The Handbook of Municipal Bonds

The Handbook of Municipal Bonds compiled by Sylvan Feldstein and Frank Fabozzi is a trustworthy guide that will help you navigate the world of municipal bonds.

A variety of authors have contributed to several chapters classified under broad sections. The sections include the sell side, compliance issues, fixed income analysis of municipal products, and the buy side with a focus on institutional buyers. The sell side details the originator of deals (role of underwriter, role of municipal bond trustee, last resort for financially distressed municipalities etc.) and distribution and market making roles ( role of traders and brokers, municipal arbitrage and tender option bonds, changing roles of buyers and sellers of municipal bonds etc.).

About the authors: Sylvan G. Feldstein, PhD, is a Director in the Investment Department of the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, specializing in tax-exempt, taxable, and non-U.S. municipal bonds. He has been a research manager and analyst at major Wall Street broker-dealers and a rating agency. He is the recipient of the Feldstein has won the Analyst of the Year Award from the National Federation of Municipal Analysts.

Frank J. Fabozzi, PhD, CFA, is Professor in the Practice of Finance at Yale University’s School of Management and the Editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management. In 2002, he was inducted into the Fixed Income Analysts Society Hall of Fame and, in 2007, was the recipient of the C. Stewart Sheppard Award given by the CFA Institute.

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