Terms and Conditions Enhanced by Books run

Books run always aiming to offer the best services to its clients especially the students. Therefore, to ensure it achieves this it must make sure it uses all means to ensure that the used books provided to clients are in excellent condition. It creates trust in them, and they will always buy the books on this site. Therefore, not all books are accepted as some students are not careful enough to keep the books in good condition. Consequently, it provides a buyback condition guide. It will enable the student to understand which used books. Booksrun needs for buyback.

Books Condition

Students need to take a look at the buyback condition guide before sending the used textbook to books run. Books run always accepted used books which meet these conditions.

The book is used well. Books run will accept a book with very minimal or no signs of wear and tear. These include marking and other general damages. Also, all pages must be there and the text must be legible.

Books run also accepts new book if a student bought a book and never used it he or she can sell the book to the site. The student is required to provide the book with the original packaging materials. Also, the supplementary materials should also be intact.

The used book should be acceptable. The books presented for sale to books run should not have any water damage as the quoted price may be adjusted or the books not accepted. Also, all pages must be there, and they should be attached to the binding

The items which are not initially quoted in the order do not receive the quote after the delivery Process.

The process of Shipping and Returns

Books run is not responsible for any loss or any damage incurred during the shipping process. Also, books run will not provide free returns for books that had their quotes adjusted. The returns are made after shipping. The period for return is seventy-two hours after processing and could be prepared for return shipment if the user asks for it during the period. Also, books which have already been processed cannot be returned.

What Result in the Termination of Your Ordering Process

Books run may terminate your ordering process if you go against the terms of service. It is done to ensure that quality of used books are provided to buyers and this creates trust in them. It is very wrong to sell to a person a book which is not in good condition as he will not buy another time. Hence books run is always looking forward to creating trust in its customers by providing the best.

Dispute Resolution

Books run is always looking forward to resolving any controversy that a customer may have. If the controversy is complex books run allows for a mediation. It is done to ensure fairness as this is its primary objective.

In conclusion, books run is there to serve the students. Therefore it is good for students to provide used books which are in excellent condition and they will fetch a ready market.