A Few Signs an Investment Opportunity is Suspect

It is only natural for the average American to look for good investment opportunities in the hope that their hard earned money can grow in the best way possible, instead of letting it sit idly. Unfortunately, scams and fraudulent investment schemes often manage to lure in unsuspecting victims, with the promise of great returns on the sum invested. To know when that gold mine of an investment opportunity is most likely a fraud, be aware of the following signs.

If It’s Too Good to be True, It’s Not

If there was an ABC of detecting investment frauds, then this one would be the A by a country mile!

If an investment scheme promises you high returns within a short time, or the interest rate grows with the amount of money you invest, or any other kind of opportunity that might equate that investment scheme to almost finding a trove of treasure buried in the backyard, it’s most likely, if not always, a fraud.

If You Have Never Heard of a Company, You are Probably Better Off that Way

We receive constant SMSs, emails, instant messages, etc., from investment companies these days, and hidden among them are a select few that could potentially bankrupt you.

If you have not heard of a company or their scheme, it’s not anything you need to hear about either. Not that startups in the financial sector are a rarity, but the chances of them being fraudulent are far too great to take such risks. Run a background search on them to see what you find and if you can’t find anything, it’s a sign that you should stay away from them.

They are Not Really Who they Say they are

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