Changes to the PRM Exam

Effective January 1, 2014, PRMIA has made some significant changes to the way the PRM exams can be taken by students. These changes are summarized below:

Exam Dates

Earlier students could enrol and attempt the PRM exams at any time of the year. This on-demand option is not available anymore. The students considering undertaking the exam need to schedule and take the exam at pre-specified intervals. Exams are offered at fixed intervals throughout the year. For 2014, the scheduling and testing window dates are specified below:

Scheduling WindowTesting Window
January 1-March 14February 24-March 14
March 15 - June 13May 26-June 13
June 14-September 5August 18-September 5
September 6-December 19November 24-December 19

For example, if you wish to write the exam between February 24 and March 14, you need to schedule the exam between January 1 and March 14. This schedule is applicable for existing candidates and new candidates. The testing will continue to be available in more than 165 countries in nearly 5,000 locations.

The candidates need to pass all the 4 exams, to receive the PRM designation.

Minimum Experience Requirements

PRMIA has also established stricter minimum experience requirements that a candidate must meet to receive the designation. The minimum experience requirements include the following:

  • 4 Years if no bachelor degree
  • 2 Years if bachelor degree
  • No experience requirements if graduate school (i.e. MBA, MSF, MQF etc.) or holder of other accepted professional Designations (CFA, CAIA, CQF, etc.)

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