Finance Train Products

eBooks and Templates for Data Science, Risk and Finance.
Course ImageGetting Started with R Programming

Learn the fundamentals of R programming language and how to start using it for finance.​

Course ImageR Programming - Data Science for Finance Bundle

Learn the fundamentals of R and its application in finance with this bundle of 6 books.​

Course ImageMachine Learning in Finance using Python

Unlock the Power of Machine Learning in Finance with Our Ebook!​

Course ImageCredit Risk Modeling with R

Learn to model credit risk using statistical models such as logistic regression and decision trees w...

Course ImageQuantitative Trading Strategies with R

A step-by-step approach to building solid quantitative trading strategies using R​

Course ImageFinancial Time Series Analysis with R

Learn the fundamentals of analyzing a financial time series in R​

Course ImageOptions Trading - Excel Spreadsheets Bundle

Excel spreadsheets containing calculators related to option pricing, option greeks, and option tradi...

Course ImageDerivatives Modeling with R

A practical guide to analyzing derivatives instruments such as Futures Contracts and Options with R ...

Course ImageValue at Risk - Excel Spreadsheets Bundle

This bundle contains spreadsheets to help calculate value-at-risk in excel.​

Course ImageData Visualization with R

Learn how to create beautiful data visualizations in R using Base R graphics and ggplot2​

Course ImagePython for Data Science

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming essential for data science​