Mastering Python for Finance - Book Review

James Ma Weiming’s Mastering Python for Finance is written to help the reader understand, design and implement mathematical and statistical applications in Finance using Python. This book was published in April 2015.

The book chapters are as follows:

  • Python for financial applications
  • The importance of linearity in finance
  • Non-linearity in finance
  • Numerical procedures
  • Interest rates and derivatives
  • Interactive Financial Analytics with Python
  • Big Data with Python
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Back testing
  • Excel with Python

The use of python in Finance is multiple. It is used to help build tools in financial modeling, risk management and trading in banking, insurance, investment management and real estate.

The book while discussing financial theory will help the reader understand how Python is applied to these theories. Big data has become a part of the financial world and it needs to be tapped into effectively to give meaningful insights. The book discusses Hadoop and it’s integration with Python.

The book teaches how to use python to connect to a broker API, retrieve market data, generate trading signals and send orders to exchange.The book will also teach how to create numerical pricing Component Object Model or COM, that helps update model values.

Mastering Python for Finance is targeted at students and programmers, consultants, financial analysts and quant experts.

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