Harald Seiz: Visions and the future of money

Karatbars International GmbH founder and CEO Harald Seiz is a visionary who questions the future of the classic money currency and sees it as not future-proof. In his book "The Future of Money" he provides exciting insights into our financial system. But even the topic of security does not lose its importance and, if you look at classic crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Co., stands in contrast to the desire for flexibility and digitized money.

"This is where my idea comes onto the market and combines the modern crypto currency with the classic gold. Harald Seiz has made the sheer impossible possible and developed a crypto currency that reaches a whole new dimension in security with a physical equivalent in gold.

"Everyone should be able to afford gold" - a statement by Harald Seiz

Since time immemorial, precious metals such as gold have been an indication of wealth, a means of payment with a stable value that is recognised worldwide and independent of any country. "Even those who owned gold in the Middle Ages,

was capable of action and was able to turn his wishes into purchases." Harald Seiz believes that gold should be an investment for everyone and not a static quantity, but a flexible investment. This is where the crypto currency of Harald Seiz comes into play, which is traded on an ethereal basis and underpinned with real gold. Gold will continue to establish itself as a value investment and means of payment in the future and will become the focus of attention, as the classic financial market fluctuates and today's money currencies follow the course of things sooner or later. "Inflation has always existed," warns Harald Seiz. "Political influences, the market itself and global crises will inflationise and destabilise even today's currencies. The beginning is already done", Harald Seiz points out and considers the development of the euro since its introduction. Such an instability is not possible with gold, whereby financial freedom is secure and the individual's ability to act is guaranteed.

Through small denominations, the small investor with Karatgold Coins (KBC) has the same chance as an investor who wants to secure larger sums of money and in this respect decides in favour of crypto money with gold hedging. The fact is that cash will not only be abolished in the future, but will also be completely devalued beforehand and succumb to inflation. "The first signs are unmistakable and already perceptible in the present", warns Harald Seiz of the false security that the traditional financial market would like to suggest at the present time.

A stable financial system for more stability in the world

At the present time, the financial market is as volatile as the stock market, says Harald Seiz and views money in its current form with justified scepticism. Even the past has showed how unstable paper and coinage money is and how quickly it is affected by external influences and wars lose value. "This can happen any day now." With his concept of crypto money and gold value, Harald Seiz has ensured a start in the revolution of the financial market. "I am not only interested in ideas, but also in solutions that are practicable on the one hand and are accepted by society through their trustworthy aura on the other". Before the gold-supported crypto currency of Harald Seiz, there was only the choice between "either - or". Those who focused on security and invested in gold limited their financial freedom. Those who bet on Bitcoin and Co. primarily entered the digital financial market. Success lies in the middle, where people with different risk profiles recognize added value and their advantage.

"Financial stability promotes peace in the world. Therefore it is our goal to provide this basis and to make the solvency of mankind independent from politics." Harald Seiz also shares his expertise with interested parties in his already published books.

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