PTS Trainers

Being a personal trainer isn’t easy work. Aside from dealing with your patients and keeping your practice going, money management is also a problematic issue to keep track of especially if you have a lot of cliental. If you are looking for a way to keep your money together and get your payments in an easy way look into MoonClerk’s personal trainer software for billing. PTS trainers is an online money management system that allows your clients to pay you through an easy to use software so you don’t have to have money on your mind.


The greatest thing about PTS software is that it is automated. This means you no longer have to keep charge of how many clients you have seen or remember to get money from each of them as it charges your clients cards on a regular basis. If one of them makes an unexpected stop in it is easy as pie to change the settings to add one more payment. All in all, it’s easy to use to manage your clients and makes being a personal trainer simpler than you ever imagined it could be.

Quick and Easy

PTS for trainers is quick and easy. Usually, taking money from your clients over and over or struggling with getting repeated card numbers can take up time and is something neither you nor your patients want. However, if you use this software, you can start having this information saved in order to save you the effort of struggling with the process multiple times. When you have this software there is no need to take money over and over or get card numbers or checks.

Simple to Sign Up For

If you are worried about the time or effort it will take to get connected with this software, worry no more! PTS is a virtually painless software to sign up for and get your practice connected to in literally no time at all. You don’t need to worry about issues or headaches that would come along with getting this software to work for you. The software is tailored to explain everything for you so you can understand quickly and efficiently with little to no stress so you can start getting automatic payments from your customers as soon as possible.


You can get connected with your client’s phones in order to star the payment process which makes for an easy to use system. With everything mobile, it is ready at your fingertips to use so you never have to worry about your time being taken up.

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