CFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 4 of 6

Introductory Remarks and General Guidelines – See part 1

Week 10 – Equity, Part 2

The fun continues this week with global industry analysis, country analysis, the business cycle, estimating growth, equity metrics and multiples, global risk premiums, and equity valuation models.

If you hit week 10 and are still on pace with your schedule, then that is a very good sign.  Do not let up on the practice problems and start to take your game up a level.  If you have been studying 12 hours per week, make the jump to 15 hours per week now.

Week 11 – Equity, Part 3; Progress Test 2

Equity, part 3 – Now you are moving into free cash flow (FCF) approaches.  Stock analysts love this and CFAI does, too.  Make sure you note the different FCF approaches.  Look for more on stock multiples and close with the challenges of running comparables analysis for international stocks.

Progress Test 2 – You should do your second progress test in week 11, covering all material to date.  Refer to the week 6 notes for approaches to building your own exam using the CFAI official books.

Week 12 – Alternative Investments

This is your CFAI intro to non-stock and non-bond investments, as well as non-traditional strategies.

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