Best Banks for Each type of Account

Opening up a new checking or savings account is simple. Some banks have made it so streamlined. You can complete the whole process online and in less than 15 minutes. Talk about fast!

Just because some companies have made it quick and straightforward, doesn’t mean they are the best choice. You need to check out their rates, see if they have any hidden fees, and watch out for any significant pitfalls.

Checking - Citi

Every bank has a checking account, what makes Citi stand out? Several factors.

One of them is the different options. They have several levels of checking accounts.

They have everything from an “Affordable Access Banking” account to a premium Banking and Wealth Management.

Each account has different benefits and fees attached to them. Let’s start with the basic checking account. The key features of this plan is no paper checks and no overdraft fees.

Citi won’t allow a purchase if the money isn’t in your account, which means you can never rack up massive fees. The basic plan has a monthly $10 fee, but as long as you have a direct deposit set up, the fee will be waived.

The next step up is the Simple Checking account. This allows you to write as many checks as you want and have access to any of the thousands of ATMs across the nation. This plan has a slightly higher monthly fee of $12, but you can get it waived with one direct deposit into the account and one bill payment from the account.

Savings - CIT Bank

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