Everything You Need to Know About Car Title Loans

Car title loans are financial aid services offered by numerous financing companies. To be able to obtain such a loan, you are expected to put your car’s title up as collateral. In return however, it is possible to qualify for larger amounts of money and longer terms than a payday loan. It is possible to apply for these loans online or from a physical loan office in your area.

How Car Title Loans Work

The equity of your car determines the amount of money you could get in a car title loan. These are same day loans that attract an interest rate higher than most of the other loan types. You are required to make an application for the loan as you would with any other kind of loan.

Car title loan facilities expect you to provide employment information or at least some kind of proof of income as part of the information collected when applying for the loan. However, because they are near-instant loans, the lender does not get to verify the information provided, since your car’s title is your collateral.

Once approved, the lender will hold on to the car’s title until you manage to pay off the whole amount. The amount of money you qualify for depends on the car’s value. Therefore, car title loans are ideal for people with poor credit scores. 

You may be eligible for a loan that is between 25% and 50% of the value of your car. If you are lucky, you may qualify for an even higher loan amount. Photos of the vehicle may be taken as a way of ensuring its condition.

Car title loans are only approved for people who already own their cars or own some equity in it. Vehicles with a lien against them cannot be accepted as collateral. This is because access to the title is complicated in this case.

Benefits of Car Title Loans

Credit Checks Often Do Not Determine Eligibility

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