Data Science for Finance Professionals

Finance Train is pleased to launch its new series of online courses on Data Science for Finance Professionals.

As a data scientist, you are expected to ask the right questions to get the right insights from the data, manipulate data sets, work with a variety of tools, and create visualizations to communicate the results of your findings. The course covers all of this. You will learn about R programming, python, data analysis, visualization and other technologies with our catalog of courses and an awesome community of finance professionals in the data science field.

The demand for data-savvy professionals has been growing rapidly. however, the supply of professionals is limited which is reflected by the rising salaries for data scientists, analysts, and statisticians.  According to an article in New York Times, "This hot new field promises to revolutionize industries from business to government, health care to academia". Data science is making a major impact in the finance industry as financial organizations hire financial data scientists customer intelligence, risk management, trading algorithms and more.

New courses are added every month to help you keep yourself up-to-date with the latest in financial data science. The courses focus on teaching programming languages such as R and Python. Along with this it also includes courses covering concepts in quantitative methods and various finance topics. All the tutorial examples, data sets used, and projects are focused on application of data science in the finance field.

Our subscription gives you unlimited access to:

  • All the courses, tutorials, and other learning resources
  • New courses and tutorials added
  • Sample projects and code scripts to accelerate your work
  • Finanial modelling and analytics problems with complete solutions

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