Pass The 7 – 2015: A Plain English Explanation To Help You Pass The Series 7 Exam

The "Pass The 7 - 2015: A Plain English Explanation To Help You Pass The Series 7 Exam" by Robert. M. Walker has a question bank of 1200 questions. Each question has been developed to help the student learn a concept meaningfully and prepare them for the Series 7 exam.

All items on the FINRA series 7 exam are taken on point by point. The book mimics the Series 7 questions as close as possible.

The author has a facebook page where speaking about the Series 7 he says,

"Remember that the Series 7 has finally become more practical and rather than obsessing over options now cares more about types of accounts, recommendations, and tax issues than the whole debit-widen-credit-narrow mantra we once used to chant through guided meditation in a Series 7 class. Think about where to put certain investments--e.g., RW is loading up the Roth with REITS and royalty trusts, while loading up the taxable account with payers of qualified dividends, like MCD and MSFT. See if you can figure out why."

Mr. Walker also highlights the benefits and features of the book.


  • Understand what the exam is talking about—the first time you read it
  • Study without falling asleep or losing your sanity
  • Learn the material in terms you already understand!


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