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Finance Train members provides you access to a variety of resources and tools to become expert at data analysis and data science and advance their career.

Expert Learning Content

Dive into meticulously crafted modules covering crucial topics like R, Python, machine learning, and data analysis, tailored for the business and finance sector. Our curriculum is designed to make you job-ready, aligning with industry demands.

Hands-on Project Experience

Get your hands dirty with real-world projects that simulate challenges faced in the business and finance domain. These projects not only solidify your understanding but also make your portfolio stand out to potential employers.

Resource Rich Platform

Access a plethora of resources including tutorials, books, templates, and industry-relevant case studies. Our platform is a reservoir of knowledge ensuring you stay updated.

Code Samples & Templates

Access a comprehensive library of code samples, templates, and ready-to-use scripts tailored for data analysis and data science tasks. These resources save you time and effort, allowing you to quickly implement best practices and solutions in your projects.

Career Guides

We're creating the most comprehensive career guides for data professionals. Get resume assistance, interview tips, role-specific practice interview questions, and more to excel in your career.

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With a one-time payment, you secure lifetime access, encompassing all current and future content we add. This means you'll always stay up-to-date with the latest industry knowledge and advancements as our platform evolves.


Resources You Will Get

The best way to get good at data science is practice. We provide you a plenty of resources that will help you do just that.
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    Extensive collection of e-books covering a range of topics from basic programming to advanced data analysis techniques in business and finance.

  • 2

    Online Lessons

    Interactive online lessons designed to build foundational knowledge and advanced skills in data science and its applications in business and finance.

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    Downloadable Templates

    Ready-to-use templates for data analysis, visualization, and machine learning projects to jumpstart your practical experience.

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    Code Snippets and Libraries

    A repository of code snippets and libraries to aid in the development and implementation of data projects.

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    Access to a variety of datasets curated for business and financial analysis to help build and test your models.

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    Project Workbooks

    Comprehensive workbooks to guide you through projects, helping you apply what you've learned in real-world scenarios.

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    Cheat Sheets

    Handy reference guides and cheat sheets for quick reference on syntax, functions, and other technical details of programming languages and tools.

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    Career Resources

    Career resources for resume building and interview success in data science and analytics.

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