CFP Certification Exam Practice Question Workbook

A highly recommended book for testing practice is CFP Certification Exam Practice Question Workbook: 1,000 Comprehensive Practice Questions by Matthew Brandeburg, a professor in Financial planning at the Ohio State University. CFP Certification Exam Practice Question Workbook provides 1,000 comprehensive practice questions to prepare you for the demanding CFP Certification Exam.

General Principles, Insurance, Tax Planning, Investments, Retirement and Employee Benefits, and Estate Planning with a hundred questions each and two comprehensive practice tests of two hundred questions each are part of this workbook.

A special section to ace Math questions and detailed solutions make this book a great tool to hone your testing skills.

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam is 170 multiple-choice questions long. Some questions are based on short scenarios others on longer case studies. This computer-based exam gives results at the end of the exam, which are then verified by the CFP board.

The principal topics of the CFP exam are general principles of financial planning, insurance planning, investment planning, income tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, interpersonal communication and professional conduct and fiduciary responsibility.

The CFP examination tests if the student is able to integrate the information on all principal topics, with questions being distributed over all eight principal topics. The exam tests for knowledge, comprehension/application, synthesis/ analysis and evaluation.

The key skill that the exam tests candidates for is the ability to apply financial planning knowledge to real-life scenarios. The testing focus is not on factual recall of the candidate, but critical thinking and problem-solving ability.

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