Life Insurance For Every Stage of Life

Life moves fast, and it changes constantly. The type of life insurance we might need at each stage of our lives varies too.

For instance, in your twenties, you may not even think about life insurance, but once you start building a family, this can change. Even life events such as buying a house can affect how you feel about life insurance. When you’re north of fifty, it can seem a lot more important than it did in your youth.

The type of insurance you need will often depend on your age, but here is a rundown of different life insurance for every stage of life.

Your 20s

You may have graduated not long ago, and there may be other things on your mind. However, this is one of the best times to get life insurance. This is because the premiums are generally the most affordable at this stage of life. Buying a 20-year plan in your twenties will cost you a lot less overall if you delay it for ten years.

If you’re planning a family or a marriage, then it’s worth considering life insurance at this stage as well. It’s even more critical if you haven’t managed to build up a savings account yet.

If you have a family, it isn't just the breadwinner who needs to be covered. If a stay at home parent dies, the other parent will need to continue earning as well as arrange child care. This is why both parents need to consider life insurance.

A term life insurance policy that lasts for twenty years might provide $250,000 worth of coverage for as little as $25 a month.

Your 30s

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