CFA Careers: Options for CFA Charterholders

According to CFA Institute, the CFA charter provides you with a strong foundation for a variety of career choices in the investment profession. It opens up opportunities in various areas such as portfolio management, investment research, advisory services, and investment banking careers.

Current CFA charterholders hold these types of job positions:

Portfolio Manager21.7%
Research Analyst14.5%
Chief Executive7.0%
Relationship Manager, Sales+Marketing4.6%
Risk Manager4.2%
Financial Adviser4.1%
Corporate Financial Analyst4.0%
Investment Banking Analyst3.8%

CFA member careers are broken down as follows:

Investment Companies/Mutual Funds25%
Broker Dealers16%
Private Client Wealth Manager/Advisor11%
Hedge Funds6%
Insurance Companies4%
Pensions and Foundations2%
within Research Firms, Governments, Universities and Consulting Firms29%