7 Best Cannabis Stocks for You to Consider Investing

Laws and regulations regarding cannabis are loosening up slowly. It is a new and exciting stock to invest in that we see is attracting a lot of people. There are a lot of ups and downs at the moment, which is what makes this exciting. Those who are serious about investing in cannabis stocks should consider the following 7 best options at the moment.

1. Blueberries Medical

Blueberries Medical is a fresh cannabis producer that just entered the trading game. The company is fully licensed in Colombia and can now be found in the Canadian Securities Exchange list.

The producer has been in the agriculture business for some time, but it has now acquired a 37-acre piece of healthy land that is going to be used to grow cannabis. Part of what makes this land so special is the amount of sunlight it receives, along with the land's supply of water already set in place. Those interested in investing in production should definitely give this company a review.

2. Aleafia Health

Canada has been in the forefront of the medical marijuana movement for some time. It is not surprising to find Aleafia Health, which is a fully integrated cannabis company that is strong in many areas.

The company has its hands in many aspects of medical marijuana, like cultivation, research, and a number of medical marijuana clinics. At the moment, there are over 40 medical clinics along with educational centers linked to this company in Canada, and the company seems to be aiming higher. There is no telling how far this company might go, but it is safe to say you should consider it.

3. MediPharm Labs

When it comes to extraction, distillation, and purification of cannabis, MediPharm Labs is one of the few exciting stocks to pay attention to. Here is a company that has been effectively generating revenue using its tried and true techniques for a short period time.

The company has been creating cannabis oil of the finest quality for other big companies, such as AusCann Group Holdings and many others. MediPharm may be young, but many larger companies are willing to take a chance on it due to the quality oil it produces. The stock is underappreciated, and that is part of the reason it is one of the best cannabis stocks to consider.

4. Plus Products

Marijuana edibles have been carving their own slice of the pie for some time. One major company to keep an eye on is Plus Products. This is a California-based company that manufactures and distributes edibles across many state lines and beyond.

Part of what makes this company exciting is that it is still considered one of the early movers in the United States. Every state has not evolved enough to legalize marijuana, which means early movers have the capacity to supply states with this herb when the legislation is in place.This gives companies like Plus Products an advantage other companies do not have.

5. Liberty Health Sciences

In a place called Alachua in Florida, there is an exciting medical cannabis dispensary company that is getting some investors excited. The company is Liberty Health Science, and the company knows how to secure funds.

Even though the company is relatively small, it has already received enough money to expand to places like Ohio and Massachusetts, though the company wants to grow more. There are several international investors looking at this company as one that will probably survive the tumultuous times ahead as more states legalize weed and more competition rises.

6. 1933 Industries

1933 Industries is a multi-faceted company that has been attempting to dip its toes in different sectors of the marijuana business in the United States as states continue to accept marijuana use.

At the moment, the company owns a percentage of other companies, like the Alternative Medicine Association, which is a company in Las Vegas that cultivates this plant. The company is looking to find other ways to expand their brand because it wants to be able to own not only the means of production but also distribution and other things.

7. Green Organic Dutchman Holdings

Green Organic Dutchman Holdings came along because of society's need for healthy and organic alternatives. This company is betting on organic cannabis and has been producing it for a while.

Again, this company is relatively young, so it is still under construction in various ways, though it is already producing a healthy amount of revenue to continue its construction process. Green Organic Dutchman Holdings is attempting to erect processing facilities in Europe and Canada, just to name a few places. The company is even developing a cannabinoid-infused beverage line that it is pretty excited about.

It is clear that there are good companies out there to invest in. Just like with any other investment opportunity, we think it's important that you do your research to make sure you are happy with the company's business plans and their revenue.

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