Sample Questions for ERP Exam

The Energy Risk professional (ERP) exam is a premier risk certification for the professionals in the energy field. The energy risk professionals are employed by the larges energy companies around the world. There are various career options for energy risk professionals. This includes risk management, commodity trading, consulting, financial control, treasury, regulatory compliance, audit, research as well as investment management.

In order to become Certified ERP, you need to successfully pass two exams - ERP Exam Part I and ERP Exam Part II and demonstrate two years of relevant work experience.

The ERP Exam Part I and Part II are pencil and paper multiple choice exams. They are offered solely in English, twice a year in May and November, at approximately 90 exam sites around the world. The exam 1 consists of 80 questions while the exam 2 consists of 60 questions.

GARP has provided a lot of study resources including a set of sample practice questions for the ERP Exam. These questions can be downloaded from the link. You will find a full length practice exam for both ERP exam Part I and ERP Exam Part II. The questions in these practice exams are based on questions from the previous ERP exams.!/erp/study-materials

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