Have You ever Heard of these High Paying Professions

Everyone dreams of retiring in comfort early on in life, but they mostly fail to do so because they haven’t charted the right plan. But when you know the secret behind retiring in luxury, you are sure to be surprised. You need to simply put your savings form the crux of the matter. When you save as much as you earn or more, you are sure to reach your goal quickly.

So how do you save more than you earn? When you look at what an average person earns, it is very negligible and barely sees to the routine needs an individual has. This applies to the so called professionals too. But some jobs are high paying than the rest and surprisingly meet the criteria for early retirement. Let us have a peek into a few of these dream jobs.

Ethical Hacker

To get qualified for this job, you need to be tech savvy and have a good eye to look for details, and also entertain a passionate approach. Even a beginner can earn up to $80,000. The job involves hacking into a computer system of a company and see how secure its security system is. Also termed as white hat or penetration tester job, it needs good analytical thinking to solve difficult problems and infer the observations properly. Flexible timings and travelling frequently are the drawbacks in this job.

Event Planner

This is one job that most people would not find taxing. The business world does a great deal of entertaining that includes hosting parties for prospective clients and holding events to further the business prospects. Networking is vital for businesses and also a key factor that influences their success in the industry. A successful event planner can do a great deal of organizing and managing such parties to boost the business prospects of an organization or company. A creative, detail oriented, and organizing person can flourish uninhibitedly in this profession.

Bingo Manager

With an average salary of $56,593, this is one job that does not need a graduate degree, but you need a minimum of five years’ experience. The job entails approving payouts and jackpots, handling customer issues and complaints, and maintaining the gaming regulations. Maintaining budgets and managing the staff also come under the responsibility of the manager. Though not of jackpot caliber, this is definitely a high payout.

Social Engineer

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