Five Businesses You Can Start For Under 5K

Small businesses have always been the backbone of America. Even though there are many perks for working for self, many people are reluctant to start a business because of lack of funds. This of course is true if you are looking at starting a restaurant, or setting up a manufacturing unit where you may require as much as $100,000 in initial investment. However, not all businesses require that much investment. There are many businesses that one can start for less than $5k, which are clearly not capital intensive but idea intensive.

While looking at starting a business with less money, one needs to look and seek ideas that will depend on business muscle more than financial. You may decide to sell a product or a service. In either case, your biggest expenses are going to be the working space and the salaries you pay to your employees. In most cases, you will also require a laptop, an internet connection, a telephone line and conveyance. You will also have to spend a small amount to register your business. With all this, anyone is all set to start a small business that can even be grown to a multi-million dollar enterprise.

This article explores five ideas for a business you can kick start for less than 5k.

Become a Consultant

Starting a consulting business is a good option as you are selling your expertise and require little investment. Depending on where your expertise lies, you can start providing consulting services in various areas such as technology, healthcare, accounting and taxation, web design and development, social media, legal, or any other area. Note that starting a consulting business is harder than it actually seems as you require a multitude of skills including the technical expertise, marketing your skills, building a brand, and managing client’s expectations. One of the key’s to becoming a successful consultant is to build a strong network and harvest it to get year-round business.

Sell your Products

If you are a creative person, and can create an interesting product that people want, then there are many ways to reach the potential buyers. For example, you will find a thriving market-place for hand-made products on websites such as, and Items on sale include jewelry, clothing, stationery, bags, art, and more. You can sell your stuff on these websites, start your own ecommerce website, and even sell through your personal network. The key is to build your reputation and long-term relationships to get continuing business.

Start an Event Planning Business

Event planning industry has grown at a rapid pace in the past few years. Depending on the size of the event, an event planner can earn profit margins ranging from 15% to 40% from each event. The services can range from organizing wedding parties, themed birthday celebrations, conferences, training workshops, product launches or any other type of parties. This can be a business option for you if you are a creative person with people skills and the ability to organize things.

Start an Internet Business

Internet has opened doors for many people to live a dream life of working on their own terms without any time or place constraint. The simplest option is to start a blog on a subject that interests you and provide original and interesting content to your viewers. It requires little technical knowledge and you can start it right from your home. There are many bloggers who are even earning a 6-figure income from their blogs. To earn from your blog, you can place advertising, promote an affiliate product, or even sell your own product. Apart from blogging there are many other options such as starting and nurturing a web-based community, or providing a subscription based online software or service. The best part about an internet business is that you can start really small and then scale up your business quickly with demand. Take for example the company 37Signals that provides an array of online collaboration tools. With a small team of about 15 members, the company turns in millions of dollars using a subscription model for its online software.

Become a Tutor

If you are academically oriented and have the knack of dealing with children then starting a private tutoring business could be the right choice for you. There is always demand for tutors in subjects such as math and science. As a tutor you can earn anything between $25 and $75 per hour. There are also online tutoring options such as TutorVista. Some people have also successfully conducted online coaching via Skype.

Develop Mobile Apps

For a tech savvy person with a flair for programming, the mobile apps development has opened a whole new set of opportunities. If you have a cool idea for a mobile app, you can develop it for different platforms such as iPhone, Android, or Windows. All these platforms provide an active marketplace where you can sell your app for a small fee. For example, on iTunes store you can sell your apps for iPhone and iPad, while Google has its own marketplace for android apps called Google Play. Most apps sell at a small price such as $0.99 or $1.99. If your app is really good, then you can make thousands of sales in no time.

A business under 5K requires a good idea, quality service and perseverance. Here are some resources for online business ideas. After the initial effort, the results are bound to be satisfying and will help you be your own driver. It will help you steer your way to self-sustenance and give you better control through the ups and downs of the economy. It makes good business sense to initiate a small business; now you can do it without big money.

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