Critical Assessment of Online Term Plan Plus

A prime earning member of the family is always focused on his personal & financial responsibility towards his family. If you are that person, don’t you always try and give your best to secure your income as well as your family’s future, especially considering the rising cost of living?

It is always your aim to give your family the best standard of living. To ensure that, you are determined to work hard and provide for your family’s increasing lifestyle expenses by making savings adjustments, and even try to earn more to secure your family’s future.

While you go through the grind of life and jobs, a term plan plus is a small investment which will reap huge benefits if something unfortunate were to happen to the insured (presumably the prime earning member of the family). Life is uncertain and so can be your finances, if you don’t secure them in time. An insurance product like the online term plan plus from Max Life Insurance can be a reliable choice.

Term insurance plans are one of the most common insurance plans these days. Term plan provides your family a lumpsum benefit at the time of a health/life contingency. In short, if there is any sort of ‘stop’ in the household income flow, in a state of permanency, a term plan will ensure that the family doesn’t have to bear a financial burden. Here are some of the features of the online term plan plus:

Providing a Lump sum benefit

Talking specifically about the online term plan plus, the Max Life product delivers just the same, securing your future (in case of severe illness/disease) and securing the family’s future (witha basic death cover). It delivers a lumpsum to your family for a nominal sum of money (you pay as the annual online term plan plus premium amount).

This sum can amount to Rs 1 crore if you pay an annual premium of Rs 6,372 (Source: Max Life Term Insurance Calculator). The best part is, you can instantly buy the term plan plus online from the comfort of your home.

Also, this guaranteed lumpsum payment provides financial protection, in the real sense. If your family has Rs 1 crore in hand, it will surely relieve them of any financial worries at the moment.

Monthly Income Benefits

Depending upon the personal requirements of every family, there is an additional service for the Max online term plan plus policyholders. It is called, “Basic Life Cover + Monthly Income”. If an unfortunate incident arises, the plan will offer a lumpsum payout which will help your family take care of some of the significant milestones of life, like child’s higher education, marriage or for covering financial liabilities like home loan, car loan, etc. In addition to this, your family will also get a monthly payout to deal with daily expenses like groceries, school fees, etc.

As evident from the following, by paying less than Rs 900 monthly, your family becomes entitled to a monthly income for the next ten years along with the lumpsum payout.

Basic Life Cover +Monthly Income


Rs 1 crore

Monthly Income

Rs 40,000

Total Cover

Rs 1 crore, 48 lakhs


Rs 10,502 annually

Consistent Claim Settlement Ratio

With convenience and affordability, Max continues to be one of the top life insurance companies in India with a consistent claim settlement ratio of over 90%. In the year2016-17, its claim settlement ratio stood at 97.81% (Source: IRDAI Annual Report 2016-17). It clearly means that the company does not fall short of its buyer’s expectations.

A Smooth Claim Settlement Process

Max Life, comes with a smooth, structured and swift claim settlement process. The company, in case of online term insurance, delivers a fast claim settlement- within ten days of the claim filing, which is rare in the industry. The only condition is that the documents must be in place.

Easy Documentation

Documentation work can be intimidating for some of us, especially from the policyholder’s point of view, when the papers have to be filed by the nominee. The best solution here is to sensitise the nominee about the complete procedure at the time of buying the online term plan plus.

The Max Life website is designed to make your insurance purchase simpler, with information available at each step in the purchase journey, along with 24*7 call centre assistance if you may have any further queries. In addition, the company also appoints a personal assistant for the claim process of online term plan plus.

Critical Illness Benefit Option

Last but not the least, a critical illness benefit option is available, to entitle the policyholder toa lumpsum benefit in the hour of need. All the future premiums will be waived- off in case of critical illness or disability. There is an accident clause too in the online term plan plus. The basic objective is to provide income stability in case of an unfortunate event.


So, if you are focussed on protecting your family’s well-being, there is an exclusive opportunity waiting for you with- Max Life Online Term Plan Plus. There is no better optionif you are looking for a simple, affordable solution to secure your family with a fixed monetary benefit in the future. But, if you are looking for savings to secure your retirement, then, there are better options to make the maximum use of your income. Still, don’t discount on the uncertainty factor- invest in online term plan plus today.

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