7 Essential Things You must do Before you get Married

Neither a man nor a woman is perfect or complete without the other and hence, no marriage or family, no ward or stake is likely to reach its full potential until husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, men and women work together in unity of purpose, respecting and relying upon each other's strengths.

Although marriage is an essential part of life, it does bring an enormous change in the lifestyle from bachelorhood to being married and responsible towards your family. When you think about it, bachelors have more privacy in their lives, and they are not bothered much by anybody at home. They stay awake till late in the night, watch as many movies as they want to, and so on and so on. Bachelors live their lives freely. They get to spend a reasonable amount of time with their friends while married people have a slightly different story.

They must take care of their partners, and after they have children, the situation becomes even more complicated.  After marriage, priorities change and so do our behaviour towards life. Before you come to terms with the changes and lead a new life, it is imperative that you experience things that you may not experience later. Married couples also have fun together; it just doesn’t compare to the unhinged bachelor life.

So, before you get married and get tangled in the whirlpool of responsibilities, here are seven things you must do to live your bachelorhood fully:

1. Date, fall in love, go through a heartbreak

Before you say it sounds obvious, just take a pause and think about the importance of experimenting, dipping your feet in the sea before you finally settle down for a swimming pool of your own. A heartbreak leaves you with valuable life lessons and helps you grow by showing why sometimes things do not work out.

2. Make peace with your parents

Being in the youthful days or teenage years, you go through the whole pointless period of being a rebel and hating everything your parents make you do. After you are past your teenage years, try and make amends, and build a stronger bond with your parents. They are the ones who’ll stand by your side and support you in case a relationship or a marriage does not work out.

3. Get yourself a plant or a pet

Don’t underestimate the significance of nurturing a relationship with a pet or even with a plant of your own. You learn to take care of someone besides yourself for the first time, while also relying on them to comfort you on bad days. They can bring a change in your whole approach towards friends and companions and help you grow into a better person. Go, get a pet!

4. Start Saving

There is no age too early to start saving. Financial matters and life insurance plans are often brought to your attention when you near the age of getting married, and before that you just let your parents take care of all things money. Making things in your hand at an early stage and saving some money would go a long way in helping you become financially independent and secure. You could look for life insurance plans and invest there for a better future.

5. Go on a solo trip

While a lot of us go on multiple trips with our friends and families before we get married, a solo trip is a different experience altogether. It allows you to connect with the deepest parts of yourself and discover things that you seldom thought of. So, before you tie knots, go on a solo trip to the mountains or a beach and explore.

6. Learn to cook

No, Maggi does not count as food. You should learn cooking before getting married, no matter if you are a boy or a girl. After all, this is how we will break gender norms, won’t we?

7. Get an idea of what are you looking for in your partner

While it is impossible to find somebody, who ticks all the boxes on your checklist, knowing what you want will help you decide what you are ready to compromise on and what you absolutely can’t. Having a list will prevent you from ending up with someone you cannot adjust with, at all.

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