What is an Interim Manager and How Do You Become One?

If you believe yourself to be a talented individual with strong leadership skills and you like the idea of changing your place of work from time to time then you may want to consider becoming an interim manager. This is a business leader who is appointed manager on a short-term basis while the business finds a full-time candidate.

An Important Role

An interim manager is usually at the helm between 3 and 9 months and is often tasked with managing a business through a period of change or transformation which can bring about a range of challenges so a wide skillset is a must. This is usually following the departure of a senior figure when there is no one internally with the skills to step up.


A successful interim manager will be highly flexible, have excellent communication skills and be able to hit the ground running. You will also be willing to relocate and be happy with short-term work and periods of unemployment - while you may not always have work, you will benefit from a lucrative day rate as an interim manager. It is not for everyone, but for some people it is an exciting way of working which allows you to accomplish many things, work on different projects and work with a wide range of people.

How to Become an Interim Manager

So, how do you go about becoming an interim manager? It is, of course, important to have managerial experience with broad knowledge of various sectors. Certain qualifications can also strengthen your position. It is then a matter of marketing yourself by polishing your CV, creating an online presence and advertising your availability. One of the best ways to do this is to find a reputable agency that specializes in interim managers, such as Interim Partners. Companies like this can match the right interim professional to the right vacancy to ensure that it is a successful pairing and beneficial for both parties. This can also take the stress out of finding your own opportunities.


It is also helpful to network as much as possible in order to widen your professional circle and open up new opportunities. You can network by attending industry events and through online platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

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