedge FundsA Comparative Assessment of Basel II/III and Solvency IIStress Testing BanksCase Study: Trading Scandal at Kidder PeabodySensitivity Measures for a PortfolioPerspectives on Liquidity Stress Testing (Iceland Example)Free eBook - Ten Steps to Financial SuccessObservations and Developments in Risk Appetite Frameworks and IT Infrastructure Principles for the Sound Management of Operational RiskThe Failure Mechanics of Dealer BanksEconomic Interpretation of Sensitivity MeasuresMeasuring Operational Risk from Loss DataKey Issues in Operational Risk Capital ModelingEnterprise Risk Management: Theory and PracticePractices and Issues in Economic Capital FrameworksSecuritisation of Subprime Mortgage CreditRisk Measurement for the Trading BookRisk Taking: A Corporate Governance PerspectiveThe Do’s and Don’ts of Personal LoansWhat are your options for retiring early?Sensitivity Measures for Fixed Income InvestmentsTaylor Series ExpansionInfinite Series and Its ApplicationsPrice Yield Relationship for BondsDiscounting of Cash FlowsMeasuring Interest Rate Risk: Full Valuation ApproachAn Overview of Behavioral FinanceWhat is CIBIL, Credit Score and Why You Should Care?How to Value a Bond Using Forward RatesSecurities ExamsMutual Funds: A Beginner’s GuideBuying a Home: When to say NO?Setting Financial Goals: Back to the FutureFAQs on Quantitative FinanceSimplicity, Risk Sensitivity and Comparability: The Regulatory Balancing ActFive Businesses You Can Start For Under 5KHow to Calculate Forward Rates from Spot Rates?What are Forward Rates?Option-adjusted Spreads (OAS)Z-Spread: Definition and CalculationNominal SpreadHow to Make a Million Dollars an HourMargin Requirements for Non-centrally Cleared Derivatives - UpdatedHow to Price a Bond Using Spot Rates (Zero Curve)Calculate Bond-Equivalent Yield of Annual-Pay BondsFactors Affecting Reinvestment RiskYTM and Reinvestment RiskYield to Maturity (YTM) Approximation FormulaBond Equivalent Yield ConventionHow to Calculate Yield to MaturityHow to Calculate Current YieldMaking MSN Stock Quotes Add-in Work in Excel 2010Best Movies about Money and FinanceSignificance of Cash FlowsCash Flow Statements - Direct and Indirect MethodCash Flow StatementIncome StatementCash Flow YieldSources of Return from Investing in a BondElements of Balance SheetElements of Financial StatementsAccounting Case Study - General Ledger and Trial BalanceHow to Calculate Yield to Call of a BondAccounting Case Study - Journal EntriesCheat Sheet - Accounting for Common Business TransactionsAustralian unemployment rate remains steadyMaintaining Accounting RecordsAccounting Skills - Case StudyAccounting Business Transactions and the Accounting EquationKey Accounting ConceptsIntroduction to Accounting Skills for ManagersRole of a Sell Side TraderRules of Debit and CreditUnderstanding Global LiquidityCalculation of Non-controlling Interest in Consolidated FinancialsCalculate Risk-adjusted Returns Using Beta2012’s Big-Name Business Court CasesFCFF Valuation Model in ExcelStructured Nonagency IO TranchesUsing Excel to Calculate AnnuityMinority Investments (Minority Interest)Calculation of EBITDA Under IFRS30e/360 Day Count Convention (Eurobond Basis)How to Study for PRMIA Mathematics SectionReverse Stress TestingRole of a Quantitative ModelerCalculator for PRM ExamCFA Level 2 Summary NotesFormula to Calculate Country Risk PremiumHow to Build Efficient Frontier in ExcelJensen’s Alpha Calculator in ExcelInterest-only Stripped Mortgage-backed SecurityVideo Lecture for GARCHProblems with Calculating WACCHow Not to Fail CFA Level II ExamCalculating EWMA Correlation Using ExcelHow to Calculate FCFF and FCFEExit Strategies for Private Equity InvestorsIntroduction to Reserve RatiosDeficit and Debt Ceiling CrisisAccrual Accounting Concept in IFRS and GAAPCalculate Historical Volatility Using EWMAEffective Maturity in Basel IICFA Derivatives Notes for Level 1 ExamReverse Mortgage 101How to Calculate Stocks Autocorrelation in ExcelPricing Anomalies: Cross Sectional AnomaliesPricing Anomalies: Calendar, Momentum and Overreaction AnomaliesGoing Concern IFRS Vs. GAAPHow to Annualize Monthly Returns – ExampleA Review of PRM HandbookTypes of Efficient MarketsMarket Efficiency: InfluencersGobank: A New Bank Without Branches, Just an AppOpen Ended Mutual Funds RedemptionsImportant Notations in Options FormulasEquity Swap ExampleThe LM CurveSwap TerminationStocks - Contracts for DifferenceOption GreeksRefinancing in Tampa through HARPPrioritizing Counterparty Risk Management - Lessons from MF GlobalEffective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk ReportingAvoid These Common Financial Modeling MistakesOff-market Forward ContractsFutures - Mechanics of Interest Rate TradingHow Interest Rates and Volatility Affect Option Prices?Should American Options be Exercised Early?Put Call Parity and Arbitrage Opportunity5 Different Corporate Finance Ideas for Your BusinessBasel III: Liquidity Coverage RatioAn Overview of Efficient MarketsIntroduction to Futures MarketsOverview of Equity Options - VideoFree Online Course on Computational InvestingFinancial Intermediaries and Investor Positions in Equity MarketsFinancial System and Investment LandscapeBudgeting Tips for FreelancersSave Money for Care Home Fees in 4 Easy StepsQuote-driven Dealers MarketTrade Execution SystemsCall Market Vs. Continuous Trading MarketRights Issue of SharesCredit Lending and Risk ManagementHow to Use the Rule of 72 FormulaHow to Calculate the Value of Scrap Gold?How to Buy a DRIP Stock?How Credit Card Transaction Processing Works?Knowledge and Skills Needed for Effective Risk ManagementWhat is Shelf Registration?What is Private Placement of Shares?What is a Seasoned Security?A Value Investing Approach to Manage an Equity PortfolioClosely Held Companies, Distressed Securities and CommoditiesWhy Do Firms Issue Bonds Abroad?Understanding Initial Public Offering with an ExampleWhat is Initial Public Offering (IPO)?CFA Level 1 - Venture Capital and Hedge FundsCFA Level 1 - Real Estate InvestmentsMutual Funds and Exchange Traded FundsUsing Texas Instruments BA II Plus Calculator for CFA ExamUsing Pricing Models for Financial ProductsPricing of Illiquid Instruments and TransactionsLecture 21 - Exchanges, Brokers, Dealers, ClearinghousesPricing of Liquid Instruments and TransactionsQuestion: Performance Measurement Using Index Model RegressionLecture 20 - Professional Money Managers and Their InfluenceLecture 19 - Overview of Investment BankingLecture 18 - Monetary PolicyMarket Liquidity Risk LimitsConcentrated Positions and Market RiskLecture 17 - Options MarketsLecture 16 - Banking and Regulations in China with Laura ChaLecture 15 - Forward and Futures MarketsThe Accounting Trick That Fooled Polly Peck's InvestorsLecture 14 - A Brief History of AIG with Maurice "Hank" GreenbergLecture 13 - Overview of BanksLecture 12 - Misbehavior, Crises, Regulation and Self RegulationSave Your Finances When Renewing InsuranceLink between Natural Catastrophes and Global ReinsuranceLecture 11 - Behavioral FinanceLecture 10 - Real Estate FinanceLecture 9 - Corporate StocksLecture 8 - Theory of Debt, Its Proper Role, Leverage CyclesLecture 7 - Efficient MarketsBarron's Criticism, Determinants of Investment ReturnHow Do Hedge Funds Manage Portfolio Risk?Insurance, the Archetypal Risk Management InstitutionPortfolio Diversification and Supporting Financial InstitutionsRisk and Financial CrisesFinancial Markets: Course IntroductionHandbook on Securities StatisticsValuation Lecture 22: Option to Expand and Option to AbandonLong and Short Positions in Financial AssetsFinancial Reporting - International Standards ConvergenceValuation Lecture 21: Real Options - The Option to DelayCovering family financesRed Flags and Accounting Warning SignsValuation Lecture 20: Private Company Valuation and Real OptionsFinancial Statement Analysis ApplicationsAccounting for Lessor and PensionHow to Calculate Portfolio Risk and ReturnAccounting for LeasesFinancial Reporting for BondsAn Overview of Basel III FrameworkEuropean Crisis ExplainedCFA Level 1: Income Taxes - Part 2CFA Level 1: Income Taxes - Part 1Basel III Counterparty Credit Risk - Frequently Asked QuestionsSelecting Optimal Portfolio for an InvestorCFA Level 1: Long Lived Assets - Part 2CFA Level 1: Long Lived Assets - Part 1Valuation Lecture 19: Relative and Private Company ValuationCorporate Finance Lecture 26: Course ReviewCapital Allocation Line with Two AssetsUtility Indifference Curves for Risk-averse InvestorsCorporate Finance Lecture 25: Valuation (Continued)Corporate Finance Lecture 24: Valuation and Estimating InputsRisk Aversion of Investors and Portfolio SelectionValuation Lecture 18: Finding ComparablesValuation Lecture 17: Analyzing MultiplesCorporate Finance Lecture 23: The Dividend Policy (Part 3)Corporate Finance Lecture 22: The Dividend Policy (Part 2)Corporate Finance Lecture 21: The Dividend Policy (Part 1)Why Invest in Commodities?CFA Level 1: Inventories - Part 2 VideoCFA Level 1: Inventories - Part 1 VideoCorporate Finance Lecture 20: Designing the Perfect DebtCorporate Finance Lecture 19: Optimal Financing MixRisk Management: Common Issues and Lessons LearnedCFA: Financial Analysis Techniques - VideoCorporate Finance Lecture 18: Cost of Capital as Optimizing ToolCorporate Finance Lecture 17: Debt Tradeoff, Miller-Modigliani Theorem, Optimal Financing MixMethods of Stock Selection by Graham-NewmanBook: The Big Short – An Account of Housing and Credit BubbleCorporate Finance Lecture 16: Project Choices and the Financing DecisionCorporate Finance Lecture 15: Project Side Costs and BenefitsCorporate Finance Lecture 14: Equity Analysis, Acquisitions and ProjectsCorporate Finance Lecture 13: NPV, IRR, and ROESecurity Analysis: Important Lessons about Earnings Per ShareUnderstanding the Income Statement: Part 3 – VideoCorporate Finance Lecture 12: Measuring ReturnsCorporate Finance Lecture 11: Calculating Cost of CapitalSecurity Analysis: Financial Strength and Capital StructureCorporate Finance Lecture 10: Estimating Cost of DebtCorporate Finance Lecture 9: Beta and Cost of EquityValuation Lecture 16: Relative ValuationValuation Lecture 14: Advanced ValuationSecurity Analysis: Four Ways to Evaluate the Quality of ManagementCorporate Finance Lecture 8: All About Estimating BetaCorporate Finance Lecture 7: Estimating RiskCorporate Finance Lecture 6: Estimating Inputs for CAPMCorporate Finance Lecture 5: Risk and ReturnCorporate Finance Lecture 4: Conflicts of InterestStock Analysis: Long-term Prospects – Good SignsUnderstanding the Income Statement: Part 2 - VideoUnderstanding the Income Statement: Part 1 - VideoAccounting Shenanigans on the Cash Flow StatementCorporate Finance Lecture 3: Corporate GovernanceCorporate Finance Lecture 2: Shareholders and ManagementCorporate Finance Lecture 1 - IntroductionStock Analysis: Long-term Prospects – Red FlagsStock Analysis: Factors Affecting the Capitalization RateFinancial Reporting Standards - VideoUnderstanding the Cash Flow Statement: Part 1 - VideoFinancial Reporting Mechanics - VideoA Guide to the Federal ReserveEffect of Correlation on DiversificationEfficient Frontier for a Portfolio of Two AssetsRegulatory Reforms - Can we make bankers more like pilots?Valuation Lecture 13: DFC Valuation TestsThat pre-paid feelingAre Private Banks a Realistic Alternative to High Street Banks?Valuation Lecture 12: Dark Side of ValuationStandard Deviation and Variance of a PortfolioRogue Trading - Risk Controls and CultureBasel III is simpler and strongerCalculate Variance and Standard Deviation of an AssetHow to Select the Right Bank for your Business?Introduction to Transfer PricingNominal Returns and Real Returns in InvestmentsHow to Calculate Leveraged ReturnsValuation Lecture 11: Tying the Loose EndsValuation Lecture 10: Estimating Terminal ValueGross and Net Returns CalculationsHow to Calculate Portfolio ReturnsHow to Calculate Annualized ReturnsValuation Lecture 9: Estimating Growth RatesValuation Lecture 8: Growth Tests and Estimating GrowthHow to Calculate Money-weighted ReturnsArithmetic Returns Vs. Geometric ReturnsValuation Lecture 7: Working with Cash FlowsValuation Lecture 6: Beta and Cost of Capital TestsGovernment Launches Small Business Investment BankPortfolio Risk and Return - Part 2B - VideoPortfolio Risk and Return - Part 2A - VideoValuation Lecture 5: Implied Equity Risk Premiums and Estimating BetaValuation Lecture 4: Equity Risk PremiumsHow to Improve Your Personal Finance if InjuredInvesting in Commodities - VideoPortfolio Risk & Return - Part 1B - VideoPortfolio Risk & Return - Part 1A - VideoCalculating Profitability Index in ExcelMajor Types of Return MeasuresMitigation of Market Risk in Fund ManagementWhat is Information Ratio?Times really have changed for Egypt's banks!Market Risk Management in Fund ManagementSteps in Portfolio Management ProcessInvestment Clients for Portfolio ManagersHow to Become a Forex TraderTypes of Mutual FundsAn Overview of Mutual FundsDoes the Size of Central Bank Balance Sheet Matter?The Portfolio Perspective for InvestingDifference between Delta and Gamma HedgingMonetary policy in a downturn: Are financial crises special?Factors that Influence Foreign Exchange RatesHow to Calculate the Holding Period ReturnsWhat does the Market Risk Department Do?How to Calculate Foreign Exchange Gain and LossHow to Calculate Volatility in Excel?How to Get Historical Exchange Rates?How to Interpret Foreign Exchange Rates?Credit Exposure Profiles of Bonds and LoansWhat is MetaTrader 4?Bankgesellschaft Berlin Case Study – Credit Risk and Operational RiskHow NYSE Manipulated Access to Market DataTypes of Operational RiskRevised Core Principles for Effective Banking SupervisionProblems with Financial LeveragingValuation Lecture 3: DCF, FCFE, and FCFFStudent’s t DistributionImpact of Volatility Clustering on Value at RiskModels of Volatility Clustering: EWMA and GARCH(1,1)Valuation Lecture 1: Introduction to ValuationVaR Calculation: The Assumptions of Standard DistributionCredit in Times of Stress: Lessons from Latin AmericaProblems with the VaR ModelsUnbundling and Dynamically Hedging RisksEconomic Capital Calculation: ApproachesFT’s Must Watch Movie: Client 9Northern Rock: A Case in Low Frequency High Impact EventRegulatory Capital Vs. Economic CapitalVaR Mapping for Options PositionsStock Market DistributionStock Quotes in Excel for NSE/BSEBacktesting Value at Risk (VaR)Mapping Complex Financial PositionsMapping Futures/Forward Positions to Risk FactorsWho Really Benefits from Quantitative EasingCase Study: Taisei Marine and Fire InsuranceMaking Sense of Analyst Stock RecommendationsA Comparison of Government Debt Around the WorldChina Aviation Oil - Derivative LossesRevolving Credit Card Receivables SecuritizationAsset-Backed Securities (Installment Loans)Market Liquidity Risk of Trading ActivitiesWorldCom Accounting Scandal: The Wrong Call (Part 2)WorldCom Accounting Scandal: The Wrong Call (Part 1)Eurodollar Certificates of Deposit (CD)Mapping Zero-coupon Bonds to Risk FactorsOrange County CaseWhat is Binomial Distribution (With Formula)?Probability Density FunctionsWhat is Private Equity?Measuring Potential Future ExposureDetermination of Presettlement Risk in Different InstrumentsMapping Equity PositionsBrady BondsCredit Risk Measurement and Management in TradingCredit Risk and Counterparty Credit Risk Using LINEST() Function in Excel for Multivariate RegressionContango From Trader PerspectiveANOVA Table in RegressionStandard Error in Linear RegressionMarket Risk LimitsOrdinary Least Squares (OLS)Sample Regression Function (SRF)Characteristics of Successful Options TradersUS Treasury Bills, Notes and BondsCoefficient of Determination (R-Squared)Standard Error of Estimate (SEE)Introduction to Linear Regression"Nonsense Economics" and the Deepening Greek CrisisTreasury Inflation-Indexed SecuritiesIntroduction to Open-Ended Mutual FundsReading the Actual Option QuotesUS Treasury STRIPS: Pricing and RisksUS Treasury STRIPSFederal Funds: Pricing and RisksFederal FundsWhat is a Random Variable?Central Limit TheoremBasic Measures of Market RiskRisks Inherent in Trading ActivitiesDefinition of Operational RiskBaye’s TheoremPrice Multiples: A Primer on Application of Relative Valuation MethodsType I and Type II ErrorsCorrelation and CovarianceTop 5 Money Saving Tips for Buying Car InsuranceCredit Officer: Long Term TasksBootstrapping Value at Risk (VaR)Probability: Permutations and CombinationsExtreme Value TheoryFive Ways to Save for a Rainy DayCredit Protection: Risk or Return, What Matters More?Hot Jobs: Five Careers in Quantitative AnalysisManaging Risks Associated with Settlement of Foreign Exchange TransactionsArithmetic Vs. Geometric Stock ReturnsWhy Payday Loans are a Bad Option?How to Scale Autocorrelated Returns?Credit Risk Documentation (Specific to Credit Derivatives)Provision for Loan LossWhy Use Lognormal Returns in Finance (Stock Prices)?Operational Risk Losses in PracticeWhat is the Square Root Rule?What is Volatility?Stress and Scenario AnalysisMapping Spot FX PositionsHow to Forecast Volatility Using GARCH (1,1)Using GARCH (1,1) Approach to Estimate VolatilityUsing Excel's Goal Seek Function to Estimate Implied VolatilityVaR: Mapping Positions to Risk FactorsApproaches to Estimating VolatilityHow to Calculate Historical VolatilityCompute Bond Price with Zero (Spot) Rate Curve Using TI BAII+Key Elements of a Credit Risk ReportQuantitative Finance: The Demystification of Stochastic CalculusVolatility: Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA)Viewing the Financial Crisis from 20,000 Feet UpDiversified Bond Value at Risk (VaR)Undiversified Bond Value at Risk (VaR)Challenges in Managing Credit ExposureVolatility: Moving Average ApproachesDiagnosing the Market FailuresVaR of Forward Foreign Currency ContractMapping a European Stock OptionBond Returns Value at Risk (VaR) as Bond RiskUnderstanding High Frequency TradingMapping a Fixed Income Portfolio to Risk FactorsCredit Limits and ProvisionsHow to Compute Bond Yield (YTM) Using Texas Instruments BA II+Calculate Price of a Bond Using Texas Instruments BA II+ CalculatorReview of Strategic Credit Positions by Credit Risk ManagerThe Responsibilities of the Credit Risk OfficerThe Golden Period in Financial MarketsWashington Mutual: Big Dreams, Poor ImplementationConflict Between NPV and IRRFSA Proposed Changes to Reverse Stress TestingThe Global Derivatives Study: Group of Thirty Best PracticesCalculating Profitability Index of a ProjectHow to Calculate Discounted Payback PeriodHow to Calculate Payback PeriodSubstantive Audit ProceduresMutually Exclusive Projects, Project Sequencing, and Capital RationingPrinciples of Capital BudgetingAuditing the Sales CycleAudit ProgramsAuditing Planning ApproachTechnology in High Speed Trading: The Case of Knight CapitalThe Capital Budgeting ProcessAssessing Control RiskFrom PhD in Mathematics to Stock Trading FloorsHow to Arbitrage VolatilityCOSO - Integrated Internal Control FrameworkSuper Freakonomics, IllustratedAuditing: Client Risk ProfileInterview for Head Derivatives TraderAuditing: The Concept of MaterialityAuditing: Assessing Inherent RiskAudit Risk ModelsTelefonica Stocks: Opportunity?HSBC: Active Non-Compliance of Anti-Money Laundering StandardsThe Audit EvidenceAuditing: Management AssertionsThe Auditing ProcessLife after Bankruptcy: the good, the bad and the uglyImpact of Exercise Price and Time to Expiry on Option PricesMinimum and Maximum Value of European/American OptionsAuditor's Report with ReservationsUnderstanding the Independent Auditors' ReportAuditing Ethics and Rules of Professional ConductThe Case of Dragon Systems vs. Goldman Sachs: A Lack of DiligenceCharacteristics of Different Types of Futures ContractsGenerally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) - OverviewPlayers in the Audit IndustryIntroduction to AuditingHow Futures Contracts are Terminated/Settled?Margin Requirements in Futures ContractsPrice Limits in Futures ContractsRole of Margin Money in Futures TradingBusting Employee Fraud (Fraud Control)Cover Your Assets: Fraud PsychologyCover Your Assets: Fraud AwarenessHow Currency Forward Contracts Work?Characteristics of Futures ContractsForward Rate Agreements and Calculating FRA PaymentsConsolidation Accounting: Foreign Currency TranslationAccounting for Foreign Exchange TransactionsAccounting for Foreign Exchange TransactionsHow are LIBOR and EURIBOR Calculated?Forward Contracts on Zero-coupon and Coupon BondsAccounting: Deferred Income Taxes in Business CombinationsAccounting for Joint ArrangementsHow Equity Forward Contracts Work?End-user Vs. Dealers in a Forward ContractAccounting: Consolidating Special Purpose EntitiesAccounting: Consolidations with Indirect ControlConsolidation Accounting: Changes in Equity OwnershipForward Contract Termination Prior to ExpiryMargin Requirements for Non-centrally Cleared DerivativesHow is a Forward Contract Settled?Preparing a Consolidate Cash Flow StatementConsolidation Accounting and Inter-corporate Depreciable Asset SalesConsolidation Accounting and Inter-corporate Land SalesForward Contracts – Settlement/Default Risk (T-bill Example)Introduction to Forward ContractsConsolidation Accounting and Inter-corporate TransactionsConsolidations with Cost Method And Equity MethodAccounting for M&A Consolidation Using Equity MethodAccounting for ImpairmentsEffective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk ReportingBuilding a Marketing BudgetAccounting for Mergers and Acquisitions (Noncontrolling Interest)Accounting for Business CombinationsIntraday Day Liquidity ManagementIs Debt Good or Bad for Business?CFA® Exam Tips: Checklist of Items and Intangible To DosLecture 24: Business Cycles - Part 4Lecture 23: Business Cycles - Part 3Lecture 22: Business Cycles - Part 2Lecture 21: Business Cycles - Part 1Three Finance Concepts Every Manager Should KnowCFA Exam Tips: Suggestions for Attacking the TestLecture 20: Economic GrowthLecture 19: Capital and Production, and How Saving and Interest Drive ConsumptionLecture 18: Effects of Inflation, Production and CapitalLecture 17: Negative Effects of InflationThe LIBOR ScandalCFA Exam Tips: Study Strategy for Final WeekLecture 16: Credit Expansion, Government Deficits, and Debt MonetizationLecture 15: Tools of Monetary PolicyLecture 14: Introduction to Central BankingLecture 13: Credit Expansion, Bank Runs, and Deposit DrainsHow High-frequency Trading Works?Enterprise Value Multiples in Equity ValuationLecture 12: Deposit BankingLecture 11: Introduction to Commercial BankingLecture 10: Factors Determining Money DemandLecture 9: Supply of Money and Concept of InflationFree Book: Mystery of BankingLecture 8: Money, Economic Growth and InflationLecture 7: Demand, Supply and EquilibriumLecture 6: Monetary EconomicsLecture 5: Interest Rates, Production Function, EmploymentLecture 4: Savings and WealthLecture 3: Gross Domestic Product (GDP)Microstructures: How Exchange Occurs in Financial MarketsArgentina, Russia and Venezuela: Time to bet?Stock Valuation Using Price MultiplesHow Do Analysts Select an Equity Valuation Model?Multi-stage Dividend Discount ModelsOnline Excel Training - Beginners and AdvancedLecture 2: What is Macroeconomics and What Macroeconomists Do?Technology and Invention in FinanceHow to Estimate Dividend Growth Rate?Calculate Stock Price at a Future Date using Dividend Growth ModelDividend Growth Model: How inputs Impact Stock Value?Calculating Stock Value Using Dividend (Gordon) Growth Model in ExcelWill India be the first BRIC to lose investment grade?Gordon (Constant) Growth Dividend Discount ModelJapanese Debt Crisis and How it Continues to Finance Itself?Transparency in Credit Default Swap MarketsTutorial: Financial Accounting for InventoryInventories: Periodic FIFOTop 20 MBA (Finance) Schools in the WorldValuation of Preferred StocksEquity Valuation - Free Cash Flow Model (FCFE)All About PRM Exam IIIDetermining the Value of a StockAll About PRM Exam IICombined Effects of Monetary and Fiscal PolicyExpansionary Vs. Contractionary Fiscal PolicyFinance Degrees Employers Want in 2012All About PRM Exam IChallenges in Implementing Fiscal PolicyRicardian EquivalenceFiscal Multiplier and Balanced Budget MultiplierTools of Fiscal PolicyRole of Fiscal PolicyLimitations of Monetary PolicyShould We Worry About the Size of Fiscal Deficit?Expansionary vs. Contractionary Monetary PolicyThe Monetary Policy Transmission MechanismFeatures of Effective Central BanksTools for Implementing Monetary PolicyWhat do Central Banks do?Custodial Services Provided by Prime BrokersFisher EffectDemand and Supply of MoneyWhat do Prime Brokerage Firms Do?Official Measures of Money: M1 and M2Lecture 1: Macroeconomics Vs. Microeconomics, and Economic ModellingHow is Money Created?What is Money?Facebook IPO: Hyped up or Undervalued?Breakdown of Gas PricesMechanics of Monetary and Fiscal PolicyBiases in Hedge Funds Performance Data and Risk MeasuresHedge Fund IndexesLeverage and Unique Risks of Hedge FundsFunds of Hedge FundsTypes of Hedge FundsMeasuring the Performance of Venture Capital InvestmentsValuation and Risks in Venture Capital InvestingExit Strategies for Venture Capital FundsCharacteristics of Venture Capital FundingStages of Venture Capital FundingOverview of Private EquityTypes of Market StructuresRole of International Organizations (IMF, World Bank, and WTO)Balance of Payments AccountsTrading Blocs, Common Markets, and Economic UnionsTrade and Capital RestrictionsRicardian and Heckscher-Ohlin Models of International TradeJ.P. Morgan’s $2 billion ‘Stupid Mistake’ Volcker RuleComparative Advantage Vs. Absolute AdvantageBenefits and Costs of International TradeCharacteristics of an Effective Financial Reporting Framework and the BarriersDifferences in IFRS and US GAAP FrameworksConceptual Framework - Recognition of Elements of Financial StatementsIASB Conceptual Framework for Financial ReportingGlobal Convergence of Accounting StandardsManagement of Accounts PayableManagement of InventoryEvaluating Management of Accounts ReceivablesEvaluating the Management of Short-term FundsShort Term Investment StrategiesManaging the Cash Position of a FirmBasel III Guidelines for IndiaComparing a Firm’s Liquidity Position with its PeersSources of Liquidity and Factors Affecting Firm's LiquidityWhat is Working Capital Management?Cash Dividends Vs. Share RepurchaseSEC Filings: Forms Providing Key Information for AnalystsImpact of Share Repurchases on Financial RatiosWhat is Share Repurchase and Methods of Share RepurchaseDividend Payment DatesRecommendations for Improving Control Environment at AIB/AllfirstEarly Warning Indicators: AIB Currency Trading LossesControl Deficiencies at Allfirst Treasury That Led to FraudFinancial Reporting Standard-setting Bodies and Regulatory AuthoritiesObjective of Financial Reporting StandardsChoices of Short-term Funding Available to a CompanyAIB: Discovery of Fraud, and Magnitude of LossesStock Splits and Reverse Stock SplitsStock DividendsCash DividendTypes of DividendsCalculating the Cost of Trade CreditWhat are Dividends?AIB Currency Losses: John Rusnak's Role and the FraudAIB/Allfirst Structure, Treasury and Forex TradingHow Icelandic Banks Funded their Risky Business ModelsIcelandic Banks: Asset Composition and Quality of Banks’ Balance SheetsHow Icelandic Banks Underplayed their True Riskiness?Early Warning Indicators in Icelandic Financial CrisisTriple Crisis in IcelandShortcomings of Risk ModelsFailure to Monitor and Manage RiskRole of Effective Communication in Risk ManagementFailure to Account for Known and Unknown RisksHow Known Risks can be Mismeasured?Risk Management FailuresA Comparison of Values-at-Risk (VAR) MethodsCentral Limit Theorem (Distribution of Averages)Probability Distribution Function for a Single VariableWhere Corporate Risk Management MattersTypes of Risks: The Known and The UnknownsEquity Valuation - Dividend Discount ModelAdjusting a Company's Reported Financial StatementsFinancial Statement Analysis - Ratio AnalysisFinancial Reporting Problems and Warning SignsAnalyzing Earnings Quality - the Accruals RatioMeasures of Earnings QualityManagement Motivations for Financial Statement ManipulationCash Basis Accounting vs. Accrual Basis AccountingDerivatives Hedging and Financial ReportingEarnings and Cash FlowsTotal Comprehensive IncomeVarious Definitions of EarningsHow can Risk Management Fail?CFA Level 2: Financial Reporting Part 3 – IntroductionThe Investor Policy StatementPortfolio Management ProcessMarket Efficiency and Its Three FormsMadoff Ponzi SchemeMargin Trading - Purchasing Stocks on MarginThe Treynor-Black ModelJustifying Active Portfolio ManagementImpacts of Market Segmentation on ICAPMMoving Exchange Rates and Equity MarketsThe J-Curve – Impact of Exchange Rate Changes on National EconomiesICAPM vs. Domestic CAPMBasel III - Liquidity Risk StandardsEquity: Types of OrdersCompany Stock Value Responses to Changes in Real Exchange RatesMeasuring Currency ExposureInternational CAPM (ICAPM) - Beyond Extended CAPMChanges in Real Exchange RatesDomestic CAPM and Extended CAPMInternational Capital Market IntegrationMarkowitz, MPT, and Market EfficiencyRisk Factors and Tracking PortfoliosArbitrage Portfolio Theory (APT) – A Multifactor Macroeconomic ModelMultifactor ModelsAdjusted and Unadjusted BetaThe Market Model for a Security’s ReturnsAdding an Asset to a Portfolio – Improving the Minimum Variance FrontierInventories: Retail MethodCAPM & the SMLThe Capital Market LineThe Capital Allocation Line – Introducing the Risk-free AssetDiversification BenefitsThe Minimum Variance Frontier & Efficient FrontierMean-Variance Analysis AssumptionsCFA Level 2: Portfolio Management – IntroductionCredit Derivative Trading StrategiesCredit Default Swaps (CDS)Interest Rate Derivatives - Caps and FloorsSwap Credit Risk and Swap SpreadInventories: Gross Margin MethodSwaptions and their ValuationSwaps as Theoretical Equivalents of Other DerivativesPricing and Valuing Equity SwapsPricing and Valuing Currency SwapsPricing and Valuing a Plain Vanilla Interest Rate SwapEquity SwapsPlain Vanilla Interest Rate SwapIntroduction to SwapsPut-Call Parity for Options on ForwardsEstimating Volatility for Option PricingSwap Pricing vs. Swap ValuingDynamic Delta Hedging & Gamma Related IssuesBlack-Scholes-Merton Model and the GreeksBlack-Scholes-Merton (BSM) Option Pricing ModelBinomial Interest Rate Options PricingCall Option Price FormulaOne Period Binomial Option Pricing ModelSynthetic Options and RationaleIntroduction to OptionsCFA Level 2: Derivatives Part 2 – IntroductionEurodollar FuturesPricing Currency FuturesPricing Interest Rate/Treasury Bond FuturesPricing Stock Index FuturesContago and BackwardationCurrency SwapsFutures Prices vs. Forward PricesFutures: Convergence of Spot and Futures Prices at ExpirationIntroduction to Futures ContractsCredit Risk and Forward ContractsCurrency Forward ContractsFixed Income Forward ContractsEquity Forward ContractsWhat are Forward Contracts?CFA Level 2: Derivatives Part 1 – IntroductionForward Rate Agreements (FRA)Choosing an Appropriate Spread for ABS/MBSDuration and Convexity for ABS/MBSMonte Carlo Simulation for ABS/MBSCash Flow Yield, Nominal Spread, and Zero Volatility Spread for ABS/MBSCollateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Synthetic CDOsCredit Card Receivable Backed SecuritiesSBA Loan Backed SecuritiesStudent Loan Backed Securities (SLABS)Auto Loans Backed SecuritiesHome Equity Loans (HEL) Backed SecuritiesPay-through Structures: Prepayment Tranching vs. Credit TranchingInternal and External Credit EnhancementsOverview of Asset Backed Securities (ABS)Amortizing Loans vs. Non-Amortizing LoansCMBS: Structure and Call ProtectionResidential Non-Agency MBSStripped MBS – Interest Only (IO) and Principal Only (PO)Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMO) and CMO TranchesMBS Weighted Average LifePSA Prepayment BenchmarkSingle Monthly Mortality (SMM) & Conditional Prepayment Rate (CPR)Mortgage Cash Flow CharacteristicsCFA Level 2: Fixed Income Part 2 – IntroductionHow to Price Convertible Bonds?Valuing an Option Embedded Bond using Binomial Interest Rate TreeInventories: Perpetual LIFOBenchmark Yield SpreadsHow to Calculate Interest Rate Volatility?Key Rate DurationTheories of the Term Structure of Interest RatesLIBOR Swap Rate CurveCash Flows and Prepayment RiskYield Curve Construction with TreasuriesFactors Driving Treasury Investment Returns and Bond Price RiskParallel and Non-parallel Shifts in Yield CurveThree Shapes of the Yield CurveThe Liquidity ProblemSovereign DebtAnalyzing Credit of Municipal BondsAnalyzing Credit of Asset Backed SecuritiesHigh Yield Corporate Debt (aka Junk bonds)Principles of Credit AnalysisMortgage Pass-through Securities: Characteristics and RisksCFA Level 2: Fixed Income Part 1 – IntroductionAbout Hedge Funds: What You Need to KnowVenture Capital and Leveraged Buyout ValuationPrivate Equity Risks and CostsPrivate Equity Fund StructuresHow to Study for FRM Exam?Real Estate: Types of PropertiesCFA Level 2: Alternative Assets – IntroductionResidual Income (RI) Valuation ModelDividend Yield for Valuing EquityEnterprise Value (EV) to EBITDAPrice to Cash Flow RatiosReal Estate Valuation: NPV & IRR AnalysisPrice to Sales (P/S) RatioPrice to Book (P/B) Value Ratio and Equity ValuationPrice to Earnings (P/E) Ratio (Leading P/E and Trailing P/E)Share Price Multiple Methods in Equity ValuationOne, Two, and Three Stage FCF CalculationsFree Cash Flow ValuationEquity Analysis Part 3 - IntroductionSustainable Growth RateH-Model for Valuing GrowthMulti-Stage Dividend Discount ModelsInventories: Perpetual FIFOGGM, Leading P/E Ratio, and Trailing P/E RatioPresent Value of Growth Opportunities (PVGO)Gordon Growth Model (GGM)Dividend Discount Model (DDM)Cost of Capital in Emerging MarketsFinancial Projections in Emerging MarketsSupply and Demand AnalysisIndustry AnalysisPorter’s Five Competitive ForcesEquity Analysis Part 2 - IntroductionInventories: Periodic Average CostEquity Risk Premium (ERP) and Required Return on EquityEquity Return MeasuresThe Process of Valuing EquityHow to Become a Derivatives Trader?JOBS Act 2012 – Jump Start Your Business (or Not)Types of RestructuringMerger Gains to Shareholders & Post Merger ValuationValuing Target CompaniesInventories: Periodic FIFO and LIFO RecapHerfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI)Post-Offer Defense Takeover MechanismsPre-Offer Defense Takeover MechanismsIndustry Lifecycle Phase and M&AM&A: Earnings Per Share & The “Bootsrap” EffectOverview of Mergers & AcquisitionsInvestment Valuation and Corporate GovernanceAssessing The Board of DirectorsConflicts of Interest in a Corporate EnvironmentTypes of Business OrganizationsIntroduction to Corporate GovernanceInventories: Periodic LIFOCFA Level 2: Corporate Finance 2 – IntroductionSignals from Dividend PoliciesFactors Affecting Corporate Dividend Policy DecisionsDividend and Share Repurchase PoliciesInternational Differences in Financial LeverageCommon Pitfalls in Capital BudgetingCapital Projects and Real OptionsCAPM and a Capital Project’s Discount RateStand Alone Risk and Capital ProjectsCash Flows: Dividends vs. Free Cash Flows vs. Residual IncomeLeast Common Multiple of Lives ApproachEquivalent Annual Annuity (EAA) ApproachMutually Exclusive Capital Projects with Unequal LivesInflation and Capital BudgetingImpacts of Depreciation Method Choice on Capital Budget AnalysisExpansion Projects vs. Replacement Projects and Cash FlowsIntroductory Capital Budgeting RemarksIntroduction to Capital Structure and LeverageCFA Level 2: Corporate Finance Part 1 – IntroductionCFA Level 2: Financial Reporting 2 - RecommendationsEvaluating Capital Structure PolicyAccounting for Subsidiaries in Hyperinflationary EconomiesTranslation Methods and Financial Statement EffectsConsolidating Financial Statements: Determining the Functional CurrencyCurrent Rate Method for Translation of Foreign StatementsTemporal Method for Translation of Foreign StatementsTypes of Equity Valuation ModelsForeign Currency TranslationConsolidation: Presentation Currency vs. Functional Currency vs. Local CurrencyFinancial Statement Consolidation of Multinational OperationsAccounting for Stock (or Share) Based CompensationPrivate Equity: Venture Capital, Leveraged Buyouts and Exit StrategiesPensions and the Statement of Cash FlowsEconomic Pension ExpenseThe Role of Actuarial Assumptions in DB Plan AccountingDefined Benefit Plans & the Company Balance SheetGross Income Multiplier (GIM) for Real Estate CompsPension Expense (both GAAP & IFRS) for the Income StatementMeasuring the Defined Benefit ObligationDefined Benefits Plans vs. Defined Contribution PlansVariable Interest Entities (VIEs) and Special Purpose Entities (SPEs)Modigliani-Miller and Capital Structure TheoryAcquisition Method to Account for Controlling Interest InvestmentsPurchase Method vs. Pooling of Interest MethodPooling of Interests Method to Account for Controlling Interest InvestmentsPurchase Method of Accounting for Controlling Interest Investments or Acquisitions Minority Active Investments and the Equity Method for Financial ReportingIntercorporate Investments Accounting - Ownership CategoriesCFA Level 2: Financial Reporting Part 2 – IntroductionCFA Level 2: Financial Reporting 1 - RecommendationsFuture of Lease Accounting Effect of Leases on Financial Statements for LessorsMinority Passive Investments – Accounting ClassesLessors and Direct Financing Capital LeasesGoldman Sachs, Greg Smith, and the MuppetsLessors and Sales-Type Capital LeasesLessor Accounting for LeasesEffects of Leases on Selected Financial Reporting Items for LesseesCapital Budgeting Alternatives to NPV and IRR AnalysisTraditional Lessee Accounting in US GAAPLeasing versus Purchasing AssetsRevaluation of Property, Plant, & Equipment (PPE)Impact of Asset ImpairmentGAAP Purchase Method, IFRS Purchase Method, and GAAP Acquisition Method AccountingImpairment of Long-lived AssetsDepreciation - Important PointsImpact of Depreciation MethodFinancial Analyst: A Rapidly Growing Career Option in FinanceDepreciation Methods for Property, Plant, and Equipment (PPE)Accounting of Long-lived Assets - Expensing vs. CapitalizingImpacts of LIFO and FIFO Inventory Methods on Selected Financial RatiosInventory at Net Realizable ValueLIFO LiquidationSupport for P/E Ratio of a CompanyLIFO Reserve and Converting LIFO Net Income to FIFO Net IncomeLIFO – Tax and Cash Flow Note10 Best Finance CareersInflation/Deflation and Inventory Accounting AnalysisInventory Accounting and Financial StatementsFIFO and LIFO Methods for Inventory ExpensingControlling Interest Investments: Accounting for Business CombinationsFinancial Reporting: Important DefinitionsCFA Level 2: Financial Reporting Part 1 - IntroductionCFA Level 2 Economics – RecommendationsForecasting Exchange RatesUncovered and Covered Interest Rate Parity RelationshipManufactured Housing Backed LoansInternational Fisher RelationPurchasing Power Parity (PPP)Interest Rate ParityForward Exchange Rates Joint Venture InvestmentsOverview of Currency MarketsFixed Exchange Rate SystemsForeign Exchange Floating Rate SystemsForeign Exchange Rate Systems and Parity RelationshipsBalance of PaymentsThe Prudent Investor RuleCFA Level II Ethics – Exam Thinking and RecommendationsResearch Objectivity Standards (ROS)CFA Soft Dollar StandardsCFA Soft Dollar Standards - OverviewInternational Trade & Trade RestrictionsGross Domestic Product (Measuring Economic Activity)The Seven Standards for Professional ConductThe Code of Ethics – Short Version of the Six ComponentsCFA Level 2: Ethic & Professional Standards – IntroductionGovernment Regulation, Deregulation, and Regulatory BehaviourEconomic Growth TheoriesThe Productivity CurveChanges in Productivity: The One-Third RuleEconomic GrowthLiquidity Ratios and Cash Conversion Cycle - Video SummaryCash Conversion Cycle (CCC)Liquidity Ratios (Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, and Others)Activity Ratios – Video SummaryFixed Asset and Total Asset Turnover RatioWorking Capital Turnover RatioPayables Turnover and Number of Days of PayablesReceivables Turnover and Days of Sales Outstanding (DSO)Inventory Turnover and Days of Inventory on Hand (DOH)Common Ratios in Financial AnalysisFlotation Costs and WACCEstimating the Country Risk (Country Equity Premium)Calculating Beta Using Pure Play MethodCalculating Beta Using Market Model Regression (Slope)Estimating the Cost of Common StockEstimating the Cost of Preferred StockStandard VII - Responsibilities of a CFA Institute Member or CFA CandidateCFA Level 2: Economics - IntroductionIssues in Estimating Cost of DebtEarning Continuing Education (CE) Credits for the CFP ProgramStandard VI – Conflicts of InterestCalculating Cost of Debt: YTM and Debt-Rating ApproachApplications of Cost of CapitalStandard V – Investment Analysis, Recommendations, and ActionsCreating Normal Distribution Using RCareer Prospects for Energy Risk Professionals (ERP)Standard IV – Duties to EmployersContinuing Professional Education for CPAsr Programming Language for Statistical AnalysisStandard III – Duties of ClientsHow to Select the Most Appropriate Time Series Model?ARMA Models and ARCH TestingAuto-Regressive Models - Random Walks and Unit RootsAuto-Regressive (AR) Time Series ModelsMarginal Cost of Capital (MCC) ScheduleQualitative and Dummy Variables in Regression ModelingRegression Analysis and Assumption ViolationsFcalc – the Global Test for Regression SignificanceReal Estate PortfoliosMultiple Regression and Coefficient of Determination (R-Squared) Multiple Regression AnalysisAnalysis of Variance or ANOVACoefficient of Determination (R-Squared)Confidence Intervals (CI) for Dependent Variable PredictionStandard Error of the Estimate or SEEQuants: Single Variable Linear Regression AnalysisQuants: Correlation AnalysisCFA L2: Quantitative Methods - IntroductionReal Estate Valuation: Part 3 (Discounted Cash Flows)Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) - Practical Example and IssuesWeighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)Real Estate Valuation: Part 2 (Income Approach)Real Estate Valuation: Part 1 (Cost and Sales Comparison Approach)What do Quantitative Analysts (Quants) Do?Required Work Experience for CFP CertificationSolvency II: Restructuring the Insurance Sector (Part 4)The Chartered Market Technician (CMT) CertificationWhat is Asset-backed Commercial Paper (ABCP)?Moody’s Short-Term Debt Ratings DefinitionsBecoming a Certified Financial PlannerSolvency II: Restructuring the Insurance Sector (Part 3)Solvency II: Restructuring the Insurance Sector (Part 2)Solvency II: Restructuring the Insurance Sector (Part 1)How to Become a Trader?What are Delta-One Trading Desks?Overview of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) DesignationPut Call Parity in OptionsCase Study: Societe Generale Derivative LossesHistory of 1987 Stock Market CrashCFA: Career OpportunitiesCase Study: Amaranth Derivatives LossesLIFA: An Alternative Financial Analyst CertificationRisk Management Case Study: Metallgesellschaft AG (MGRM)Madoff Case Study: The Largest Ponzi Scheme and Stock FraudRisk Management Case Study: Sumitomo Derivatives LossesWealth Management: Clients and their SatisfactionThe Mechanics of Carry TradeHistorical Cost Vs. Fair Value AccountingSpreadsheet: Option Trading Strategies in ExcelSources of Return from Commodity InvestmentsThe Different Forms of Real Estate InvestmentsRatios to Assess Stock Value for BeginnersTrading Futures Contracts: How Does it Work?Large Cap Funds: Attractive for Long-term InvestorsInvesting in Oil: A Risky Yet Lucrative MarketCase Study: Collapse of Long-Term Capital Management What do Junior Investment Bankers do?PIIGS and the EurozoneDumping: What is it and how it affects countries?Ten Best Practices for Excel ModelingWhat is an ETF or Exchange Traded FundStandard II – Integrity of Capital MarketsFinance: What Managers Need to KnowIndia: Making the Elephant DanceStandard I - Professionalism (Standards of Professional Conduct)China: Second Best or No. 1 in Waiting?CFA Seven Standards of Professional ConductWorst Performing Bank of Year 2011Six Components of Code of EthicsShadow Banking: Parallel and Growing?Leverage Cycle and the Subprime Mortgage CrisisRisk, Return, and Social SecurityThe Mutual Fund Theorem and Covariance Pricing TheoremsWhy is the Gold Collapsing?Settlement of Futures ContractsRisk Aversion and CAPMDynamic Hedging and Average LifeDynamic HedgingFed endorses Basel III capital requirements for Wall StreetCFA Exam - What You Must Know Net Present Value of a ProjectModeling Mortgage Prepayments and Valuing MortgagesCFA Exam: Final Preparation TipsCallable Bonds and the Mortgage Prepayment OptionBackward Induction and Optimal Stopping TimesUncertainty and the Rational Expectations HypothesisQuantifying Uncertainty and RiskWill the Stock Market Decline when the Baby Boomers Retire?Overlapping Generations Models of the EconomyGross Profits and Ending Inventory Under Different Inventory MethodsMethods of Inventory ValuationFinancial Implications of US Social Security System Dynamic Present ValueMoneyness of an OptionCalculate EMI Using PMT Function in Google SpreadsheetsEconomic Indicators - Unemployment RateYield Curve ArbitrageHow a Long-Lived Institution Figures an Annual Budget YieldShakespeare's Merchant of Venice and Collateral, Present Value and the Vocabulary of FinanceValuation Lecture 2: Valuation Approaches and DCFIrving Fisher's Impatience Theory of InterestHow to Create Line Chart in Google SpreadsheetsPresent Value Prices and the Real Rate of InterestEfficiency, Assets, and TimeComputing EquilibriumUtilities, Endowments, and EquilibriumAuditing Issues in Small BusinessesWhy Finance?Continuation Chart Patterns: RectanglesReversal Chart Patterns: Rising and Falling WedgeReversal Chart Patterns: Double Tops and BottomsReversal Chart Patterns: Head and ShouldersChart Patterns in Technical AnalysisDebt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)What does Pure Play mean?What is Relative Strength Index – RSI?Dim Sum BondsTesting Internal ControlsIntroduction to Stress TestingCareer as an Investment AnalystPay-As-You-Go Credit Default Swaps (PAUG CDS)Structured Finance Security (ABS / MBS) Credit Default SwapsPhysical Settlement vs. Cash Settlement in Credit Default SwapsThe Monkey Economy: Can Monkeys Deal with Money?Credit Default SwapsTypes of Credit Events in a Standard ISDA Credit Derivatives DocumentMaking Sense of the Greek AgreementFunded and Unfunded Credit DerivativesCredit Derivatives: Actual Default Vs. Technical DefaultHow Banks and Portfolio Managers Use Credit Derivatives?Greek Bailout by Eurozone: All for One, One for AllGetting Stock Quotes Using Yahoo Query Language (YQL)The CAIA DesignationMeltdown – After the Fall (Part 4/4)Total Return SwapsEconomist Potty Training: Freakonomics MovieMeltdown - Paying the Price (Part 3/4)Occupy Wall Street: For the People, By the People and Of the PeopleMeltdown - A Global Financial Tsunami (Part 2/4)Financial Calculators for CAIA ExamFinancial Calculators for Energy Risk Professional (ERP) ExamFinancial Calculators for Financial Risk Manager (FRM) ExamFinancial Calculators for Certification ExamsMeltdown - The men who crashed the world (Part 1/4)What are Basis Swaps?What are Foreign Currency Swaps?Quick Approximation of Price Value of a Basis Point (PVBP)Basis Point Value (BPV / DV01)“Pull to Par” of Bond PricesCurrent Yield of a BondWhat are Credit Derivatives?Is A Catastrophe Awaiting Europe?Calculate Clean and Dirty Price of a BondDay Count ConventionsHow to Read Bond Quotes?How to Read Bond Tables?Internal Controls in a CompanyInflation-Indexed BondsFloating Rate NotesTreasury STRIPSImpact of Liquidity on Bond SpreadsWhat are Volatility Swaps?Bid-Ask Spread of BondsBond SpreadsAccrued Interest, Clean Price, and Dirty PriceGeneral Characteristics of BondsHow Auditors Document Their Work?The State of US EconomyOmega IndexSortino RatioOpen Market OperationsUnderstanding Yield CurvePrice-Yield RelationshipBackwardation and ContangoConsolidation Accounting: Segment ReportingWhat is Contango?Are Hedge Funds Good or Bad?Yield to Maturity (YTM) of a BondArbitrage Pricing Theory (APT)Systematic and Specific RiskSingle Index ModelWhat is Backwardation?Jensen’s AlphaStructure of Hedge Funds and the FeesCollateralized Mortgage Obligations and Prepayment RiskA Derivatives Trader is like a Blackjack PlayerAccounting for Equity InvestmentsMechanics of Stock-based AcquisitionSharpe Ratio as Performance BenchmarkCommon Options Embedded in a Bond IssueHedge Fund Strategies - Merger ArbitrageHedge Fund Strategies - Analyzing a Long-Short StrategyHedge Fund Strategies - Setting Up a Long Short Profitable StrategyLecture 25: Fiscal PolicySharpe Ratio for Measuring Return on RiskSecurities Market Line (SML)The Capital Asset Pricing ModelWhat CFOs Consider While Making Capital Structure Decisions?Why Issue of Additional Equity Leads to Share Price Fall?Agency Costs of Equity and DebtDoes Capital Structure Matter?Value of a Firm (Using Operating Free Cash Flows)Basic Differences in Capital Structure of Two FirmsAn Introduction to Capital StructureFinance Train Article Writing Competition – Win Exciting PrizesIs Your Option Overpriced or Underpriced?Spreadsheet: Duration, Convexity and Price Yield CurveValue at Risk for Derivative InstrumentsDo Day Traders Really Make Money?What is Risk?What are the motives for Corporate Holding Cash?What is Price Discovery?What is the Directive MiFID?Sources of Short-term FinancingWhat is a Credit Event?Some Reflections about CFA ProgramOption Pricing Using Monte Carlo SimulationBest Books on Financial ModellingProfit in a Put OptionCFA Exam Centres in IndiaBasic Principles of Capital BudgetingImmunization Against Non-parallel ShiftsCDS Spreads and the Impact of Spread WideningHow to Calculate Stock Beta in ExcelGet Foreign Exchange Rates in ExcelA Brief Introduction to Islamic FinanceRelation Between Dollar and Gold PricesCalculating Price and Yield of a Bond Using Zero CurveFinancial Debt Management PlanningGet Yahoo Finance Stock Quotes in ExcelAnti-Money Laundering (AML) Training RequirementsDifference Between IFRS and US GAAPSovereign Debt RatingsSummary of Basel III – What You Must KnowFull Blown Active ManagementActive Fund Management - By Larger RisksEnhanced Indexing Strategy - Small RisksEnhanced Indexing Strategy - Primary RisksPreparing for the Energy Risk Professional (ERP) ExamIs Diversification Enough for Adding Value to Investments?Understanding Initial Public Offering (IPO)Importance of Cash Flow by Tom Byers - Stanford UniversityPure Bond Indexing StrategyClassification of Bond Indexing StrategiesOFAC Money LaunderingStorage, Convenience Yield, and Commodity PricesRequirements for Energy Risk Professional (ERP Exam)Types of Bond FundsBasics of Bond FundsLoan-only Credit Default SwapsRegulation of Commodity MarketsCommodity Markets: Price Discovery, Price Risk Management and RegulationTypes of Markets for Commodity TradingBecome a Certified QuickBooks Consultant (CQC)Commodity Traders and Future ValueFRM Exam 2011 DetailsCommodity Markets - Types of CommoditiesDefining CommoditiesInvesting in WarrantsTypes of Stock WarrantsDefining Stock WarrantsPreparing Your Clients for Higher IRS Due Diligence StandardsModified Duration of a BondProperties of DurationCalculating the Macaulay Duration Using ExcelDuration of a Bond - VideoWhat is Macaulay Duration?Factors Affecting Recovery RatesUnderstanding Recovery RatesExpected Loss, Unexpected Loss, and Loss DistributionExposure, Default and Recovery RatesWhat is Default Risk?Banking: Understanding Reserve RatiosBanking: How Banks Give Out Loans?Banking: How Bank Notes and Checks Work?Fibonacci Sequence and the Forex MarketThe World of Investment BankingBanking: Introduction to Bank NotesBanking: Multiplier Effect and the Money SupplyUnderstanding the Credit CrisisFractional Reserve Banking SystemA Bank's Income StatementQuickBooksHow to Get Stock Quotes in Excel - MoneyCentral Stock Quotes Add-in for ExcelHow to Pass the CFA Level II ExamPlan your BusinessCost AccountingKey Performance Indicators of a BusinessChad’s CFA Level II Exam Preparation Strategy TipsThe Significance of Cash FlowEquity Vs. 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