Importance of Conference Call Recording for a Business

Modern businesses are tasked with communicating in a quick and efficient way. When organizations have streamlined their communications platform, the direct result is an increase in productivity.

Conference calls have become the standard for allowing parties to dial into a single bridge line while simultaneously allowing collaboration and open communication.

While many businesses take bridge lines for granted, it wasn't that long ago those businesses directly dialed one another and asked that all interested parties speak into the speakerphone one-by-one in order to be heard.

This method was clumsy, cumbersome and unprofessional. With bridge lines, businesses have revolutionized the way they communicate and because of this, businesses have been provided with some very powerful features.

A perfect example of this is the free conference call recording features that are baked directly into many bridge line packages.

Let's take a closer look at how this powerful feature can be used as an advantage for your business.

The Ability to Review Conference Calls

It's not uncommon for a conference call to last several hours. Within these calls, key details on specific projects could be discussed. It is imperative that your business keeps track of these specific details so that the objective of the project is executed exactly as the client phrased it.

Details discussed on conference calls can sometimes be lost in translation. Because of this, businesses that have the power to go back and replay their conference calls gain an advantage over those that do not.

The net result is that your customers will be more satisfied with your company's work because your organization keyed in the most important details of the calls. Without having conference call recording features available, your company may not be able to perform its due diligence and execute projects just as the client had asked.

Holding Your Clients To Their Word

How many times have you been on a conference call and it seemed as if the project instructions were crystal clear. You engage your project managers and you execute the project to the exact specifications of the client.

A few days later, the client comes back and claims that the project was not performed to their original specifications.

In the business world, this is known as "Moving the goalposts" on a project. This can be an extremely frustrating thing to deal with because it is an unethical tactic that some clients will use in order to extract free labor out of your project managers and engineers.

If your company records all of its conference calls, you can replay the client's original requests and illustrate to them how their original requests are much different than their updated requests. As a result, you can bill your client for the new project milestones thus avoiding the "He said, she said" blame game.

The Ability to Peer Review Conference Calls

Perhaps you've performed a conference call with a potential client and you'd like to get more insight from a colleague or a manager on your performance. Perhaps after hearing a client requirement, you'd like to gain someone else's perspective on the client's requirements for this specific project.

Rather than scheduling a second conference call with the client, you can simply playback the free conference call recording to other parties within your organization in efforts to determine if additional resources are needed for the project.

This feature can also be helpful when coaching up new talent within your organization. The start and stop functionality will allow you to provide constructive feedback for your project managers as they continue to host conference calls with clients.

Conference Call Recording is Must-Have

Businesses that do not utilize conference call recording tools are at a distinct disadvantage to those that do. Even if you aren't regularly replaying your conference calls, it can be important to record all conference calls so that you can later refer back to them for whatever reason you feel necessary.

Many bridge line packages do not include the feature to record your phone calls. If they do, they might bill this your company as an add-on feature. Others may ask that you shift the burden onto your business to record these phone calls and store them with encryption.

Finding a bridge line provider that gives you these functions out of the box will allow your company to seamlessly host conference calls without all of these extra costs. This proposition is a win-win for your organization's bottom line.

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