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The Top tips And Strategies To Help Increase Your Financial AcumenLogistic Regression in Python using scikit-learn PackageCalculating the Macaulay Duration Using ExcelMajor Sections of GIPS StandardsForward Contracts on Zero-coupon and Coupon BondsConsolidations with Cost Method And Equity MethodDiversification and Portfolio RiskCareer in Capital MarketsMethods of Stock Selection by Graham-NewmanPension Expense (both GAAP & IFRS) for the Income StatementHow to Annualize Monthly Returns – ExampleLIFO Reserve and Converting LIFO Net Income to FIFO Net IncomeCFA® Exam Overview and Guidelines (Updated for 2021)Option Payoff DiagramsProgramming Skills All Finance Professionals Need to LearnMinority Passive Investments – Accounting ClassesExposure, Default and Recovery RatesCorporate Finance Lecture 11: Calculating Cost of CapitalThe Panama Papers: Exposing The Dichotomy Between Good Words And Bad ActionsIntroduction to ggplot2Gross and Net Returns CalculationsSplitting Plots with Facets in ggplotsExcess Demand and Excess SupplyRisk Management for Hedge FundsIs Your Option Overpriced or Underpriced?Case Study - National Australia Bank – FX OptionsConfidence Interval for a Population mean, with an Unknown Population VarianceGetting Stock Quotes Using Yahoo Query Language (YQL)Effect of Correlation on DiversificationConcept of Cryptographic Currencies and its UsageBasis Point Value (BPV / DV01)“Pull to Par” of Bond PricesPhysical Settlement vs. Cash Settlement in Credit Default SwapsFeatures of T-bond Futures and T-note FuturesAn Overview of Basel III FrameworkR Financial Packages for Portfolio AnalysisDomestic CAPM and Extended CAPMBalance Sheet in Financial AnalysisBiases in Hedge Funds Performance Data and Risk MeasuresTypes of Equity Valuation ModelsMulti-stage Dividend Discount ModelsConflict Between NPV and IRRAutoRegressive (AR) Model in RHow to Calculate Annualized Standard DeviationBootstrapping Value at Risk (VaR)Hedging Using Interest Rate SwapsCFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 5 of 6Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation and CorrelationSettlement Price of Futures ContractsValuing Target CompaniesAccounting for Subsidiaries in Hyperinflationary EconomiesConsolidation Accounting and Inter-corporate Land SalesUsing Excel to Calculate AnnuityRange and Mean Absolute DeviationOptions Strategy: Create Bull Call Spread with R LanguageYoungster’s Guide to Finding the Best Cheap Car InsuranceFinancial System and Investment LandscapeOptions Strategy: Create Long Straddle with R LanguageConsolidation: Presentation Currency vs. Functional Currency vs. Local CurrencyStandard V – Investment Analysis, Recommendations, and ActionsCFP Certification Exam Practice Question WorkbookShort Selling and Stock Borrowing CostsCalculation of Non-controlling Interest in Consolidated FinancialsCurrent Rate Method for Translation of Foreign StatementsIrving Fisher's Impatience Theory of InterestOption GreeksForecasting with AutoRegressive (AR) Model in RCapital Budgeting Alternatives to NPV and IRR AnalysisForex Quotes: Pips and the Big FigureHow to Compute Bond Yield (YTM) Using Texas Instruments BA II+Calculate Price of a Bond Using Texas Instruments BA II+ CalculatorAdvantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Forex BrokersExpected Return and Variance for a Two Asset PortfolioSingle Monthly Mortality (SMM) & Conditional Prepayment Rate (CPR)Books for FRM Part 1 ExamLessors and Direct Financing Capital LeasesTheories of the Term Structure of Interest RatesHow to Calculate Interest Rate Volatility?How to Price Convertible Bonds?Accounting: Consolidations with Indirect ControlKaplan Series 7 Securities License Exam Manual, General Securities Representative ExamCredit Card Debt: 5 Ways to Pay It OffPass The 7 – 2015: A Plain English Explanation To Help You Pass The Series 7 ExamTypology of RisksFunded and Unfunded Credit DerivativesCalculating Variance and Standard Deviation of Stock ReturnsExpected Value of a PortfolioCollateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMO) and CMO TranchesValuation Lecture 17: Analyzing MultiplesStripped MBS – Interest Only (IO) and Principal Only (PO)Internal and External Credit EnhancementsAmortizing Loans vs. Non-Amortizing LoansHow to Calculate the Holding Period ReturnsProfitability RatiosInvestment Services: Venture Capital FirmsDefaults and Ratings ChangesContinuously Compounded Rate of ReturnPut Call Parity and Arbitrage OpportunityUsing LINEST() Function in Excel for Multivariate RegressionVaR of Forward Foreign Currency Contract4 Factors that Prove to be Decisive in a Term PlanHow to Download Options Prices in ExcelBacktesting Value at Risk (VaR)Pricing and Valuing a Plain Vanilla Interest Rate SwapPricing and Valuing Currency SwapsComputing EquilibriumHow To Pay Your Debts Without Going Broke?Quantitative Trading Vs. Algorithmic TradingPresent Value of a Single Cash FlowMean-Variance Analysis AssumptionsThe Minimum Variance Frontier & Efficient FrontierThe Reasoning Behind Basel IIIEffective Maturity in Basel IIYield to Maturity (YTM) Approximation FormulaThe Treynor-Black ModelAccounting: Consolidating Special Purpose EntitiesBanking: Introduction to LeverageHow Auditors Document Their Work?How is a Forward Contract Settled?Models of Volatility Clustering: EWMA and GARCH(1,1)The Mechanics of Carry TradeCredit Default SwapsIASB Conceptual Framework for Financial ReportingHow and Where are Options TradedSkewness and KurtosisHow Interest Rate Caps Works?What is Money Laundering?Liquidity Ratios (Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, and Others)Financial Reporting Standard-setting Bodies and Regulatory AuthoritiesStandard II – Integrity of Capital MarketsParamteric vs Non-Parametric DistributionsLevel 1 of the CFA® Exam – A Three Month Study PlanDemand Function and Demand CurveGap Reports: Measuring Risk to NII and Economic ValueEvaluate Model Performance - Loss FunctionStandard Error of the Estimate or SEESEC Filings: Forms Providing Key Information for AnalystsUsing a Timeline to Solve Time Value of Money ProblemsHow to Show Negative Numbers in Brackets in MS Excel?What are Basis Swaps?Financial Reporting - International Standards ConvergenceInternational Trade & Trade RestrictionsPrinciples of Capital BudgetingCFA Derivatives Notes for Level 1 ExamHow to Get Stock Quotes in Excel - MoneyCentral Stock Quotes Add-in for ExcelDynamic Present ValueUtility Indifference Curves for Risk-averse InvestorsRisk Management Case Study: Sumitomo Derivatives LossesBasel III for DummiesValue at Risk for Derivative InstrumentsARMA Models and ARCH TestingAuditing: Assessing Inherent RiskStable and Unstable EquilibriumMinimum Variance Hedge RatioFcalc – the Global Test for Regression SignificanceVariable Interest Entities (VIEs) and Special Purpose Entities (SPEs)Exit Strategies for Private Equity InvestorsStudent Loan Backed Securities (SLABS)Question: Performance Measurement Using Index Model RegressionInventories: Periodic Average CostStudy Session 1 - Ethical and Professional StandardsWhat is Internal Control?Sources of Liquidity and Factors Affecting Firm's LiquidityBid-Ask Spread of BondsFuture of Lease Accounting What do Central Banks do?Players in the Audit IndustryHow is Money Created?Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS)Creating a Time Series Object in RMonte Carlo Simulation for ABS/MBSCDS Spreads and the Impact of Spread WideningPay-As-You-Go Credit Default Swaps (PAUG CDS)H-Model for Valuing GrowthSustainable Growth RateHow to Read Student's t Distribution Table (With PDF)Case Study: Collapse of Long-Term Capital Management Parenting Financial Lessons That Will Stick with Your Kids Through AdulthoodWhat is Contango?Calculate Clean and Dirty Price of a BondVariance and Standard Deviation of a PortfolioHow to Calculate Option-adjusted Spread (OAS) of a BondInterest Rate Derivatives - Caps and FloorsBanking: Understanding Reserve RatiosTypes of Market RiskVaR Mapping for Options PositionsQuick Approximation of Price Value of a Basis Point (PVBP)Calculating Beta Using Pure Play MethodProperties of Bernoulli DistributionForward Contract Termination Prior to ExpiryStock Price Movement Using a Binomial TreeModern Portfolio TheoryStandard II (A) - Material Non-public Information4 Useful Tips to Pass The Exam for Finance StudentsEquity Swap ExampleInflation and Capital BudgetingPurchase Method vs. Pooling of Interest MethodVaR: Mapping Positions to Risk FactorsHedge Fund Strategies - Analyzing a Long-Short StrategyConceptual Framework - Recognition of Elements of Financial StatementsEconomic Capital Calculation: ApproachesHow to Get Historical Bond Prices and Yields Data?Stages of Venture Capital FundingBasic Differences in Capital Structure of Two FirmsEfficient Frontier for a Portfolio of Two AssetsRevenue Recognition - Long-term ContractsSample Regression Function (SRF)US Treasury Bills, Notes and BondsPrice to Earnings (P/E) Ratio (Leading P/E and Trailing P/E)PSA Prepayment BenchmarkBond Returns Value at Risk (VaR) as Bond RiskHow to Calculate Stocks Autocorrelation in ExcelInterest-only Stripped Mortgage-backed SecurityHow Equity Forward Contracts Work?Gross Profits and Ending Inventory Under Different Inventory MethodsEffective Annual Yield30e/360 Day Count Convention (Eurobond Basis)Role of a Quantitative ModelerTaylor Series ExpansionDynamic HedgingEstate Inheritance Loan: How Does it WorksRisk, Return, and Social SecurityShadow Banking: Parallel and Growing?Best Linear Unbiased Estimator (B.L.U.E.)Reinvestment Risk in BondsLiquidity Risk in BondsCalculate the Value of a Coupon Paying BondStandard I - Professionalism (Standards of Professional Conduct)Leverage Cycle and the Subprime Mortgage CrisisWhat are Delta-One Trading Desks?Porter’s Five Competitive ForcesInterpreting Forward Exchange Rate QuotesBecoming a Certified Financial PlannerRole of Margin Money in Futures TradingQuants: Single Variable Linear Regression AnalysisStock Valuation Using Price MultiplesPure Bond Indexing StrategyMultiplication Rule of CountingPlain Vanilla Interest Rate SwapFinancial Reporting of Investment Property Vs. PPERecognition and Measurement of BondsEvaluating a Company’s Past Financial PerformanceThe Benefits of Hiring a Pet SitterWhat is Perfect Competition?Adjusted and Unadjusted BetaWhen Does the IRS File Criminal Charges?Plotting Time Series in RCalmar Ratio: Definition, Calculation, and ImportanceRegression Analysis and Assumption ViolationsPlotting Financial Time Series Data (Multiple Columns) in RAutocorrelation in RCreate a Confusion Matrix in RExit Strategies for Venture Capital FundsPre-Offer Defense Takeover MechanismsIssues in Estimating Cost of DebtPMT and Related Functions (IPMT, PPMT, CUMIPMT, CUMPRINC)Present Value and Future Value of Uneven Cash FlowsCredit Risk Modelling - Case StudiesRisk Aversion of Investors and Portfolio SelectionShifts in Aggregate Demand CurveHow Insurance Companies Calculate RiskParallel and Non-parallel Shifts in Yield CurveAnalyzing Earnings Quality - the Accruals RatioJensen’s AlphaChallenges in Implementing Fiscal PolicyChina Records Lowest Growth in a Quarter A Century: Is This the Beginning of a Slowdown?4 Tips for Buying Vending MachinesQuantstrat Example in R - EMA Crossover StrategyHow to Calculate Stock Beta in ExcelIs Debt Good or Bad for Business?Jensen’s Alpha Calculator in ExcelThree Methodologies for Calculating VaRSingle Index ModelHow to Price a Bond Using Spot Rates (Zero Curve)Calculating Profitability Index in ExcelImport Credit Data Set in RConstructing an Efficient FrontierEurodollar Certificates of Deposit (CD)How to Calculate Portfolio Risk and ReturnLecture 25: Fiscal PolicyCorrelation and CovarianceGold Bullion Money Making Success System - Global Income AdvantagesDownloading Stock Data in R Using QuantModPortfolio Optimisation in RHow to Read Bond Tables?Calculate EMI Using PMT Function in Google SpreadsheetsUnderstanding Yield CurveCalculating Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) in ExcelHedge Fund Fee Structure, High Water Mark and Hurdle RateCalculating EWMA Correlation Using ExcelForex: Bid and Offer RatesWhat are Pie Chart and Donut Chart and When to Use ThemWhen to Use Bar Chart, Column Chart, and Area ChartDifference between Delta and Gamma HedgingAll You Wanted To Know About ETFsHow Interest Rate Floors Work?Confidence Intervals (CI) for Dependent Variable PredictionNominal SpreadThe CAIA DesignationApply Functions in RBasel Accord – 1996 Market Risk AmendmentCalculating Harmonic MeanWhy Lognormal Distribution is Used to Describe Stock PricesHow to Calculate Forward Rates from Spot Rates?What is Ethics in Business?Packages and Modules in PythonVolatility Risk in Bonds with Embedded OptionsStrip Hedge and Stack Hedge in Commodities MarketFinancial Calculators for Financial Risk Manager (FRM) ExamHow To Find The Perfect MortgageWhat kind of credit card user are you?Explore Loan Data in R - Loan Grade and Interest RateAccrual Accounting Concept in IFRS and GAAPMeasuring the Performance of Venture Capital InvestmentsQuickBooksThe Auditing ProcessHow to Value a Bond Using Forward RatesZ-Spread: Definition and CalculationArithmetic Returns Vs. Geometric ReturnsExpansionary vs. Contractionary Monetary PolicyFinancial Modelling: Excel Shortcuts You Must KnowFor Loop in R ProgrammingWhy Use Lognormal Returns in Finance (Stock Prices)?Credit Risk and Forward ContractsOligopoly or Oligopolistic MarketTypes and Measures of UnemploymentConcentration Measures in EconomicsMonopolyApplications of Cost of CapitalSystematic and Specific RiskCreating a Bar Chart in RContinuous and Discrete CompoundingBanking: How Banks Give Out Loans?Key Elements of a Credit Risk ReportRicardian and Heckscher-Ohlin Models of International TradeWhy Finance?Economic Activities in Phases of Business CycleImpact of Changes in Aggregate Supply and DemandImpact of Stock Dividends and Stock Splits on Earnings Per Share (EPS)Estimating Moving Average (MA) Model in RVariance and Standard DeviationQuartiles, Quintiles, Deciles, and PercentilesOptions - Creating Synthetic PositionsEmpirical, Subjective and Priori ProbabilitySimple Random Sampling and Sampling DistributionDecision Rule in Hypothesis TestingCFA Study Plan in Excel (For Level 1)Financial Statement Notes and Supplementary InformationOption Pricing Using Monte Carlo SimulationPRM Exam 1 - Sample QuestionsValue of a Firm (Using Operating Free Cash Flows)Calculating VaR Using Historical SimulationResearch Objectivity Standards (ROS)Inventory Expense RecognitionKey Rate DurationCalculating the Cost of Trade CreditSpreadsheet: Option Trading Strategies in ExcelCalculating Cost of Debt: YTM and Debt-Rating ApproachOption Greeks: RhoFinancial Reporting of Non-recurring ItemsCase Study: Societe Generale Derivative LossesInterpretation of Skewness, Kurtosis, CoSkewness, CoKurtosisAutomatic Identification of Model Using auto.arima() Function in RLIFO LiquidationHome Loan Process in IndiaTDS Payment for Purchase of Property in IndiaFCFF Valuation Model in ExcelProperties of Uniform DistributionHow to Download Stock Prices into Google SpreadsheetsHow to Become a Financial Data ScientistWhy Financial Traders Should Learn RHow to Build Your Own Quantitative Trading StrategyCheck If Data Is Normally Distributed Using R - QQ PlotsRole of Data Science in Risk ManagementHandling Missing Values in Time SeriesDepreciation - Important PointsMarket Making Strategies and Day Trading StrategiesRegulatory Capital Vs. Economic CapitalVaR Calculation: The Assumptions of Standard DistributionHow to Calculate Volatility in Excel?Impact of Asset ImpairmentSteps in Portfolio Management ProcessHow to Calculate Annualized ReturnsUnderstanding Initial Public Offering (IPO)How a Long-Lived Institution Figures an Annual Budget YieldHow Interest Rates and Volatility Affect Option Prices?Understanding Inverse Price/Yield Relationship in BondsCalculation of EBITDA Under IFRSPricing Interest Rate/Treasury Bond FuturesShare Price Multiple Methods in Equity ValuationOff-market Forward ContractsProblems with Calculating WACCHow to Build Efficient Frontier in ExcelValuation RatiosOverview of Data VisualizationIntercorporate Investments Accounting - Ownership CategoriesCalculate Bond-Equivalent Yield of Annual-Pay BondsWhat are Forward Rates?Equilibrium Formula for Pricing Commodity ForwardsVoting Systems: Statutory Voting and Cumulative VotingConvert One Yield to AnotherDisclosures Related to PPE and Intangible AssetsHow a Trade is ExecutedPermanent and Temporary Differences Between Taxable Income and Accounting ProfitsStock Market Functions (SMF) Add-in - Get Financial Data in ExcelData Import and Basic Manipulation in R - German Credit DatasetBest Python Libraries/Packages for Finance and Financial Data ScientistsTraditional Lessee Accounting in US GAAPUnderstanding Treemap, Heatmap and Other Map ChartsData Science Vs Financial EngineeringTransforming a Series to StationaryDifferencing and Log TransformationLogistic RegressionHow to Create a Scatter Plot in RAccounting for Stock (or Share) Based CompensationCoordinates in ggplot2 in RHow the Financial System Works?Top reasons why you should join FinanceTrainWelcome to Finance TrainCFA Level 2: Alternative Assets – IntroductionTypes of Commodity Investment StrategiesCalculate and Interpret Covariance and CorrelationsHow to Calculate Portfolio ReturnsCFA Level 2: Portfolio Management – IntroductionRole of a Sell Side TraderTrading Mistakes to AvoidCAPM and a Capital Project’s Discount RateExploring Crude Oil (CL) Future Data from Quandl in RPost-Offer Defense Takeover MechanismsSwap TerminationTrade Settlement Dates: T+1, T+2, and T+3Auditor's Report with ReservationsShakespeare's Merchant of Venice and Collateral, Present Value and the Vocabulary of FinanceTypes of Business OrganizationsCalculating Beta Using Market Model Regression (Slope)Calculating VaR using Monte Carlo SimulationMaintaining Accounting RecordsWill the Stock Market Decline when the Baby Boomers Retire?Understanding Balance SheetsThe Monetary Policy Transmission MechanismDividend and Share Repurchase PoliciesStructured Finance Security (ABS / MBS) Credit Default SwapsFutures Prices vs. Forward PricesCoefficient of Determination (R-Squared)Introduction to Corporate GovernanceCFA Vs. FRM: Which Designation is Right for You?Cash Flow StatementAuto-Regressive Models - Random Walks and Unit RootsImpacts of LIFO and FIFO Inventory Methods on Selected Financial RatiosUS Treasury STRIPS: Pricing and RisksStand Alone Risk and Capital ProjectsInternational Differences in Financial LeverageHow to Calculate Current YieldSBA Loan Backed SecuritiesBecome a Certified QuickBooks Consultant (CQC)Choosing The Best Lender for your Loan NeedsOne, Two, and Three Stage FCF CalculationsSynthetic Options and RationaleRevenue Recognition - Instalment SalesStandard II – Integrity of Capital MarketsWhat is Serial Correlation (Autocorrelation)?Inflation/Deflation and Inventory Accounting AnalysisOption-adjusted Spreads (OAS)Evaluating Management of Accounts ReceivablesForex WebinarsCredit Risk Modelling - Required R PackagesHow to Study for FRM Exam?Calculate Variance and Standard Deviation of an AssetExchange-traded versus Over-the-counter (OTC) DerivativesInfographic: What is an ETF? Analyzing Company DisclosuresPricing Anomalies: Cross Sectional AnomaliesDiversification BenefitsGrammar of Graphics in ggplotMeasuring the Defined Benefit ObligationSeven Standards of Professional ConductFrom PhD in Mathematics to Stock Trading FloorsTwo Defining Properties of ProbabilityOrange County CaseCFA Level 2: Corporate Finance Part 1 – IntroductionFinancial Markets: Course IntroductionThe Liquidity ProblemMarket Liquidity Risk LimitsWho Really Benefits from Quantitative EasingTax Base of Assets and LiabilitiesMinimum and Maximum Value of European/American OptionsProblems with the VaR ModelsDiscounting of Cash FlowsGuidance for Standard VII – Responsibilities of a CFA Institute Member or CFA CandidateLecture 8: Money, Economic Growth and InflationLecture 22: Business Cycles - Part 2Role of Controller in Protection of AssetsHow to Estimate Dividend Growth Rate?Accounting Case Study - General Ledger and Trial BalanceWhat is a Tear Sheet?Factors Driving Treasury Investment Returns and Bond Price RiskHow Futures Contracts are Terminated/Settled?Temporal Method for Translation of Foreign StatementsCredit Card Receivable Backed SecuritiesCalculation of Diluted EPS (Convertible Preferred Stock)Receivables Turnover and Days of Sales Outstanding (DSO)Differences in IFRS and US GAAP FrameworksElements of Balance SheetSupport Vector Machine (SVM) Model in RPresent Value and Future Value of Annuity DueEquity Valuation - Dividend Discount ModelProperties of a Data Set (Histogram / Frequency Polygon)Expected Value of InvestmentsCFA Exam Tips: Study Strategy for Final WeekEstimating the Country Risk (Country Equity Premium)Coefficient of VariationCash Flows and Prepayment RiskAccounting Case Study - Journal EntriesRequired Work Experience for CFP CertificationCross Hedging CommoditiesLecture 10: Factors Determining Money DemandFinancial Reporting Mechanics - VideoThe Code of Ethics – Short Version of the Six ComponentsStudy Material for PRM Exam (Free)Calculating Covariance and CorrelationVolatility: Moving Average ApproachesDynamic Delta Hedging & Gamma Related IssuesCall Option PayoffCorporate Finance Lecture 14: Equity Analysis, Acquisitions and ProjectsCFA Level 2: Ethic & Professional Standards – IntroductionCFA Seven Standards of Professional ConductCapital Allocation Line with Two AssetsIntroduction to Forward Rate AgreementsAuditing Ethics and Rules of Professional ConductJoint Probability of a Number of Independent EventsPay-through Structures: Prepayment Tranching vs. Credit TranchingPensions and the Statement of Cash FlowsIntroduction to Linear RegressionForeign Exchange Rate Systems and Parity RelationshipsInternational Fisher RelationBond Features Affecting Interest Rate RiskCFA Exam Centres in IndiaLong and Short Positions in Financial AssetsInternational Capital Market IntegrationRisks Inherent in Trading ActivitiesHow to Calculate Foreign Exchange Gain and LossThe 1988 Basel Accord (Basel I)Credit Derivatives: Actual Default Vs. Technical DefaultOperating and Non-operating Components of Income StatementDuration and Convexity for ABS/MBSCFA L2: Quantitative Methods - IntroductionMultiplication, Addition and Total Probability RulesDefinition of Operational RiskDerecognition of PPE and Intangible AssetsCredit Risk and Counterparty Credit Risk Hypothesis Testing with z-statisticFactors Affecting Reinvestment RiskRisk Factors and Tracking PortfoliosConsumer's Equilibrium Bundle of GoodsWhy companies issue multiple classes of common stock?How to calculate beta for a portfolioPrinciples of Revenue RecognitionIntroduction to Quantmod in RImportance of Ethical Behavior in the Investment IndustryTrading Blocs, Common Markets, and Economic UnionsNominal Interest Rate and Effective YieldCalculating Probabilities Using Standard Normal DistributionUsing Variables in RHow to Calculate Money-weighted ReturnsPricing Currency FuturesICAPM vs. Domestic CAPMFactors in R ProgrammingMatrices in R ProgrammingFunctions in PythonCFA Level 2: Derivatives Part 2 – IntroductionImporting Data Using data.table – fread in RCalculating Stock Value Using Dividend (Gordon) Growth Model in ExcelGIPS - Fundamentals of ComplianceEurodollar FuturesInventory at Net Realizable ValueImporting Data from a Database in RCumulative Distribution FunctionBlack-Scholes-Merton (BSM) Option Pricing ModelLecture 9 - Corporate StocksLeverage and Unique Risks of Hedge FundsLognormal Distribution and Stock PricesCredit Risk - Logistic Regression Model in RFinancial Statement Consolidation of Multinational OperationsOption Greeks: GammaReal Estate Valuation: Part 2 (Income Approach)Aggregating Demand and Supply Curves and Concept of EquilibriumCharacteristics of Equity SecuritiesMeasuring Interest Rate Risk: Full Valuation ApproachBasis Risk in Commodities HedgingHypothesis Tests Concerning VariancesWhat is a Box Plot and How to Read ItPlotting Multiple Datasets on One Chart in RWhat is CEF Expense Ratio and how is it calculated?CFA Exam Registration FeesShortfall RiskIntroduction to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)Selecting Optimal Portfolio for an InvestorInventories: Perpetual LIFOA Bank's Income StatementBanking: Introduction to Bank NotesProbability Density FunctionsDo Day Traders Really Make Money?The American-Chinese Debt LoopEarly Warning Indicators in Icelandic Financial CrisisAIB/Allfirst Structure, Treasury and Forex TradingPortfolio Risk & Return - Part 1A - VideoTypes of Credit Events in a Standard ISDA Credit Derivatives DocumentRed Flags and Accounting Warning SignsRogue Trading - Risk Controls and CultureBusting Employee Fraud (Fraud Control)The LM CurveTests Concerning Differences in MeansValuation Lecture 13: DFC Valuation TestsValuation Lecture 7: Working with Cash FlowsValuation Lecture 6: Beta and Cost of Capital TestsCFA Level 1: Inventories - Part 2 VideoCharacteristics of Futures ContractsBasel III Counterparty Credit Risk - Frequently Asked QuestionsCorporate Finance Lecture 20: Designing the Perfect DebtCorporate Finance Lecture 25: Valuation (Continued)Corporate Finance Lecture 24: Valuation and Estimating InputsValuation Lecture 18: Finding ComparablesCoefficient of Determination (R-Squared)CFA Exam: Final Preparation TipsKnowledge and Skills Needed for Effective Risk ManagementOther Sources of Information used by AnalystsThe Capital Market LineManagement of Accounts PayableExpected Loss, Unexpected Loss, and Loss DistributionCFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 2 of 6Consolidating Financial Statements: Determining the Functional CurrencyLecture 17: Negative Effects of InflationOverview of Equity Options - VideoFacebook IPO: Hyped up or Undervalued?Open Market OperationsInternational CAPM (ICAPM) - Beyond Extended CAPMDependent Vs. Independent Events in ProbabilityEconomic Growth and InflationSampling ErrorAll About PRM Exam IHedge Fund Strategies - Setting Up a Long Short Profitable StrategyLecture 9: Supply of Money and Concept of InflationTails of the Unexpected (Andrew Haldane and Benjamin Nelson)Importance of Cash Flow by Tom Byers - Stanford UniversityStandard VI (B) - Priority of TransactionsIntroduction to Mortgage-backed Securities – Part 3 of 3CFA Level 1: Income Taxes - Part 2Consolidation Accounting and Inter-corporate Depreciable Asset SalesHow Can Businesses Dig Themselves Out of Debt?Intangible Assets and GoodwillFinancial Intermediaries and Investor Positions in Equity MarketsA Value Investing Approach to Manage an Equity PortfolioUnderstanding the Independent Auditors' ReportCover Your Assets: Fraud AwarenessCash Flow from Operating ActivitiesDynamic Hedging and Average LifeSpreadsheet: Duration, Convexity and Price Yield CurveHow to Calculate Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT)Central Limit TheoremTypes of DividendsArgentina, Russia and Venezuela: Time to bet?Madoff Ponzi SchemeImpacts of Market Segmentation on ICAPMLecture 24: Business Cycles - Part 4Meltdown - A Global Financial Tsunami (Part 2/4)Meltdown - Paying the Price (Part 3/4)An Introduction to Capital StructureInventories: Periodic FIFOMargin Requirements for Non-centrally Cleared DerivativesIs Diversification Enough for Adding Value to Investments?How High-frequency Trading Works?The Energy Risk Professional Exam from GARPHow to Calculate Basic Earnings Per Share (EPS)How to Pass the CFA Exam - Part 1A Comparison of Values-at-Risk (VAR) MethodsFutures - Mechanics of Interest Rate TradingCommon Size Balance SheetCFA: Financial Analysis Techniques - VideoAuditing: The Concept of MaterialityReading the Actual Option QuotesLecture 3: Gross Domestic Product (GDP)New Short Courses: Basics of Options and Option GreeksContango From Trader PerspectiveOverview of Basel II AccordRevaluation of Property, Plant, & Equipment (PPE)Emerging Markets: Looking for Opportunitiesstat_summary for Statistical Summary in ggplot2 REquity Vs. Debt FinancingIntroduction to Mortgage-backed Securities - Part 2 of 3Visual Guide To The Federal ReserveA Review of PRM HandbookUnderstanding the Income Statement: Part 2 - VideoValuation Lecture 4: Equity Risk PremiumsFinancial Statement Analysis ApplicationsTechnology and Invention in FinanceHow to Magnify a Selection in Excel?Hedging Derivative Products Using GreeksBasel II - Standardised Approach for Credit RiskEffective Annual Yield for Money Market InstrumentsChallenges of Financial InnovationWhat is a Random Variable?Stock Quotes in Excel for NSE/BSEValuation Lecture 12: Dark Side of ValuationBid-Offer Spreads and the Market PositionCover Your Assets: Fraud PsychologyCredit in Times of Stress: Lessons from Latin AmericaPortfolio Risk and Return - Part 2B - VideoValuation Lecture 9: Estimating Growth RatesDividend Payment DatesPractical Guide to Basel II Implementation: Part 2 of 6Gap Reports: Reporting on Options Related PositionsValuation Lecture 8: Growth Tests and Estimating GrowthCorporate Finance Lecture 3: Corporate GovernanceCorporate Finance Lecture 10: Estimating Cost of DebtCorporate Finance Lecture 2: Shareholders and ManagementCorporate Finance Lecture 4: Conflicts of InterestInflation, Hyperinflation, Deflation and DisinflationConsolidating Credit Debt Solutions, A Guide to Credit Card ConsolidationHow to Select the Most Appropriate Time Series Model?Corporate Finance Lecture 6: Estimating Inputs for CAPMCorporate Finance Lecture 13: NPV, IRR, and ROEUnderstanding the Cash Flow Statement: Part 1 - VideoCorporate Finance Lecture 17: Debt Tradeoff, Miller-Modigliani Theorem, Optimal Financing MixCFA Level 1: Inventories - Part 1 VideoAccounting for Lessor and PensionAccounting Shenanigans on the Cash Flow StatementValuation Lecture 22: Option to Expand and Option to AbandonHow Do Hedge Funds Manage Portfolio Risk?Lecture 20: Economic GrowthUsing Unexpected Volume While Trading StocksThe Term Structure of Interest RatesCurrency Devaluations – A Forex Trader’s GuideTime Series and Cross Sectional DataUsing Texas Instruments BA II Plus Calculator for CFA ExamIntroduction to Futures MarketsOpen Ended Mutual Funds RedemptionsThe Failure Mechanics of Dealer BanksRequirements for Energy Risk Professional (ERP Exam)Stress and Scenario AnalysisMerger Gains to Shareholders & Post Merger ValuationCorporate Finance Lecture 18: Cost of Capital as Optimizing ToolConstruction and Purpose of CompositesLong-lived Assets - IntroductionOrdinary Least Squares (OLS)Call Market Vs. Continuous Trading MarketLink between Natural Catastrophes and Global ReinsuranceLecture 2: What is Macroeconomics and What Macroeconomists Do?Lecture 5: Interest Rates, Production Function, EmploymentFive Ways to Save for a Rainy DayInvestment Services: Institutional Clients, Trading and Research DepartmentsCollege Loan Debt Consolidation Reduction - What Choices Are Accessible To You?A Brief History of Investment Services IndustryHow to Read Bond Quotes?Joint Probability of Two EventsUnderstanding Global LiquidityHSBC: Active Non-Compliance of Anti-Money Laundering StandardsBasic Measures of Market RiskCFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 1 of 6Microstructures: How Exchange Occurs in Financial MarketsProfit in a Put OptionWhy Do Firms Issue Bonds Abroad?Stock Analysis: Long-term Prospects – Red FlagsLecture 11: Introduction to Commercial Banking6 Invoice Factoring Mistakes You Don’t Want To MakeMeasuring Potential Future ExposureLecture 21: Business Cycles - Part 1Lecture 12: Deposit BankingRelative Frequencies and Cumulative Relative FrequenciesLecture 13: Credit Expansion, Bank Runs, and Deposit DrainsBrady BondsLecture 14: Introduction to Central BankingImpacts of LIFO and FIFO Inventory Methods on Selected Financial RatiosCorporate Finance Lecture 22: The Dividend Policy (Part 2)Lecture 16: Credit Expansion, Government Deficits, and Debt MonetizationLecture 18: Effects of Inflation, Production and CapitalLecture 19: Capital and Production, and How Saving and Interest Drive ConsumptionChina Aviation Oil - Derivative LossesFinancial Calculators for CAIA ExamFinancial Calculators for Energy Risk Professional (ERP) ExamPreparing a Consolidate Cash Flow StatementOverview of Credit RiskCritical Assessment of Online Term Plan PlusDodd-Frank Act - Title 1: Financial Stability (Part 2)Day to Day Trading GuideThe Dodd Frank Act - Title II: Orderly Liquidation (Part 2 of 2)Dodd-Frank Act - Title III: Transfer of Powers Dodd-Frank Act - Title 1: Financial Stability (Part 4)Top 10 Books on Project FinanceEconomist Potty Training: Freakonomics MoviePresent Value of a PerpetuityAuditing the Sales CycleInvestment Services: Investment Banking DepartmentDodd-Frank Act - Title IV: Regulation of Advisers to Hedge Funds and OthersDodd-Frank Act – Title V: InsuranceOperational Risk DataDebt Repayment Hacks to Stop Runaway DebtDodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act - Q&AWhat is a Seasoned Security?How to Read Student’s t TableSwap Pricing vs. Swap ValuingRipple vs Bitcoin: What Makes Them So Different?Probability: Permutations and CombinationsArithmetic Vs. Geometric Stock ReturnsUnderstanding Income StatementsHelpful Tips on DasCoin and Other AltcoinsWELLINGTON CAPITAL GROUP INSIGHTS: 2018 YEAR OF THE DOGYIELD MANAGEMENT INC. TOKYO, JAPAN REVIEWThe Significance of Cash FlowThe World of Investment BankingPython NumPy - Indexing and Slicing ArraysFinancial Modeling: How to Build a Complete Model with ExcelCash Flow Statements: US GAAP Vs. IFRSTypes of CrowdfundingShould American Options be Exercised Early?Tracking Error and Tracking RiskCommodity Markets: Price Discovery, Price Risk Management and RegulationLoan-only Credit Default SwapsRegulation of Commodity MarketsTypes of Markets for Commodity TradingWealth Management: Clients and their SatisfactionTypes of Bond FundsSummary of Basel III – What You Must KnowDifference Between IFRS and US GAAPTypes of Operational RiskSecurity Analysis: Four Ways to Evaluate the Quality of ManagementTime Series Analysis: Simple and Log-linear Trend ModelsWhat is Price Discovery?Best Books on Financial ModellingFRM Exam 2011 DetailsSources of Short-term FinancingAgency Costs of Equity and DebtCash Flow YieldCorporate Finance Lecture 23: The Dividend Policy (Part 3)Portfolio Management ProcessInvesting in Oil: A Risky Yet Lucrative MarketInflation Risk in BondsUnderstanding Options GreeksPut Call Parity in OptionsValuing an Option Embedded Bond using Binomial Interest Rate TreeBond Equivalent Yield ConventionMeltdown - The men who crashed the world (Part 1/4)CFA Level 3 Exam – June 2010 debriefHow to Avoid Freelancer False Billing in Your Small BusinessOmega IndexTips To Invest Wisely In Stocks MarketEnterprise Value (EV) to EBITDAPrice Elasticity of DemandRevenue Recognition - Barter TransactionsManagement of InventoryManaging Your Debt Through Consolidation: Where to StartInventory at Net Realizable ValueOccupy Wall Street: For the People, By the People and Of the PeopleHow to Calculate the Value of Scrap Gold?How Credit Card Transaction Processing Works?Value at Risk (VaR)How Do Title Loans Work?Making Sense of the Greek AgreementPrivate Equity Fund StructuresIntroduction to Stress TestingRefinancing in Tampa through HARPInterest RatesWhat’s All the Fuss About Keeping Your Cryptocurrency Keys off Exchanges?Fed endorses Basel III capital requirements for Wall StreetStock Splits and Reverse Stock SplitsA Comprehensive Guide to Small Business Financial ManagementIndia: Making the Elephant DanceUpgrade Your Skills by Taking Microsoft 70-767 Test with Exam DumpsIntroduction to Mortgage-backed Securities - Part 1 of 3PIIGS and the EurozoneRisk Management Case Study: Metallgesellschaft AG (MGRM)Moody’s Short-Term Debt Ratings DefinitionsHistory of 1987 Stock Market CrashSolvency II: Restructuring the Insurance Sector (Part 2)How to Become a Trader?Put Option PayoffThe Chartered Market Technician (CMT) CertificationWhat do Quantitative Analysts (Quants) Do?Real Estate Valuation: Part 1 (Cost and Sales Comparison Approach)Solvency II: Restructuring the Insurance Sector (Part 4)Making MSN Stock Quotes Add-in Work in Excel 2010Best Movies about Money and FinanceFSA Proposed Changes to Reverse Stress TestingTop Investing Tools to Help you Excel at InvestingCreating Normal Distribution Using RStandard V – Investment Analysis, Recommendations, and Actionsr Programming Language for Statistical AnalysisInventories: Periodic FIFO and LIFO RecapContinuing Professional Education for CPAsStandard III – Duties of ClientsFacts That Influence the Fluctuation of Stocks in the Marijuana IndustryEarning Continuing Education (CE) Credits for the CFP ProgramEstimating the Cost of Common StockWhat are the motives for Corporate Holding Cash?CRM Systems and Revenue Growth. Is There Any Connection?Basic Principles of Capital BudgetingStandard I (D) Professionalism - MisconductThe Seven Standards for Professional ConductWhat are your options for retiring early?Washington Mutual: Big Dreams, Poor ImplementationCFA Soft Dollar StandardsHypothesis Testing with t-statisticSelecting the Appropriate Test Statistic10 Best Finance CareersCFA Level 2: Financial Reporting Part 1 - IntroductionThe Responsibilities of the Credit Risk OfficerBayes Theorem – Calculating Conditional ProbabilitiesWhat is Working Capital Management?Review of Strategic Credit Positions by Credit Risk ManagerUnderstanding the Income Statement: Part 3 – VideoFactors Affecting Commodity Market PricesNew Course - Financial Time Series Analysis with RMutually Exclusive Projects, Project Sequencing, and Capital RationingAssessing Control RiskWhat is the Square Root Rule?What is Volatility?Corporate Finance Lecture 15: Project Side Costs and BenefitsHow to Calculate Leveraged ReturnsA Comparison of Government Debt Around the WorldValuation Lecture 16: Relative ValuationBasel III Guidelines for IndiaOffshore Company Registration: What Entrepreneurs Need To KnowNon-parametric TestsCorporate Finance Lecture 16: Project Choices and the Financing DecisionLeast Common Multiple of Lives ApproachMapping Futures/Forward Positions to Risk FactorsModigliani-Miller and Capital Structure TheoryGet Stock Quotes in Excel: New Excel Add-inIndustry Lifecycle Phase and M&AFinancial Reporting for BondsEquity Risk Premium (ERP) and Required Return on EquityFree Cash Flow ValuationLecture 17 - Options MarketsTime Scaling of VolatilityPrivate Equity: Venture Capital, Leveraged Buyouts and Exit StrategiesStandard III (D) - Performance PresentationInventory Valuation MethodsUnderstanding High Frequency TradingCalculate Historical Volatility Using EWMABiggest Trades of All TimeCapitalizing Vs. Expensing CostsInvesting in Commodities - VideoImpairment of Long-lived AssetsSimplicity, Risk Sensitivity and Comparability: The Regulatory Balancing ActAustralian unemployment rate remains steadyWhat the Fed Interest Rate Hike Means for EveryoneCase Study: Trading Scandal at Kidder PeabodyBankers Trust Case StudyAmerican Depositary Receipts (ADRs)Basic Commodity TerminologyKey Risks Associated with Investing in BondsCommon Practices in Foreign Exchange MarketsHow to Delete Blank Rows Using Excel VBA?Credit Risk and Rating of Sovereign DebtOverview of U.S. Treasury SecuritiesHow a Bank Works?Have You ever Heard of these High Paying ProfessionsHow to Become a Data Scientist – Part 1What are Bitcoins?Common Issues Resulting in Data ErrorsDiagnosing the Market FailuresSettlement of Futures ContractsFRM Exam Study Plan in ExcelAccounting: Deferred Income Taxes in Business CombinationsTypes of Mutual FundsAn Overview of Mutual FundsOperating Return on Assets (ROA)Online Broking: Things You Must Keep In Mind Before You DoImport Data using read.table in RImporting Data from Excel in RIntroduction to Income TaxKeeping Your Business Afloat Without the DebtsSwaptions and their ValuationPrice Multiples: A Primer on Application of Relative Valuation MethodsCarl Icahn Video - 'Danger Ahead' About US EconomyBuilding Financial Models - Book ReviewCommon Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings - Book ReviewObamaCare: Insurance Facts Over FictionWhy should you buy a health insurance with reset benefit?Key Metrics for SaaS Business (Subscription KPIs)The Piotroski ScoreIntroduction to Quantitative TradingHow Has Brexit Already Affected the Economy?Check if an object is a time series object in RImportance of Conference Call Recording for a BusinessWhen is it Ideal to Apply for an RV Loan?Fast and Efficient Crypto Trading With Superorder Automated Trading TerminalWhat Every Startup Business Should Know?The Investor Policy StatementSimulate White Noise (WN) in REstimating AutoRegressive (AR) Model in RPotential Jobs for CFA CandidatesTypes of Quantitative Trading StrategiesPlotting the VIX Index and TED Spread in RData Analysis with Quantmod in RInventories: Gross Margin MethodMeasuring Overall ETFs PerformanceFinancial Statement Analysis - Ratio AnalysisDownloading Data Using Quantmod Package in RMarket Risk LimitsInventories: Perpetual FIFOInventories: Retail MethodIs a 401(k) loan the solution to end your credit card debt?PEO Companies OhioThe Monkey Economy: Can Monkeys Deal with Money?Characteristics of Venture Capital FundingMean Reversion StrategiesBreakdown of Gas PricesUsing GARCH (1,1) Approach to Estimate VolatilityInventories: Periodic LIFOTutorial: Financial Accounting for InventoryUnderstanding Stock QuotesHow to Prepare for PRM Exam – Part IMarket Efficiency: InfluencersValue at Risk (VaR) of a PortfolioAnalytical Approach to Calculating VaR (Variance-Covariance Method)Forex Rates: Understanding Cross RatesTypes of Efficient MarketsThe Golden Period in Financial MarketsCorporate Finance Lecture 1 - IntroductionSeries 7 ExamExercisable or Knock-in OptionsUnderstanding Gap ReportsAuditing Planning ApproachImpact of Inventory Valuation MethodsConstruction of a Gap ReportInitial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Private PlacementsHow to Compare Mutual Fund PerformanceIntroduction to Dodd-Frank ActAdding an Asset to a Portfolio – Improving the Minimum Variance FrontierProperties of DurationThe Case of Dragon Systems vs. Goldman Sachs: A Lack of DiligenceSolvency RatiosEuropean Crisis ExplainedCFA Exam - What You Must Know Historical Cost Vs. Fair Value AccountingDodd-Frank Act - Title 1: Financial Stability (Part 1)Rules of Debit and CreditDodd-Frank Act – Title VII: Wall Street Transparency and AccountabilityConsolidation Accounting: Changes in Equity OwnershipUnderstanding the Credit CrisisQuantitative Easing: The Euro, Gold and Other CommoditiesHow to Construct a Frequency DistributionEffect of Leases on Financial Statements for LessorsMoney Habits to Teach Your KidsSeven Standards of Professional ConductPricing and Valuing Equity SwapsImpact of Exercise Price and Time to Expiry on Option PricesCalculate the Value of a Zero-coupon BondHolding Period Yield (HPY)Interest Rates and Time ValueIs A Catastrophe Awaiting Europe?Valuation Lecture 1: Introduction to ValuationIntroduction to Accounting Skills for ManagersStructure of Hedge Funds and the FeesCommon Options Embedded in a Bond IssueData Cleaning in R - Part 3Corporate Finance Lecture 19: Optimal Financing MixWhat is Money?Accounting for Foreign Exchange TransactionsUnivariate Vs. Multivariate DistributionChina: Second Best or No. 1 in Waiting?Defined Benefit Plans & the Company Balance SheetArbitrage-free Valuation Approach for BondsInfinite Series and Its ApplicationsExpansion Projects vs. Replacement Projects and Cash FlowsData Science for Finance ProfessionalsCommon Pitfalls in Capital BudgetingHow to Create Futures Continuous SeriesThe Market Model for a Security’s ReturnsActive Fund Management - By Larger RisksSynthetic Relationship Between Swaps and Derivatives Types of Interest RatesFinancial Ratios: Uses and LimitationsDuPont AnalysisCalculate Stock Price at a Future Date using Dividend Growth ModelPerpetual Vs. Periodic Inventory SystemsGlobal Convergence of Accounting StandardsCash Conversion Cycle (CCC)Comparative Advantage Vs. Absolute AdvantageTrade and Capital RestrictionsRelationship Between Saving, Investment, Fiscal Balance, and Trade BalanceRole of Fiscal PolicyGoldman Sachs, Greg Smith, and the MuppetsBlack-Scholes Option Pricing ModelSignificance of Cash FlowsFuture Value of a Single Cash FlowOption Strategies: Covered CallSupply Function and Supply CurveSupport for P/E Ratio of a CompanyStandard VII – Responsibilities of a CFA Institute Member or CFA CandidateAbout Hedge Funds: What You Need to KnowAccounting for Mergers and Acquisitions (Noncontrolling Interest)Margin Requirements in Futures ContractsIntroduction - Time Value of MoneyDescriptive Vs. Inferential StatisticsCompany Stock Value Responses to Changes in Real Exchange RatesOverview of Mergers & AcquisitionsSharpe RatioAccounting for ImpairmentsYield Curve ArbitrageQuantifying Uncertainty and RiskDiscrete Vs. Continuous Random VariableDiscrete Uniform Random VariableConfidence Intervals for a Normal DistributionDiscretely Compounded Rate of ReturnResidual Income (RI) Valuation ModelStandard Normal DistributionIncome Property Valuation Using Capitalization RateConfidence Interval for a Population Mean, when the Distribution is Non-normalData Types in RCalculating Stock Returns and Portfolio Returns in RConfidence Interval for a Population mean, with a known Population VarianceCMBS: Structure and Call ProtectionInstalling and Using RStudio with RUnderstanding the Income Statement: Part 1 - VideoPrivate Equity Risks and CostsConditional Statements in RHistorical Simulation Vs Monte Carlo SimulationCommodity Traders and Future ValueImporting Data from Web in RStatistical Foundations: Mean and Standard DeviationCurrency SwapsConsumer and Producer SurplusBusiness Cycle and EconomicsDifference Between Model and AlgorithmIndustry AnalysisHow to Improve your Financial HealthFederal FundsCareers in Sales, Trading and ResearchSystemic RiskCorporate Finance Lecture 8: All About Estimating BetaCFA Careers: Options for CFA CharterholdersIntroduction to Basel Capital AccordForward Rate Agreements and Calculating FRA PaymentsCFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 4 of 6CFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 3 of 6Large Cap Funds: Attractive for Long-term InvestorsAccounting for Foreign Exchange TransactionsMoney Demand and Money Market  EquilibriumFlotation Costs and WACCFixed Asset and Total Asset Turnover RatioTypes of Risks: The Known and The UnknownsCentral Limit Theorem (Distribution of Averages)What is Relative Strength Index – RSI?Working Capital Turnover RatioHow to Interpret Foreign Exchange Rates?AIB Currency Losses: John Rusnak's Role and the FraudSharpe Ratio for Measuring Return on RiskIcelandic Banks: Asset Composition and Quality of Banks’ Balance SheetsModified Duration of a BondEarly Warning Indicators: AIB Currency Trading LossesEstimating the Cost of Preferred StockDelta NeutralityChoices of Short-term Funding Available to a CompanyMarginal Cost of Capital (MCC) ScheduleStock Evaluation SpreadsheetReal Estate Valuation: Part 3 (Discounted Cash Flows)J.P. Morgan’s $2 billion ‘Stupid Mistake’ Volcker RuleTime Series Transformation in RCFA Level 2: Economics - IntroductionAccounting for Business CombinationsImpact of Financial Leverage on Net Income and ROEFinancial IntermediariesSubstantive Audit ProceduresWhat are Depository ReceiptsCFA Soft Dollar Standards - OverviewMadoff Case Study: The Largest Ponzi Scheme and Stock FraudClassification of IndustriesApproaches to Classifying CompaniesRelation of “Peer Group” to a Company’s Industry ClassificationEffects of Various Factors on Pricing Power and Return on CapitalIntroduction - Industry and Company AnalysisIndustry Life CycleGross Domestic Product and Gross National ProductGIPS VerificationWorldCom Accounting Scandal: The Wrong Call (Part 2)WorldCom Accounting Scandal: The Wrong Call (Part 1)Portfolio Risk and Return - Part 2A - VideoWorst Performing Bank of Year 2011What You Must Study – Ethical and Professional StandardsAccounting for LeasesRelation Between Dollar and Gold PricesThe State of US EconomyMONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial FreedomStock Analysis: Factors Affecting the Capitalization Rate"Nonsense Economics" and the Deepening Greek CrisisAre Private Banks a Realistic Alternative to High Street Banks?Credit Lending and Risk ManagementReverse Mortgage 1012012’s Big-Name Business Court Cases5 Ways to Budget But Still Enjoy Some of the Finer ThingsHow Email Marketing Works For Finance BusinessesCFA Level 1 – Exam Preparation GuideStudy Techniques for CFA ExamDepreciation Methods for Property, Plant, and Equipment (PPE)Financial Reporting of Intangible AssetsNeed Extra Cash? Here's Something You Can DoPresentation and Disclosures Related to DebtTop 5 online courses for becoming an expert stock trader10 Reasons to Hold Gold in Your PortfolioS&P 500 - Should Investors Be Concerned?Indicators That A Global Recession Is Just Around The Bendggplot2 - Chart Aesthetics and Position Adjustments in REffective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk ReportingAdd a Statistical Layer on Line Chart in ggplot2Testing Internal ControlsAuditing Issues in Small BusinessesUndiversified Bond Value at Risk (VaR)Technology in High Speed Trading: The Case of Knight CapitalUS Treasury STRIPSIntroduction to Open-Ended Mutual FundsMaking Sense of Analyst Stock RecommendationsMarket Liquidity Risk of Trading ActivitiesWhat is MetaTrader 4?Standard Deviation and Variance of a PortfolioHow to Select the Right Bank for your Business?Risk Management: Common Issues and Lessons LearnedCorporate Finance Lecture 21: The Dividend Policy (Part 1)CFA Level 1: Long Lived Assets - Part 2Lecture 19 - Overview of Investment BankingStocks - Contracts for DifferenceRights Issue of SharesWhat is Private Placement of Shares?Important Notations in Options FormulasAvoid These Common Financial Modeling MistakesVideo Lecture for GARCHCalculate Risk-adjusted Returns Using BetaTrust and Delegation (Operational Risk in Hedge Funds)How to Calculate Yield to MaturityBanking: Understanding Reserve RatiosBanking: Introduction to LeverageBootstrapping Spot Rate Curve (Zero Curve)Margin Requirements for Non-centrally Cleared Derivatives - UpdatedFAQs on Quantitative FinanceBuying a Home: When to say NO?The Do’s and Don’ts of Personal LoansRisk Measurement for the Trading BookStress Testing BanksCase Study: Equity Derivative Losses at UBSGlobal Depositary ReceiptsScreening Equity InvestmentsHow to Buy SharesJPMorgan Chase: Out of ControlWaiting for the Perfect Pitch (Taking out a Business Loan)Properties of Log-Normal DistributionMortgage Pass-through SecuritiesKey Dimensions that Characterize Acceptable DataA Bank’s Income StatementFederal Agency SecuritiesQ1 Green Energy Investment Hits Lowest Levels Since 2009Explained: The difference between bankruptcy and an IVABusiness Cut Tuition Reimbursement? No Problem. 5 Educational Online OptionsDefine and Compute a Commodity SpreadHow to Take the Long View With Your InvestmentsBanking: Introduction to Bank NotesUnderstanding the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act and Its Effect on Family LawDimensions of Acceptable DataData Quality ScorecardOperational Data GovernanceCareer of a CFATrendline, Support and Resistance LevelsEmerging Markets: 5 Best Countries to Invest in TodayTop 3 Things You Need to Know About Behavioral EconomicsWhy Switching Banks is Sometimes a Good IdeaCommon Automobile Insurance MythsRole of Risk ManagementShould you add gold to your retirement investment strategy?Career Path for Forensic AccountantsCommon Equity Shares - Meaning and FeaturesCreate Financial Dashboards Using Excel PowerPivotIoT Capabilities for the Insurance IndustryHow Chit Funds Work?Quantstrat Example in R - RSI StrategyQuantstrat Case Study - Multiple Symbol PortfolioBig Data and the Role of the Data ScientistTrading as a Career OptionHow to Identify a MultibaggerSynthesis of Numbers - The DuPont WayRevaluation Model for Fixed AssetsProjecting a Firm’s Financial PerformancePension Expense (both GAAP & IFRS) for the Income StatementR Visualization of Statistical Properties of Future PricesHow to Compare Mutual Fund PerformanceCFA Level I - Study Notes and Question BankExcel Add-in – Currency Quotes in ExcelShopping for Health Insurance With High CholesterolWhat the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is all about?You and Your MoneySimple Ways to Make Money This SummerTips on Securing a Toronto Home LoanTech Trends in The Financial Services Sector4 Ways the Internet Can Help Save You MoneyLet’s Introduce You the FinancePuerto Rico Debt: $70 Billion and CountingLooking for the best accident lawyer5 Concepts That Will Help Every College Student To Be Financially LiterateFinancial Statement Analysis: A Practitioner’s GuideHow Insurance Can Secure Your FinancesThe Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excess - Book ReviewThe Art of Short Selling - Book ReviewThe Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness - Book ReviewFinancial Modelling: Setup Excel for ProductivityThe Financial Impact Phishing Can Have on You and Your Business5 Requirements For A Business Line Of Credit ApprovalHow to Find the Right Life Insurance for You?Financial Modelling: Writing Formulas in ExcelWhy government should make home insurance compulsoryEight myths about SIPsMost Important Excel Skills for Finance5 Steps to Getting Your Personal Finances in OrderManage your Personal Finances and Reduce Debt Effectively Using these TipsSupply Chain Financing: Using Technology to Improving Supplier-Buyer RelationsModelling Probability of Default Using Logistic RegressionHow Data Science is Used in Fintech (Financial Technologies)The 'caret' Package - To Build Predictive Models in RWhat is Downsampling in Predictive ModelingWhat is Cost Sensitive Training / Classification in Data ScienceElastic Net regularizationLogistic Regression: Calculating a ProbabilityReducing Model LossGradient DescentBest Ways to Consolidate Your Credit in 2018Over 50s life insurance FAQsAre There Any Effective Ways to Curb Runaway Debt?Tips when Selecting a Personal Injury LawyerHow to Sell Your Used Books? Find Out7 Essential Things You must do Before you get MarriedWhat’s an ECN Broker and how to Choose One?4 Ways Going Green Can Improve Your Company’s Financial HealthWestern Union Prepaid MasterCard6 Smart Ways to Use a Payday LoanMoving Average (MA) Model in RSimulate Random Walk (RW) in RForecasting with ARIMA Modeling in R - Case StudyCreating Charts with QuantmodContango and BackwardationBlack Scholes Options Pricing Model in RMeasure Model Performance in R Using ROCR PackageBest Books to Learn R LanguageLogistic Regression Model in RExplore Financial Data in RCreate a Function and Prepare Test Data in RData Cleaning in R - Part 5Extreme Gradient Boosting in RRandom Forest Model in RRemove Dimensions By Fitting Logistic Regression5 Factors That Influence the Stock Market – ExplainedWill Cash Make A Comeback In 2020?3 Tips in Finding Flexible Premium Life InsuranceAvoiding the Classic Fraud: Understand the Ponzi Scheme Beyond the StereotypesHow Much Will It Cost to Buy a House in 2020Three Best Credit Cards For People With No CreditWhat is Machine Learning?Decision Trees in Machine LearningA Guide to Setting Up a Small Business NetworkHow to Read Scatter Chart and Bubble ChartAdding Details and Features to R PlotsAuto DraftCreating a Line Chart in ggplot 2 in RBond Amortization, Interest Expense, and Interest PaymentsMethods of Inventory ValuationEconomic Indicators - Unemployment RateCrowdfunding in Real Estate InvestmentsMachine Learning with PythonPricing Anomalies: Calendar, Momentum and Overreaction Anomalies7 Tips To Break Free Of Stronghold Of Debt8 Essential Things to Look For When Buying Life InsuranceDumping: What is it and how it affects countries?Which Loan Products Are the Best For Small Businesses?5 Feasible Ways to Pay Off Your Car Loan FasterHow Is Blockchain Disrupting the Forex Trading Market?Create ggplot Graph with German Credit Data in RThese are the mistakes you’ll want to avoid when buying life insuranceHow to Use Residential Property as a Retirement VehicleWhat to do if you have debt letters from Lowell FinancialHow to Prepare For a Career as a LawyerFour Types of Insurance Everyone Should HaveThinking of Getting a Loan Online? Here's 3 Things You Should DoHow To Create a 1099Guide to Claim Insurance for Your Stolen Two-wheelerMBS Weighted Average LifeUnderstanding Economic CapitalIntroduction to OptionsHow to Pass the CFA Level II ExamCFA Level II Exam - Sample Item Set QuestionsSample Study Notes from CFA Level I AuthorityCFA Exam Adds Fintech, Big Data, and Data Analysis to 2019 CurriculumCrowdStreet Platform for Real Estate Investing An Introduction to Angel InvestingBooks on Macroeconomics: A Reading ListNew Book - Quantitative Trading Strategies with RCredit Derivative Trading StrategiesPlotting Volatility Smile in RRisk Taking: A Corporate Governance PerspectiveFive Stages of Venture Capital FundingWhat is MicrofinanceSix Components of Code of EthicsPython DictionariesCFA Level 2 Summary NotesLogical Operators in PythonCosts Included in InventoryNumPy - Methods to Create ArraysWhat is NumPy in PythonWhat is Bond Laddering Strategy for InvestmentIs Amazon Arbitrage a Profitable E-Commerce Model?What do Junior Investment Bankers do?How Interest Rate Collars Work?Risk and Financial CrisesSQL Queries from RMeasuring Currency ExposureThe Development of the Eurodollar MarketIssue Price and Secondary Market Prices of CDsCredit Risk Measurement and Management in TradingAnti-Money Laundering (AML) Training RequirementsFive Businesses You Can Start For Under 5KCalculating Arithmetic MeanTop 10 Books on Risk ManagementUnderstanding Cash Flow StatementUsing XLConnect in R ProgrammingAll About PRM Exam IIAlternative to MSN Stock Quotes Add-in in ExcelWhat do Derivative Traders Do?Why do companies manipulate their financial reports?Different Parties in the Futures MarketCreating Term Structure of Futures Contracts Using RData Cleaning Using tidyr Package in RWhat is Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB)?Build the Predictive ModelChi-square Test – Test for value of a single population varianceInventory Turnover and Days of Inventory on Hand (DOH)Consolidation Accounting and Inter-corporate TransactionsPractices and Issues in Economic Capital FrameworksEvaluating the Management of Short-term FundsFactors Affecting Balance of PaymentsCommon Ratios in Financial AnalysisFunds of Hedge FundsIntroduction to SuperMontage used by NASDAQThe Role of Actuarial Assumptions in DB Plan AccountingBasel II – Capital Charge for Credit RiskBuilding a Marketing BudgetMomentum StrategiesHow Interest Rate Futures Work?Comparing a Firm’s Liquidity Position with its PeersData Quality Inspection and ValidationBloomberg Visual Guide to Candlestick ChartingCorporate Finance Lecture 5: Risk and ReturnNormal DistributionMechanics of Stock-based AcquisitionGeneral Characteristics of BondsStock Market DistributionInflation-Indexed BondsVenture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist - Book ReviewLessee AccountingTypes of RestructuringLessors and Sales-Type Capital LeasesHow are LIBOR and EURIBOR Calculated?Floating Rate NotesRisk of Two Cash Positions3 Serious Mistakes to Avoid When Opting for Home Loan RefinanceForeign Exchange Market ParticipantsBalance of PaymentsHot Jobs: Five Careers in Quantitative AnalysisUnderstanding Normal DistributionStatistical Foundations: Understanding CorrelationsRisk of a Single Cash PositionNew Online Course - Corporate FinanceCash Back Credit Cards: Why Use Them At All?Standard IV – Duties to EmployersEvaluating Capital Structure PolicyStatistical Foundations: Predicting VolatilityWhat are Options?Identifying an OptionMargin Trading - Purchasing Stocks on MarginOverview of Option GreeksOverview of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) DesignationDodd-Frank Act - Title XIII: Pay It Back ActWhat is Macaulay Duration?Objective of Financial Reporting StandardsBalance of Payments AccountsRole of International Organizations (IMF, World Bank, and WTO)Tools for Implementing Monetary PolicyWhat CFOs Consider While Making Capital Structure Decisions?Why Issue of Additional Equity Leads to Share Price Fall?Are Hedge Funds Good or Bad?What is Backwardation?VaultOS - A New Core Banking SoftwareBackwardation and ContangoBond SpreadsCurrent Yield of a BondFinance: What Managers Need to KnowInterest Rate Risk of Floating-rate BondsWhat are Foreign Currency Swaps?Accounting Skills - Case StudyCFA Level 1 - Venture Capital and Hedge FundsCareer as an Investment AnalystReversal Chart Patterns: Head and ShouldersLiquidity Ratios and Cash Conversion Cycle - Video SummaryHedge Fund IndexesHow to Arbitrage VolatilityPresent Value Prices and the Real Rate of InterestOverlapping Generations Models of the EconomyFinancial Implications of US Social Security System Uncertainty and the Rational Expectations HypothesisValuation and Risks in Venture Capital InvestingQuants: Correlation AnalysisMultiple Regression AnalysisGet a Lower Interest Rate When Financing Your Sallie Mae LoanSupervised Learning ModelsConcise Management Services – Document Preparation ProfessionalsQualitative and Dummy Variables in Regression ModelingHow To Keep Your Money Safe When Investing In The MarketsWhat do Prime Brokerage Firms Do?Lowering Oil Prices: Another Drop in The Growing Woe of a Global RecessionUnconditional Probability Using Total Probability RuleFinance and Accounting: The Why and WhatDividend Growth Model: How inputs Impact Stock Value?What is Default Risk?Gordon (Constant) Growth Dividend Discount ModelAnalyze Securities Using Tableau VisualizationsLecture 15: Tools of Monetary PolicyFinancial Projections in Emerging MarketsSetting up Python on your ComputerStatement of Changes in Shareholder’s EquityMapping Spot FX PositionsProgramming Skills That Are Opening Many Doors In The Financial IndustryCreating Functions in REthics and ProfessionalismVariables in PythonBusiness CyclesFunctions in R ProgrammingSupply and Demand AnalysisReal Estate PortfoliosAuditing: Management AssertionsIntroduction to MiFIDCFA Level 2: Financial Reporting 2 - RecommendationsOnline Excel Training - Beginners and AdvancedElements of Financial StatementsOFAC Money LaunderingLeasing versus Purchasing Assets5 Different Corporate Finance Ideas for Your BusinessHow Banks and Portfolio Managers Use Credit Derivatives?Factors Affecting Corporate Dividend Policy DecisionsCash Flows: Dividends vs. Free Cash Flows vs. Residual IncomeShifts in Supply CurveChanges in Productivity: The One-Third RulePortfolio Risk & Return - Part 1B - VideoWhat is Share Repurchase and Methods of Share RepurchaseMost Common CFA Level 1 Questions and TopicsEconomic Growth TheoriesGross Domestic Product (Measuring Economic Activity)Terms and Conditions Enhanced by Books runInterest Rate ParityCollateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs)Inventory Accounting and Financial StatementsApproaches to Estimating VolatilityFisher EffectImpairment of Long-lived AssetsCash Flow from Investing and Financing ActivitiesLessors and Sales-Type Capital LeasesCFA Level 2: Financial Reporting Part 2 – IntroductionTypes of Stock WarrantsWhy Gold Prices Fluctuate?GAAP Purchase Method, IFRS Purchase Method, and GAAP Acquisition Method AccountingMethods in PythonEconomic Pension ExpenseCFA Level 1 - Real Estate InvestmentsM&A: Earnings Per Share & The “Bootsrap” EffectUnderstanding Hypothesis Testing and p-valueMulti-Stage Dividend Discount ModelsDividend Discount Model (DDM)Gordon Growth Model (GGM)Get Yahoo Finance Stock Quotes in ExcelCFA Level 2: Financial Reporting 1 - RecommendationsStandard VI – Conflicts of InterestDividend Yield for Valuing EquityStandard I (C) Professionalism - MisrepresentationIntroduction to Capital Structure and LeverageStandard IV (A) - LoyaltyHigh Yield Corporate Debt (aka Junk bonds)Overview of GIPSSovereign DebtLIBOR Swap Rate CurveStandard Error in Linear RegressionValuation Lecture 20: Private Company Valuation and Real OptionsContago and BackwardationConflict Between NPV and IRR (And Problem with IRR)Calculating Median and Mode of a Data SetEffect of Leases on Financial Statements for LessorsMapping a Fixed Income Portfolio to Risk FactorsBanking: How Bank Notes and Checks Work?Residential Non-Agency MBSWhat is a Probability DistributionIntroduction to Futures ContractsInvestment Services: Sales Department Sources, Measurement, and Sustainability of Economic GrowthWhat is Asset-backed Commercial Paper (ABCP)?The Handbook of Municipal BondsFixed Income Forward ContractsInstalling R Software on Your ComputerMarket Efficiency and Its Three FormsArbitrage Portfolio Theory (APT) – A Multifactor Macroeconomic ModelPerforming Basic Math Operations in RMonte Carlo Simulation - ExampleEstimating Volatility for Option PricingSignals from Dividend PoliciesEquity SwapsSwaps as Theoretical Equivalents of Other DerivativesSupply Curve in Various Market StructuresWhat is Monopolistic CompetitionNominal Vs. Real GDPMethods of Calculating GDPThe IS CurveCreate a Scatter Plot in R with Multiple GroupsMacroeconomic EquilibriumUnbundling and Dynamically Hedging RisksTheories of the Business CycleConsolidation Accounting: Segment ReportingConsumer Price Index (CPI) to measure inflationCost-Push vs. Demand-Pull InflationRecommendations for Improving Control Environment at AIB/AllfirstRoles of Financial ReportingMapping Complex Financial PositionsNon-current Assets - Investments and FundsCash Dividends Vs. Share RepurchaseState the Probability of an Event as OddsJapanese Debt Crisis and How it Continues to Finance Itself?Steps to Prepare Statement of Cash FlowsWhat is the Directive MiFID?CFA Level 2: Fixed Income Part 1 – IntroductionTotal Comprehensive IncomeBasel III - Liquidity Risk StandardsJustifying Active Portfolio ManagementValuation Lecture 3: DCF, FCFE, and FCFFBenefits of Taking the FRM ExamCFA Exam Tips: Suggestions for Attacking the TestCFA Level 2: Financial Reporting Part 3 – IntroductionKey Issues in Operational Risk Capital ModelingDerivatives Hedging and Financial ReportingWeighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) - Practical Example and IssuesBondsDetails of an Interest Rate Swap ContractFinancial Reporting Problems and Warning SignsMeasures of Earnings QualityIs a Double Dip Possible in US Housing Sector?Cash Basis Accounting vs. Accrual Basis AccountingHistory of the Forex MarketsBond Duration and Convexity Simplified – Part 2 of 2Bond Duration and Convexity Simplified – Part 1 of 2Certificates of Deposit (CDs)Preparing for the Energy Risk Professional (ERP) ExamUnderstanding SWIFT CodesMargin Trading: Buying on MarginTrading Costs Involved in Stock TradingApplication of VaR to Non-Market AreasEvent Risk and Its ManagementSecondary Market: Exchanges Vs. OTC MarketDodd Frank Act - Title XVI: Section 1256 ContractsWays To Send Money OverseasQuantitative Finance: The Demystification of Stochastic CalculusSwap Credit Risk and Swap SpreadAnalyzing Market Risks: Three Key ExposuresIntroduction to Treasury BillsWhy You Should Grab Cashback Online DealsLife after Bankruptcy: the good, the bad and the uglyIntroduction to Commercial Paper (CP)Understanding Recovery RatesInvestment Services: Technology and Operations DepartmentThe Option PremiumAdjusting a Company's Reported Financial StatementsDodd-Frank Act - Title XV: Miscellaneous ProvisionsDodd-Frank Act - Title IX: Investor Protections and Improvements to the Regulation of SecuritiesDodd-Frank Act - Title XI: Federal Reserve System ProvisionsWhy is the Gold Collapsing?Dodd Frank Act - Title XII: Improving Access to Mainstream Financial InstitutionsGetting a Fair Settlement after a Semi- Truck AccidentDodd-Frank Act - Title XIV: Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act Dodd-Frank Act - Title X: Bureau of Consumer Financial ProtectionPlan your BusinessEquity Analysis Part 3 - IntroductionKey Performance Indicators of a BusinessCost AccountingBanking: How Bank Notes and Checks Work?Chad’s CFA Level II Exam Preparation Strategy TipsStudy Material for CFA ExamWhat does the Market Risk Department Do?How to Scale Autocorrelated Returns?Aggregate Supply CurveDuration of a Bond - VideoGovernment Launches Small Business Investment BankPreparing Your Clients for Higher IRS Due Diligence StandardsInvesting in WarrantsPoint EstimatesTypes of Markets in EconomicsIntroduction to Transfer Pricing5 Ways Renting a Shipping Container Can Benefit You FinanciallyFinancial Debt Management PlanningEfficiency, Assets, and TimeCorporate Debt Securities and Rights of BondholdersWhat is a Credit Event?Accounting Profit Vs. Economic ProfitA Few Signs an Investment Opportunity is SuspectSensitivity Measures for a PortfolioWhat is Risk?Monitoring Developments in Financial Reporting StandardsPrice-Yield RelationshipManufactured Housing Backed LoansUsing Pricing Models for Financial ProductsDodd-Frank Act - Title II: Orderly Liquidation (Part 1 of 2)Six Ways to Save Money on Your Life Insurance PolicyPricing of Liquid Instruments and TransactionsStorage, Convenience Yield, and Commodity PricesTotal Return SwapsFailure to Monitor and Manage RiskReversal Chart Patterns: Rising and Falling WedgeLecture 7: Demand, Supply and EquilibriumOptions on Interest Rate Futures – Uses and BenefitsConcentrated Positions and Market RiskAssessing the Credit QualityThe Audit EvidenceDim Sum BondsCurrency Forward ContractsEffects of Leases on Selected Financial Reporting Items for LesseesHow to Create Line Chart in Google SpreadsheetsHarald Seiz: Visions and the future of moneyThe Prudent Investor RuleIntroduction - GIPSPrice Limits in Futures ContractsYield Curve RiskModeling Mortgage Prepayments and Valuing MortgagesControl Deficiencies at Allfirst Treasury That Led to FraudData Cleaning in R - Part 2Net Present Value of a ProjectStandard I - Professionalism (Standards of Professional Conduct)COSO - Integrated Internal Control FrameworkThe Mutual Fund Theorem and Covariance Pricing TheoremsMoneyness of an OptionPractical Guide to Basel II Implementation: Part 1 of 6Ten Best Practices for Excel ModelingSolvency II: Restructuring the Insurance Sector (Part 3)Characteristics of Successful Options TradersSolvency II: Restructuring the Insurance Sector (Part 1)Economic GrowthBinomial Option Pricing Model in RStandard VI (A) - Disclosure of ConflictsWhy latest economic indicators are so important?F-test - Test for the Differences Between Two Population VariancesIntroductory Capital Budgeting RemarksLending Valley CEO Chad Otar Announces A.I. Powered FundingMultiple Regression and Coefficient of Determination (R-Squared) Trading Futures Contracts: How Does it Work?Risk Management FailuresInflation vs Deflation?Yield Curve Construction with TreasuriesWhat are Dividends?Fixed Exchange Rate SystemsWhy Commodity Index Strategies are Active InvestmentsFinancial Reporting: Important DefinitionsHow to Develop a Winning Trading StrategyChoosing an Appropriate Spread for ABS/MBSEnterprise Risk Management: Theory and PracticeCredit Officer: Long Term TasksProvision for Loan LossStandard III – Duties of ClientsStandard III (B) - Fair DealingStandard III (E) - Preservation of ConfidentialityCFA Level 2 Economics – RecommendationsReal Estate: Types of PropertiesStandard IV (B) - Additional Compensation ArrangementsCorporate Finance Lecture 26: Course ReviewStandard V (C) - Record RetentionFree Cash Flow to the Firm and EquityContinuation Chart Patterns: RectanglesForecasting Exchange RatesForeign Exchange Floating Rate SystemsWhat is Line Chart and When to Use ItFinancial Reporting Standards - VideoWhat are Credit Derivatives?Government Regulation, Deregulation, and Regulatory BehaviourPrinciples for the Sound Management of Operational RiskCase Study: Amaranth Derivatives LossesAccounting for Equity InvestmentsCFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 6 of 6Financial Reporting and Analysis (eBook)Price to Cash Flow RatiosPoor Credit Rating? Here Is How to Fix ItUnderstanding Three Different Types of Binary Options TradesInterview for Head Derivatives TraderAudit Risk ModelsWhy Payday Loans are a Bad Option?Analyzing Credit of Asset Backed SecuritiesRevolving Credit Card Receivables SecuritizationValuation Lecture 11: Tying the Loose EndsInvestment Valuation and Corporate GovernanceFactors that Influence Foreign Exchange RatesAccounting Business Transactions and the Accounting EquationCorporate Finance Lecture 9: Beta and Cost of EquityImpact of Liquidity on Bond Spreads6 Rules for Your Startup CompanyGGM, Leading P/E Ratio, and Trailing P/E RatioJOBS Act 2012 – Jump Start Your Business (or Not)Equity Analysis Part 2 - IntroductionThe Process of Valuing EquitySecurity Analysis: Financial Strength and Capital StructureCorporate Finance Lecture 12: Measuring ReturnsCFA Level 1: Income Taxes - Part 1How to Become a Derivatives Trader?Valuation Lecture 19: Relative and Private Company ValuationCFA Level 1: Long Lived Assets - Part 1Lecture 14 - A Brief History of AIG with Maurice "Hank" GreenbergFinancial Risk Manager Handbook: FRM Part I and Part IILecture 18 - Monetary PolicyHow to Use the Rule of 72 FormulaYour Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online BusinessWhat is an Interim Manager and How Do You Become One?Historical Stock Returns and Investing for RetirementThink Beyond EPF for a Wealthier RetirementTips to Decrease Funeral ExpensesLiabilities Side of Balance SheetBacktesting a Trading Strategy - ConsiderationsBasel III: Liquidity Coverage RatioWhy does bankruptcy occur in small businesses?Accounting for Joint ArrangementsSecuritisation of Subprime Mortgage CreditUnderstanding LiquidityWhat are the Top Emerging Currencies Pairs in Forex Market?Three Finance Concepts Every Manager Should KnowReverse Stress Testing5 Things You Didn’t Know About Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)New Course - Equity Analysis and ValuationEconomic Interpretation of Sensitivity MeasuresAlternative Risk Transfer (The ART Market)Overview of Municipal BondsWhat are Forward Contracts?What is Tracking ErrorDoes the Size of Central Bank Balance Sheet Matter?Combined Effects of Monetary and Fiscal PolicyExcel: How to Move to First or Last Row in a ListPersonal Finance Startups in India – All closing down?How to Become a Forex TraderTips for Starting a Successful BusinessHome Reversion – The Popular Equity Release SchemeLecture 23: Business Cycles - Part 3Trading Forex - Your WayHow to Day Trade for a LivingDisclosures Relating to InventoriesCredit Default Swaps (CDS)Why Investing In An Emergency Fund Makes Sense, Even if You Have Bills To PayMastering Python for Finance - Book ReviewThe Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable - Book ReviewValuation Lecture 10: Estimating Terminal ValueHedge Funds, Leverage, and the Lessons of Long-Term Capital Management - ReportTrading CFDs Online – The AdvantagesNew Online Course - DerivativesGathering data and information regarding a businessMost Common Questions About Playing Music In Your BusinessLife Mishaps That Can Be Challenging FinanciallySteps To Take When Applying For Secured LoansBusiness Process Outsourcing For Insurance CompaniesLecture 6: Monetary EconomicsIntroduction to Bankers' AcceptanceEarnings and Cash FlowsHow to Calculate Historical VolatilityBuilding Credit Risk ModelBuying a Home? 5 Reasons Why a Home Inspection is CriticalPredictive Modelling: Averaging Results from Multiple ModelsCash DividendStock DividendsLoan Data - Training and Test Data SetsAIB: Discovery of Fraud, and Magnitude of LossesFacts About Deferred Sales TrustA Brief Look into Alibaba Stocks7 Best Cannabis Stocks for You to Consider InvestingIs Getting Business Startup Loans a Good IdeaKey Financial StatementsManaging the Cash Position of a FirmEthical vs. Legal StandardsGross Domestic ProductConflicts of Interest in a Corporate EnvironmentAudit ProgramsInvestment Services: Money ManagementTop 20 MBA (Finance) Schools in the WorldLecture 4: Savings and WealthHow Do Analysts Select an Equity Valuation Model?Finance Train Article Writing Competition – Win Exciting PrizesFree Book: Mystery of BankingImmunization Against Non-parallel ShiftsAssessing The Board of DirectorsThe LIBOR ScandalCFA® Exam Tips: Checklist of Items and Intangible To DosIntraday Day Liquidity ManagementNew Course - Fixed Income MarketsHow Currency Forward Contracts Work?Understanding the Greece CrisisLecture 13 - Overview of BanksWorld's Top 50 Banks in 2010Implementing IFRSSensitivity Measures for Fixed Income InvestmentsSuper Freakonomics, IllustratedFinancial Analyst: A Rapidly Growing Career Option in FinanceThe J-Curve – Impact of Exchange Rate Changes on National EconomiesTypes of Hedge FundsForeign Currency TranslationThree Shapes of the Yield CurveHow IVA Affects Your Credit Score?Equity Return MeasuresEverything you need to know about Self Directed IRA servicesFIFO and LIFO Methods for Inventory ExpensingImpacts of Depreciation Method Choice on Capital Budget AnalysisReversal Chart Patterns: Double Tops and BottomsChebyshev’s InequalityPredictive Modelling: Splitting Data into Training and Test SetAnalyzing Credit of Municipal BondsExtinguishable or Knock Out OptionsDodd-Frank Act - Title 1: Financial Stability (Part 3)Should We Worry About the Size of Fiscal Deficit?An Introduction to Barrier OptionsLecture 7 - Efficient MarketsDefining Stock WarrantsWhat is Private Equity?Determining the Value of a StockTransparency in Credit Default Swap MarketsA Derivatives Trader is like a Blackjack PlayerEmerging Economies Perspectives 2011Challenges in Managing Credit ExposureGreek Bailout by Eurozone: All for One, One for AllMapping a European Stock OptionPricing of Illiquid Instruments and TransactionsCredit Risk Modelling - Case Study- Lending Club DataStandard VI (C) - Referral FeesBIS - Principles for Sound Stress Testing Practices and SupervisionHedge Fund Strategies - Merger ArbitrageForex Trading and its Long Term Benefits6 Practical Ways of Getting Yourself Out of DebtHow Companies Choose Their Risk ProfileIntroduction to Forward ContractsSome Reflections about CFA ProgrameBook - Introduction to Corporate FinanceKC Bank is the world's first fully-licensed cryptocurrency bankCommodity Markets - Types of CommoditiesFree Online Course on Computational InvestingValuation Lecture 21: Real Options - The Option to DelayDefining CommoditiesTreasury STRIPSActivity Ratios – Video SummaryDegree of Total LeverageForward Exchange Rates Why Basel I (1988 Accord) Needed to be Replaced?Credit Limits and ProvisionsAuto-Regressive (AR) Time Series ModelsCharacteristics of Different Types of Futures ContractsConsolidation Accounting: Foreign Currency TranslationHow to Calculate Degree of Operating LeverageDivorce Attorney Consultation: How it Should Benefit YouMotivation for the Futures ExchangeClosely Held Companies, Distressed Securities and CommoditiesBudget ConstraintsPurchase Method of Accounting for Controlling Interest Investments or Acquisitions Analysis of Variance or ANOVAExpansionary Vs. Contractionary Fiscal PolicyAccounting for M&A Consolidation Using Equity MethodLimitations of Monetary PolicyFormats of Income StatementsPredictive Modelling: Comparing Model ResultsDefine Custom Functions in RIntroduction to PythonMajor Types of Return MeasuresDegree of Financial LeverageFeatures of Effective Central BanksRicardian EquivalenceWhat is Initial Public Offering (IPO)?Binomial Interest Rate Options PricingCash Flow Statements - Direct and Indirect MethodFuture Value and Present Value of Ordinary AnnuityShifts in Demand and Supply CurvesCFA Institute Professional Conduct ProgramMinority Active Investments and the Equity Method for Financial ReportingConfidence Interval EstimatesEnterprise Value Multiples in Equity ValuationStandard IV – Duties to EmployersStandard I (B) Professionalism - Independence and ObjectivityStandard III (C) - SuitabilityStandard III (A) - Loyalty, Prudence, and CareStandard IV (C) - Responsibilities of SupervisorsStandard V (B) - Communication with Clients and Prospective ClientsStandard V (A) - Diligence and Reasonable BasisMoving Exchange Rates and Equity MarketsUnconditional and Conditional ProbabilitiesBanking: Multiplier Effect and the Money SupplyPerspectives on Liquidity Stress Testing (Iceland Example)Central Limit TheoremTest Statistic, Type I and type II Errors, and Significance LevelExpense RecognitionLogical Operators in RRelational Operators in RImporting Data from External Data Sources in RIncome Elasticity of DemandDiluted EPSCross Price Elasticity of DemandThe Production FunctionAuditing of Financial StatementsCallable Bonds and the Mortgage Prepayment OptionCommon Size Income StatementPerformance Measures of a CompanyComprehensive IncomeUtilities, Endowments, and EquilibriumBarron's Criticism, Determinants of Investment ReturnJoint Venture InvestmentsChanging Themes (Look and Feel) in ggplot2 in RVarious Definitions of EarningsForex Trading: Reading FX QuotesParameter EstimationeBook - Risk Management EssentialsLatin America: Growth and value for investors, but dilemmas persistBaye’s TheoremMeltdown – After the Fall (Part 4/4)Valuation of Preferred StocksOption Greeks: DeltaArbitrage Pricing Theory (APT)Option Greeks: VegaOverview of Private EquityGet Foreign Exchange Rates in ExcelWill India be the first BRIC to lose investment grade?Is global growth gaining momentum?Option Strategies: Covered PutA Comparative Assessment of Basel II/III and Solvency IIDepreciation – Important PointsImpact of Asset ImpairmentWeighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)Leverage, Business Risk, and Financial RiskBreakeven AnalysisFunctions of Financial SystemClassification of Financial MarketsObjectives of Market RegulationClassification of Assets in Financial MarketsBasics of Bond FundsClass A and Class B Common StockAn Overview of Trading SecuritiesWhy do you need an attorney during loan modification?Investing in Non-domestic Equity SecuritiesIntroduction to AuditingCost of Equity and Rate of ReturnAggregate Demand CurveFactors Affecting the Sensitivity of a Company to Business CycleTriple Crisis in IcelandHow Icelandic Banks Underplayed their True Riskiness?Company AnalysisWhy Stock Prices MoveRole of Debt CovenantsScope of GIPS StandardsStockholders' EquityTop 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Trust DeedHow to Calculate Annualized ReturnsStandard Error of the Sample MeanInterest Rate EquationHow can Risk Management Fail?Finance Degrees Employers Want in 2012GDP, National Income, and Personal IncomeHow Resolvly Helps With Unsecured LoansCredit Exposure Profiles of Bonds and LoansMitigation of Market Risk in Fund ManagementA Brief Introduction to Islamic FinanceCFA: Career OpportunitiesHow Icelandic Banks Funded their Risky Business Models3 Signs That You Need a Calgary AccountantRatios to Assess Stock Value for BeginnersBudgeting Tips for FreelancersFactors That Drive Electricity PriceCase Study: Taisei Marine and Fire InsuranceDodd-Frank Act - Title VIII: Payment, Clearing, and Settlement SupervisionWhat Are Unsecured Loans and What are the Benefits?Financial Calculators for Certification ExamsIs the CFA Program compatible with emerging countries?Why Markets Go Up If Economic Indicators Go DownThings to Consider When Choosing a New HomeWhere Corporate Risk Management MattersHow to Improve Your Personal Finance if InjuredU, V, W, L, the letters of US economyCharacteristics of Well-functioning Financial SystemSovereign Debt RatingsImpact of External Factors on Industry Growth, Risk and ProfitabilityAsset-based Valuation ModelsMonetary policy in a downturn: Are financial crises special?Book: The Big Short – An Account of Housing and Credit BubbleHandbook on Securities StatisticsLecture 10 - Real Estate FinanceSave Your Finances When Renewing InsuranceThe Accounting Trick That Fooled Polly Peck's InvestorsDeficit and Debt Ceiling CrisisMeasuring Operational Risk from Loss Data4 Jobs for the Mathmatically-Minded Individual with an Accounting DegreeThe Pros And Cons Of Structured CDsPension Expense (both GAAP & IFRS) for the Income StatementHow to Become a Data Scientist – Part 2Five Common Mistaken Beliefs about Debt ReliefSome Misconceptions about Debt ConsolidationBest CRM For BanksWill Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 impact two-wheeler insurance? Here’s what you need to knowHow Commodity Investments Can Help a PortfolioThe Hidden Costs of White Label Binary Options BrokersCFD Trading Tips: Professionals Come After YouAre You Ready To Retire?Buyer's Markets vs. Seller's Markets5 Things To Consider When Applying For A Small Payday Loan6 reasons why you should plan your own funeralStop Stressing About Debt And Get Out Of It ASAP Using These TipsSave Money Today to Relish Benefits in Future4 Helpful Tips You Need for Writing a Financial ProposalExploring Open Interest for Futures Contracts with RSocial media reporting - it is not as difficult as you thinkDesigning A Trading Strategy For ProfitRisk Management of a Trading StrategyGraphic Systems in RTelefonica Stocks: Opportunity?Chase Manhattan and their involvement with Drysdale Securities15 Random Tips For Those Living Alone For the First TimeThe Global Derivatives Study: Group of Thirty Best PracticesCredit Protection: Risk or Return, What Matters More?Operational Risk Losses in PracticeViewing the Financial Crisis from 20,000 Feet UpTop 5 Money Saving Tips for Buying Car InsuranceType I and Type II ErrorsTreasury Inflation-Indexed SecuritiesANOVA Table in RegressionMapping Equity PositionsAsset-Backed Securities (Installment Loans)FT’s Must Watch Movie: Client 9Valuation Lecture 2: Valuation Approaches and DCFProblems with Financial LeveragingStudent’s t DistributionHow NYSE Manipulated Access to Market DataCorporate Finance Lecture 7: Estimating RiskMarket Risk Management in Fund ManagementTimes really have changed for Egypt's banks!What is Information Ratio?Valuation Lecture 5: Implied Equity Risk Premiums and Estimating BetaBasel III is simpler and strongerRegulatory Reforms - Can we make bankers more like pilots?That pre-paid feelingSecurity Analysis: Important Lessons about Earnings Per ShareWhy Invest in Commodities?Covering family financesInsurance, the Archetypal Risk Management InstitutionPortfolio Diversification and Supporting Financial InstitutionsLecture 8 - Theory of Debt, Its Proper Role, Leverage CyclesLecture 11 - Behavioral FinanceLecture 12 - Misbehavior, Crises, Regulation and Self RegulationLecture 15 - Forward and Futures MarketsLecture 16 - Banking and Regulations in China with Laura ChaLecture 20 - Professional Money Managers and Their InfluenceLecture 21 - Exchanges, Brokers, Dealers, ClearinghousesBanking: How Banks Give Out Loans?An Overview of Behavioral FinanceSave Money for Care Home Fees in 4 Easy StepsAn Overview of Efficient MarketsMutual Funds and Exchange Traded FundsTrade Execution SystemsPrioritizing Counterparty Risk Management - Lessons from MF GlobalGobank: A New Bank Without Branches, Just an AppIntroduction to Reserve RatiosObservations and Developments in Risk Appetite Frameworks and IT Infrastructure Key Accounting ConceptsMutual Funds: A Beginner’s GuideWhat are Medium-term NotesPredict Stock Trends Using MACDHow to Make a Million Dollars an HourNine Facts about Working on Wall StreetSetting Financial Goals: Back to the FutureSecurities ExamsWhat is CIBIL, Credit Score and Why You Should Care?Price Yield Relationship for BondsContango and Backwardation in Commodity MarketsExchange-Traded Funds, Market Structure and the Flash CrashWhy take Excel Training?Constructing a Real Estate Price Index: The Moroccan ExperienceEvent Risk and Sovereign Risk in BondsBanking: Multiplier Effect and the Money SupplyHow Poor Quality Data Impacts BusinessesCreating Data Quality Scorecard: Motivation and MechanicsConstructing Binomial Tree to Describe Stock Price MovementSubstitution and Income EffectsExcel: How to Sort Data Using a Custom Sort OrderWhat are Corporate BondsForex Trading for Beginners – A GuideWhat does gold mean in the 21st century economy?Preference Shares - Meaning, Types and FeaturesMoney Market YieldHow to find lost superThe Accounting EquationChanges to the PRM ExamHolding Period Return (Total Return)Internal Rate of ReturnNet Present ValueYield Measures for Money Market InstrumentsMoney-weighted ReturnsTime-weighted ReturnsInventory - IntroductionOverview of Income Tax in IndiaBest Sector for Long-term InvestmentInventory Accounting Analysis and Inflation/DeflationEverything You Need to Know About Car Title LoansManage your Personal Finances and Reduce Debt Effectively Using these TipsAmortization of Intangible AssetsDeferred Tax Liabilities and AssetsDisclosures for Deferred Tax ItemsIT Accounting under IFRS and US GAAPLeasing Vs. Purchasing AssetsCapital Leases and Operating LeasesLessor Accounting for LeasesCredit RatingsDefined Benefits Plans vs. Defined Contribution PlansDefined Benefit Plans & the Company Balance SheetFinancial Time Series in R - Course ConclusionMultifactor ModelsThe Importance of Financial Planning for a Toronto ResidentHow can freelancers and sole traders save money on IT?How Blockchain Technology WorksChoosing the Right KPIs for your Business DashboardsWhat does a public accountant do?How to Keep International Money Transfer Fees and Exchange Rate Differentials below $1,000?VISA/MasterCard accepted: Where to buy Bitcoin with a credit card?Now is the time to invest in platinumDiscovering Why you have not become Wealthy: YetBook Review: Damodaran on Valuation: Security Analysis for Investment and Corporate FinanceInvestment Course: Timeless Principles for Building Wealth - Book reviewHow Life Insurance Helps In Managing Financial Risks?How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Made when Purchasing a Used VehicleMyth Buster: Why is it important to have a term insurance when you are single?How to File Tax Return for Small Business with GSTFinancial Modeling and Valuation: A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity - Book ReviewGlobal InterGold Offers Tips for Protecting Wealth from Economic UncertaintyVisual Guide to Chart Patterns - Book ReviewAccounting Skills for Managers (Kindle eBook)How to Manage Your 401(k)Diversify your forex trading with exotic currency pairsIntermediate Accounting - Book ReviewDebunking 5 Myths About ULIP Plans4 Different Ways to Easily Add Years to Your Nest EggAll About Bonds, Bond Mutual Funds, and Bond ETFs - Book ReviewHow to choose a health insurance in India?What Makes Product Liability Insurance A Profitable Pick?Financial Accounting in an Economic ContextWiley Series 7 Exam Review 2015 + Test Bank: The General Securities Representative ExaminationLife Insurance For Every Stage of LifeInside Job - Movie ReviewWhat Is the Best Approach Toward A Refinance Mortgage Loan?How to Help Your Elderly Parents with FinancesPCI Compliance - What It Is and Why You Should Be Concerned About ItToo Big to Fail: Movie ReviewCFA Confidential: What It Really Takes to Become a Chartered Financial AnalystHow to Stay Safe Around a TrenchTen Great Ways To Effectively Manage Your FinancesThe PRMIA Credit and Counterparty Risk Manager CertificateFederal Fund RatesWill Finance Professionals Be Replaced By Technology In The Finance Industry? Not Yet.Why Are Payday Loans So ControversialHistorically Low Interest Rates: Causes and ExplanationWhat is Real Interest RateWays You Can Cut Down Your Medical Expenses In 20175 Strategies for Growing Your BusinessWhat You Need to Know About Reverse Mortgages6 Financial Assets for the Wise Millennial5 Common Payroll Problems and How to Manage ThemWhat You Need to Know About Balance Transfer Credit Cards Before You Get OneCommon Areas Overlooked by Forex TradersThe End of Tax Freedoms for Pensioners: What Does the Autumn Statement Mean for Those Approaching retirement?Installment Loans: Tips to Understanding the Loan AgreementWhat You Need to Know About Bad Loans and Your Credit ScoreRobo Advisors: The Changing Face of Financial AdvisorsThe best calculators on the market – Get the best help for managing your financesWhy Finance is Reconsidering Trade and Transport InvestmentsShare Trading Can be Volatile and LucrativeHow Banks Meet Customer ExpectationsWhat Will Greece’s Return Mean for the Financial Markets?Planning To Invest In Gold? 10 Facts You Should KnowHow to Stay on Top of Your Family’s FinancesPTS TrainersHow to Make Profits in the Car Rental Business5 Ways You Make Yourself Vulnerable to HackersBritish Pound Exchange Rate Forecast Post BrexitCredit card processing and how it affects the finance of a businessThese 7 Business Expenses Are More Negotiable Than You ThinkApplications of Data Science in BankingGuidelines on Choosing the Right Credit Card ProcessorWhat is Cryptocurrency and How to Use ItBitcoin or Ethereum: Which is the Better Buy?Nobel Prize in Economics 2017 - Richard H. Thaler5 Ideas for Reducing Company Debt5 reasons Why a Loan Could Benefit Your BusinessShould You Invest in Amazon Stock?888 Holdings and its stock in 2017The slippery slopes of debt consolidation that you’re best off avoidingWhat Drove Amazon Stock Higher in 2017?Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer and an Owner/Operator of a Semi TruckWhat You Need to Know About IVAsBest Banks for Each type of AccountThe Importance of Customer Retention in Business GrowthHow to Manage Your Money in College5 Secrets That Bitcoin Experts Don't Tell You AboutMastering three amazing technique in Forex marketWhat Small Business Owners Should Ask A Bankruptcy AttorneyWhich Cryptocurrency Is Best for Beginners?5 Tools that Will Help You Scale Your TeamWhat You Need to Know About Credit ReportsDo You Understand What an IVA Is?The Impact of Brexit on the HR SectorExploring Time Series Data in RTime Series Models5 Tips on How to Become Eligible in Applying For a LoanCharacteristics of Time SeriesFinancial Time Series DataSupport Vector Machine Algorithm ExplainedHow to Take Care of Your Employees5 Ways to Budget to Buy Your Dream HouseWhen Is The Right Time For A Car Loan?Neural Networks OverviewRandom Forest Algorithm in PythonVisualization in Data ScienceMultivariate Linear Regression in Python with scikit-learn LibraryK-Fold Cross Validation Example Using Python scikit-learnCross Validation to Avoid Overfitting in Machine LearningUnsupervised Learning ModelsLecture 1: Macroeconomics Vs. Microeconomics, and Economic ModellingCreating a Line Chart in RSovereign Creditworthiness and Financial Stability: An International PerspectiveEffective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk ReportingRevised Core Principles for Effective Banking SupervisionManaging Risks Associated with Settlement of Foreign Exchange TransactionsHow Not to Fail CFA Level II ExamDerecognition of DebtWhat is CrowdfundingBooks on Microeconomics: A Reading ListHow Interest Rate Swaps Work?Option Greeks: ThetaSharpe Ratio as Performance BenchmarkCollateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Synthetic CDOsOptions, Futures, and Other Derivatives (9th Edition) - Book ReviewProbability of Atleast One of the Events OccuringStandard Error of Estimate (SEE)Quote-driven Dealers MarketGoing Concern IFRS Vs. GAAPShort-term Savings: Where To Park ThemFree eBook - Ten Steps to Financial SuccessReview of Options ContractsFractional Reserve Banking SystemSix Components of the Code of EthicsCFA Exam: My Experience and Some TipsTypes of Option StrategiesComparison Operators in PythonWhile Loop in PythonConditional Statements in Pythonndarray - Methods and Data TypeHow to loop over python dictionaries and Numpy arraysFor Loop in PythonPython NumPy - Numerical Operations on ArraysEnd-user Vs. Dealers in a Forward ContractPassive Income Tips for You to Build in 2022Accessing Built-in Datasets in RForward Contracts – Settlement/Default Risk (T-bill Example)How to Study for PRMIA Mathematics SectionAll About PRM Exam IIIAcquisition Method to Account for Controlling Interest InvestmentsShort Term Investment StrategiesBenefits and Costs of International TradeHow to Get Historical Exchange Rates?Official Measures of Money: M1 and M2Black-Scholes-Merton Model and the GreeksCarry Markets and Forward PricesFactors Affecting Recovery RatesEnhanced Indexing Strategy - Primary RisksTools of Fiscal PolicyFull Blown Active ManagementEnhanced Indexing Strategy - Small RisksConditional Expected ValuesWhat is Binomial Distribution (With Formula)?CFA Level II Ethics – Exam Thinking and RecommendationsSecurities Market Line (SML)Fiscal Multiplier and Balanced Budget MultiplierCollateralized Mortgage Obligations and Prepayment RiskAccrued Interest, Clean Price, and Dirty PriceControlling Interest Investments: Accounting for Business CombinationsBackward Induction and Optimal Stopping TimesLIFO – Tax and Cash Flow NoteThe Productivity CurveBankgesellschaft Berlin Case Study – Credit Risk and Operational RiskMultiple Linear RegressionOverview of Structured NotesCareer Prospects for Energy Risk Professionals (ERP)Extreme Value TheoryBias Variance Trade OffCFA Level 2: Derivatives Part 1 – IntroductionLinear Combinations of Random VariablesCredit Risk Documentation (Specific to Credit Derivatives)Depreciation Methods for Property, Plant, and Equipment (PPE)Financial Modeling: Implement Financial Models in Excel - Book ReviewPooling of Interests Method to Account for Controlling Interest InvestmentsStandard VII - Responsibilities of a CFA Institute Member or CFA CandidateThe Capital Budgeting ProcessOverview of Currency MarketsHow to Calculate Discounted Payback PeriodModel Selection in Machine LearningImpact of Depreciation MethodEffects of Leases on Selected Financial Reporting Items for LesseesCalculation of Diluted EPS (Convertible Debt)Bad Debt Expense and Warranty Expense RecognitionDefined Benefits Plans vs. Defined Contribution PlansTranslation Methods and Financial Statement EffectsCapital Projects and Real OptionsFederal Funds: Pricing and RisksEquivalent Annual Annuity (EAA) ApproachCFA Level 2: Corporate Finance 2 – IntroductionAsset Side of the Balance Sheet3 Reasons Why Investing in New Office Equipment Will Help Your BusinessPresent Value of Growth Opportunities (PVGO)Price to Book (P/B) Value Ratio and Equity ValuationPrice to Sales (P/S) RatioAmortization Expense RecognitionBook Review: Applied Corporate Finance by Aswath DamodaranReal Estate Valuation: NPV & IRR AnalysisInvestment Clients for Portfolio ManagersPrinciples of Credit AnalysisKey Features of GIPS StandardsBenchmark Yield SpreadsCross Rates and Different Base CurrenciesLessors and Direct Financing Capital LeasesMortgage Cash Flow CharacteristicsOverview of Asset Backed Securities (ABS)Bernoulli and Binomial DistributionPricing Stock Index FuturesStudent’s t DistributionEquity Forward ContractsCreating and Using Vectors in RCAPM & the SMLLists in PythonPut-Call Parity for Options on ForwardsCall Option Price FormulaIntroduction to SwapsUses and Limitations of Economic IndicatorsFormula to Check if a Cell Contains #N/AMarkowitz, MPT, and Market EfficiencyChanges in Real Exchange RatesDepreciation Expense RecognitionFacets for ggplot2 Charts in R (Faceting Layer)How to Forecast Volatility Using GARCH (1,1)What is NASDAQ and how it operates?Cheat Sheet - Accounting for Common Business TransactionsInternational Trade Payments – TradeCardSetting Up a Working Directory in RSources of Return from Commodity InvestmentsWhat are Volatility Swaps?Annuities with Different Compounding FrequenciesHow to Calculate Yield to Call of a BondHow Money Moves - InfographicIncome StatementCost of Capital in Emerging MarketsHow Known Risks can be Mismeasured?Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)Disclosures for Capital and Operating LeaseCompute Bond Price with Zero (Spot) Rate Curve Using TI BAII+Northern Rock: A Case in Low Frequency High Impact EventUncovered and Covered Interest Rate Parity RelationshipMinority Investments (Minority Interest)Dodd-Frank Act - Title VI: Improvements to Regulation of Bank and Savings Association Holding Companies and Depository InstitutionsCredit Modelling: Training and Test Data SetsFibonacci Sequence and the Forex MarketUnderstanding Initial Public Offering with an ExampleShortcomings of Risk ModelsFour Methods of Distributing Government SecuritiesCalculating Price and Yield of a Bond Using Zero CurveClassification of Bond Indexing StrategiesTypes of AuctionsStandard VI – Conflicts of InterestFailure to Account for Known and Unknown RisksHome Equity Loans (HEL) Backed SecuritiesUnderstanding Spot FX TransactionsSample Questions for ERP ExamManagement Motivations for Financial Statement ManipulationDay Count ConventionsMapping Zero-coupon Bonds to Risk FactorsLIFA: An Alternative Financial Analyst CertificationHow Options on Interest Rate Futures Work?Venture Capital and Leveraged Buyout ValuationImpact of Share Repurchases on Financial RatiosThe Different Forms of Real Estate InvestmentsMutually Exclusive Capital Projects with Unequal LivesHerfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI)Standard II (B) - 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