Get Stock Quotes in Excel: New Excel Add-in

Excel is the most commonly used tool by people to manage and keep track of their stock portfolios. One of the most critical tasks to manage a portfolio in excel is to get the desired stock data in excel. There are many sources of data such as Yahoo Finance API, MSN Money, or Google Finance. Earlier people had no choice but to scrape the data from web pages into their excel spreadsheet and then delete the unwanted data and format the rest. This is a tedious and unreliable method. Another great option that has been popular for many years is the MSN MoneyCentral Stock Quotes Add-in. This has worked successfully and has been the easiest method to get the stock quotes in excel. However, about a month back MSN pulled the plug on this add-in and stopped supporting/updating it. We had many users complaining about how troubled they are because of MSN Stock Quotes Add-in not working.

We have been looking hard to find an alternative that is at least as good as the MSN Stock Quotes Add-in, something that people can even use with their existing spreadsheet and update all their formulae in few minutes. At last, we have found a new Excel add-in that does the job even better than MSN plugin. The new add-in is simply called “Stock Quotes in Excel” and is developed by a company called MarketXLS.

This Excel Add-in implements premium stock quotes data in your Excel workbooks and exposes a 100 new functions in Stock Quotes category for you to be able to download live Stock information right in your Excel Workbooks.

Just as you would expect, all the functions take the symbol argument, so if you were to get the Ask price for Google then you would create a small function like =Ask("GOOG") and you will have the result in your cell.

With this new Excel function library to download Stock quotes right in your Excel workbook, you are in full control. You can download only the information that you need and when you need.

Along with access to premium stock quotes in excel, MarketXLS stock quotes add-in has many powerful tools/utilities any stock trader/investor needs in their daily activity.

Some of the main features include:

  • Stock Functions: 100+ functions to get stock, options, mutual funds, and currency pricing. There are over 285 functions to get you prices, fundamentals, Stock success indicators. The stock quotes in excel add-in gives access to all the fundamental and technical data for the stocks including balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow metrics and hundreds of technical indicators and charts.
  • Historical Data: 20 Years of Historical, Dividend and Split data right within Excel. Apart from this, historical data formulas are also available to get the historical pricing of indices as well for easier comparison between individual stocks, sector indices, and other economic indicators.
  • Technical Analysis: Calculate indicators, with insightful Pattern Scan report. The MarketXLS's stock quotes in excel add-in's technical analysis capabilities include 120+ technical indicators and you can customize everything including time period, MA types etc
  • Visualization: Beautiful, zoomable stock charts optimized for Stocks Markets. You can use the MarketXLS visualization capabilities to create charts from stock quotes in excel add-in data or using any dataset which works very well compared to Excel's native charting capability. You can also plot Candlestick charts and annotate them. You can also build comparison charts plotting multiple stocks data.
  • Stock Screener: Screens stocks with 10-year historical fundamentals with 80+ metrics. The add-in allows you to build complex filter criteria with an unlimited number of filter conditions, combined with logical operators. You can get the 10-year history data of a key ratio, attribute for any stock.
  • Portfolio Management: Build, manage, and optimize your portfolios with ease within excel. The add-in also allows viewing optimized portfolio allocation (Efficient frontier) for your portfolios based on the universe of data available inside the add-in. You can monitor the performance of your portfolios in real time and also compare portfolio returns with dynamic charts. For each portfolio, you can see holding returns, expected returns, average daily return, variation etc

Get Stock Quotes in Excel Add-in

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

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The idea of MarletXLS Stock Quotes in Excel add-in is very powerful. Perform all your stock research and management from within excel. It's one tool to manage all aspects of stock market research and investment management. Get MarketXLS's Stock Quotes in Excel Add-in.

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