Commodity Markets - Types of Commodities

Typically, there are different types of commodities which are popularly acceptable as tradable with a time value across the global markets.

Base Metals

Base metals, extracted out of earth include the non ferrous metals like zinc, copper, aluminum and few other metals which have a high demand in futures markets in commodity markets. The major global markets, which are known to determine the value of such futures include the London Metal Exchange (LME), where all metals-ferrous and non ferrous are tradable. Apart from same, there are other international commodity markets like Chicago Board of Trade (CBT), or Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in US where such products are traded for future value on a daily basis.

Precious Metals

Apart from base metals, precious metals like gold, silver, palladium and few others are also popularly traded on CME, in options and calls, apart from future lots with an expiry date. In India, typically all the commodities have common platforms to trade on and include NCDEX and MCX.

Other Commodities

Apart from non ferrous metals and precious metals, the other types of commodities which are popularly traded across the world include crude oil, gasoline and natural gas, whose supply always remains restricted compared to forecasted demand, and the agri-products like corn, soya bean, guar seeds, palm oil, chana, sugar and many more agri-products except onions.

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