CFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 6 of 6

Introductory Remarks and General Guidelines – see part 1

If you started in mid-January, then you should be about four weeks away from exam day. Now is the time to start studying 20 hours a week. Call in sick to work, cancel dates, whatever you need to do to make the time.

Week 18 – Review Week 1

Do at least one full blown practice exam this week.

Review Ethics, Econ, Quant, and Portfolio Management

Week 19 – Review Week 2

Do at least one full blown practice exam this week. If you are legitimately scoring in the low 70% range, that is a good sign. If you are in the low to mid 60%s, you are in the ball park, just get more aggressive with your studying.

Review Fixed Income, Alternative Investments, and Derivatives

Week 20 – Review Week 3

Another full blown practice exam is needed this week.

Review the heavy weights, Financial Statements, Equity, and Corporate Finance

Week 21 – Review Week 4

Review key subject areas. Try to improve on any weaknesses that you feel you can tie up before test day.

Keep hitting the practice problems.

Make extra time to review Ethics in the days before the exam.

Do you know how to get to your test center (exam day is not the day to learn the travel route, know it in advance).

Review CFAI’s exam rules.

Make sure your calculator is an allowable model and that it works.

On the night before the exam, just relax. Eat a nice meal, watch a movie, try to go to sleep early.