CFD Trading Tips: Professionals Come After You

This is the place where you come if you want to build a solid foundation that can be used for CFD commodities, shares and index trading. Or better, let’s just say for any global market. It doesn’t really matter if you want to find some tips to apply to a live account or a demo account. This is the place where you should be.

And now that we welcomed you here: what is CFD Trading?

CFD stands for Contracts for Difference, and it shows the ability to speculate – buy or sell – on the fall or rise of the financial products. With the help of CFD trading, you are able to trade Indices and Commodities, Forex, and, of course, CFDs.

There are many CFD brokers that will give you access to more than 10,000 trading instruments from around the world.

Here are our tips:


PPC stands for Preserve Precious Capital. This idea was taken from a book by Marcel Link, which is called “High Probability Trading.” In this book, he said that you need to forget about the fact that you’re doing this to make money – you need to do anything you cannot lose any.

And we’re saying that it’s true – what’s the point of all of this if you lose all your money?

Make sure you have an edge

You will need a positive expectancy trading system or even an edge in the markets to survive this. Professionals around the globe are all in to take your money away from you. You need discipline, confidence and diligence when it comes to your edge in markets. This way, you’ll also improve your financial situation.

You need to control your CFD leverage

If things run smoothly, the CFD leverage will be powerful. It will also be easier to increase the size of the positions on your way high. But it’s not the case to forget about the loss. You need to take into account every risk that you get involved with for each CFD position that you take.

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What you should do is to start small with the leverage and then keep your total exposure low in comparison with your capital base. Try to trade from zero leverage until you get to 3 times your account size.

Use the CFD stops thoroughly

You don’t need to analyze all the losses. Each trade you enter should have an exact and defined CFD stop that’s assigned to it. To make things even better, you can identify your stops outside of the live trading that has prices that keep moving. They will help in minimizing your loss, thing that helps you with preserving the capital. Hope is good, but it won’t help. Stick to your CFD stop.

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