Standard IV (B) - Additional Compensation Arrangements

This standard states that the members must not accept any gift, benefits or compensation in any form that creates a conflict of interest with their own employers, unless they obtain written consent from all parties involved.

Examples of Violation

  • Example 1: An investment manager working for a firm manages several clients. The manager is compensated for his job by his employer. One of the clients offers the manager a fancy gift if his portfolio does very well. The manager accepts the offer but does not inform his employer about it. This is a violation of the standard.
  • Example 2 (Non-violation): An analyst working with an investment firm recently published a buy recommendation for an airlines company. The CEO of the airlines company, after seeing the report, asks the analyst to meet him for dinner, for further discussion. The analyst gains appropriate approvals, and then meets the CEO. After the meeting the analyst provides full details of the meeting and the dinner to his employer. This is not a violation of the standards.

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