FRM Exam 2011 Details

FRM program is now conducted in a two-level examination format.

The exam is administered manually in paper and pencil format. The FRM Exam can be scheduled in various cities around the world. A complete list of the cities is located under the Exam Sites link on the GARP website.

FRM Part 1 Exam Information

Part I covers core areas of risk management such as quantitative analysis, financial markets and products, and essential risk modeling.

The FRM Exam Part 1 is given in booklet form. Candidates are given 4 hours to complete the 100 multiple-choice questions.

FRM Part 1 Exam Outline

Topics CoveredWeight
Foundations of Risk Management20%
Quantitative Analysis20%
Financial Markets and Products30%
Valuation and Risk Models30%

FRM Part 2 Exam Information

Part 2 covers specific topics on the practical implementation and execution of approaches to measuring and managing market, credit, operational and firm-wide risks, and also includes a new section covering current issues in financial markets.

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