Simple Ways to Make Money This Summer

The summer brings with it long, hot days and more events than you can shake a stick at. The problem, of course, is that it can also be a costly time of year. There’s no reason to miss out on everything the summer has to offer due to limited funds. Instead, get out there and make some extra money with these simple, cash-generating side gigs.

Mow Lawns

Keep things simple and make some extra money this summer by mowing lawns. This tedious chore is something that most people are willing to spend money to avoid. While they may not take it upon themselves to seek out someone to handle their yard work, most people will respond well when the opportunity comes knocking. Start by talking to your neighbors and work your way up.

Mowing lawns, while simple, is something that can generate a lot of spare cash quickly. You can offer a basic mowing service, or pair it with other offerings, such as weed whacking or pulling and other light landscaping tasks. Consider scaling up by posting flyers around the neighborhood.

Be a Designated Driver

Sign up for Lyft or Uber and become a designated driver for those in your area who are taking advantage of the summer weather by drinking with friends. Post your services on your social media channels, so local friends and family keep you in mind when they discover they’ve had a few too many. If you play your cards right, you can upsell and offer to take them back to collect their car the next day, should they need you.

Be sure to look at the insurance and regulatory requirements in your area before offering your services. In some places, it is illegal to publicly offer yourself as a designated driver for pay, due to insurance and liability legislation.

Wash Windows and Siding

Washing exterior windows are one of those low priority tasks that continually gets pushed to the bottom of the spring cleaning to-do list. Spend some time this summer canvassing the neighborhood with a latter, bucket, and squeegee to wash exterior windows for cash. If you have access to a power washer, you can upsell this feature and offer to clean siding as well.

This offering sells particularly well near the beginning and end of summer, either as a missed spring cleaning task or due to the accumulation of dust on windows from the summer weather. If you go through the neighborhood at the beginning of the season, make sure to note people who weren’t interested and loop back before fall hits.

Personal Assistant

Offer your services as a personal assistant. While the idea of having a full-time personal assistant might seem luxurious and frivolous to the average person, being able to source one part-time can be extremely helpful during the busier months. Create a list of tasks you are willing to complete, from chauffeuring, grocery shopping, house cleaning, and more. When you get a few clients, schedule your time accordingly and enjoy the rewards you earn.

Dog Walker

If you’re an animal lover and want to get outside more this summer, consider offering an affordable dog walking service. Post flyers at local parks and canvass the neighborhood. This is an especially great option for those with flexible work hours or who work night shifts, as they can take pets out while their owners are at work. This is also a great job for younger people who are saving up money for college or university in the fall. Remember to limit your available spaces until you see how many dogs you can comfortably handle at a time. Also, be mindful of conflicting canine personalities.

The best way to make extra money this summer is by offering to do the work most people either don’t want to do or lack the time for. Be creative, work hard, and enjoy the extra income!

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