Passive Income Tips for You to Build in 2022

Let's admit it, you could use some extra cash right now. And these 7 passive income tips for you to build in 2022 will help you make a solid income stream.

Whether you have a 9-to-5 job or run a side hustle, you can always start a stream of passive income. A passive income makes you more financially secure, even tiding you over in case you become unemployed or encounter emergencies. Better yet, passive income streams usually require little effort from you, giving you more freedom and flexibility.

Consider these 7 passive income tips for you to build in 2022:

Rent Out Household Items

Take a closer look at your garage. Are there useful things that you rarely use and could rent out? These may include lawnmowers, tool boxes, power tools, coolers, mechanic tools, and tents, just to mention a few. 

Look out for opportunities to rent out these high-value items in your garage. For example, if an event is being held in your town or neighborhood, offer to rent your tents at a discounted price. When you constantly look for where the demand is, you will have more opportunities to rent these items and make more passive income.

Create a Course

If you are an expert in a particular field of work, consider creating a course on the subject. You can either create audio or a video course. Then, distribute your course on sites and platforms, such as Coursera, Udemy, or SkillShare.

While creating an entire course might take time, it provides you with a steady source of passive income. The more you sell your course, the more passive income you will make. Alternatively, create a "freemium model" course that provides limited free content, charging users for access to more detailed information.

Invest in REITs

Like dividend stocks, you can buy REIT stocks from the respective companies. These companies usually pay out profits to shareholders as dividends. And using the best website for stock analysis, you can find good REITs that increase their dividend rates annually, ensuring that you have a constantly growing stream of passive income.

Engage in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product by linking it to your social media accounts or websites. When a customer clicks on the link and buys the product, you earn a commission from the site's owner (usually ranging from 3-7%).

To gain more income from affiliate marketing, strive to grow your site's traffic. Also, link the third party's products on different platforms, such as on your blog, website, and even social media accounts. The more people you can get to click on the links, the more passive income you can generate.

Advertise on Your Car

Did you know that your car can earn you passive income? Contact different advertisement agencies, then use your car to market their services or products. For example, you can stick posters on your car or even brand it, then simply drive around town. 

This should be an excellent opportunity for you to make passive income if you are an experienced driver with a clean driving record. Most advertising agencies usually look for such drivers, even paying them hundreds of dollars per month for the advertising services.

Sell Photography Online

Different platforms allow you to sell your photos online, such as Alamy, Getty Images, and Shutterstock. Simply create an account with one or more of these platforms. Once approved, license all your photos so those who download them can use them. Then, whenever someone uses your photo, you get paid a good commission for these.

To beat the stiff competition of other online photographers, make sure that your photos stand out. Your photos should appeal to your target audience or perfectly capture real events so that news platforms will fight to get hold of them.

Buy Dividend Stocks

Investing in dividend stocks ensures that you earn a regular passive income. Most companies pay out dividends, as determined by the overall profits gained quarterly. So the more you own dividends, stocks, and shares, the greater the cash profits. 

However, since not all dividend stocks can earn you significant profits, use stock analysis to determine which stocks are worth investing in.


Indeed, there are numerous passive income streams you can start today. And the good thing is that you do not need a lot of money or effort to start these; some do not require any money at all to start. So choose the passive income tip that appeals to you, and start making more money today!