Accounting Skills for Managers (Kindle eBook)

In this book on Accounting Skills for Managers, you are about to learn one of the most important skills that you need to help you manage your business successfully. It teaches the essential accounting concepts that every business owner or manager needs to know.

As a business owner or manager, you need to understand the basics of finance and accounting. Even though you will not be directly involved in day to day accounting and record keeping, this information will help you understand your business better and help achieve the financial goals you have set for it. You will know where the money is coming from, and where it is going, which will help you make more efficient decisions. It will also reduce your dependency on others to make sense of the crucial financial information that you always need to keep a track of. Finally, you will become more confident while dealing with your accounting personnel and reduce the chances of any wastage of money, lacunae in processes, or accounting fraud within your business.

The objective of this ebook is to teach you how to speak the language of accounting. It will not train you to become an accountant, but it will provide you with enough knowledge in understanding how accounting is done within a business. This will complement your core business skills and other talents.

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