5 Things You Didn’t Know About Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)

If you are one of the enthusiastic learners who wants to be well-aware of realistic debt solutions, then you have landed here correctly. Read the article and get to know about interesting DAS related facts.

#1: It Is a Debt Scheme and Not a Payment Plan

You must have a clear head that DAS is a name used for statutory scheme rather than a payment plan. It is owned and run by the Scottish Government. If you are looking for an effective payment programme, then don't worry. DAS also covers a debt payment programme under its scheme with the name of “DPP.” The payment strategies are covered under the DPP and allow you to repay all of your outstanding debts within a realistic period. Oddly, DPP is a scheme name that attempts to deal with public consciousness, rather than providing the actual debt solutions to its users.

#2: Interest, Fees, Penalties, or Charges on Your Debts Are Frozen

It is must to know that all the charges and interest on your debts are always frozen. If you opt for DPP through a DAS and do your payments after every week or month, your creditors or lenders will have to freeze the borrowing cost or charges they normally add to your debt account. On the day when your Debt Arrangement Scheme gets approved, all the extra charges will be frozen from that date. This means you can lower down the amount of your total debts in no time.

#3: You Can Get a Payment Break

Under Debt Arrangement Scheme, you are allowed to take any payment break. For the bad times, when your life has attempted to take a dramatic turn, you notice that your monthly revenues have reduced by more than fifty percent, and you are unable to meet your monthly expenses on time. At this point, you look for a break from your debts. You desire to stop making DPP payments for the next six months. You may have to face bad situations in life when you have suddenly lost your job, you have taken a paternity leave, you have to pay heavy tuition fees, or you have split up from your spouse. Under such circumstances, you can manage your payments with the help of reliable service providers. Always get in touch with them to arrange a payment break.

#4: DPP Is a Flexible Programme

You probably understand that things change because of external and internal factors, and you may be delighted to hear that your DPP is not fixed. It’s a flexible programme that changes with time and outside environment. You don’t have to worry about what is going at an international level, at economic levels, and within the financial markets, you only have to evaluate how it attempts to impact your DAS and DPP. For instance, if your current situations get to change, and you have to change the amount you pay every month, all you have to discuss this with your financial advisor. He can offer you the appropriate changes to ease the programme for you. He will suggest some ways to pay a reasonable amount at suitable time to efficiently carry your DPP.

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