Intermediate Accounting - Book Review

Intermediate Accounting 14th edition by Kieso, D., and J. Weygandt. is the most comprehensive text available on the subject.

It extensively covers the large ground financial accounting.Financial Accounting and Accounting Standards , the Conceptual Framework for Financial Accounting ,the Accounting Information System, Income Statement and Related Information, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows, Accounting and the Time Value of Money, Cash and Receivables , Valuation of Inventories: A Cost-Basis Approach, Inventories: Additional Valuation Issues, Acquisition and Disposition of Property, Plant, and Equipment , Depreciation, Impairments, and Depletion, Intangible Assets, Current Liabilities and Contingencies , Long-Term Liabilities, Stockholders’ Equity, Dilutive Securities and Earnings per Share , Investments, Revenue Recognition , Accounting for Income Taxes, Accounting for Pensions and Postretirement Benefits, Accounting for Leases , Accounting Changes and Error Analysis, Statement of Cash Flows and Full Disclosure in Financial Reporting are the topics covered in the book.

Intermediate Accounting by Kieso, D., and J. Weygandt is highly recommended for graduate and business students. The book integrates the latest International Financial Reporting standards. Included are the end of the chapter IFRS assignments and content. It also includes simulations of the computerized CPA exams. Caselets and what the numbers in them mean in the real world context are incorporated in the book to enhance subject matter understanding.

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