Top Investing Tools to Help you Excel at Investing

Products to help you learn, explore, and excel at investing and managing your money.

Simply Wall Street

Simply Wall Street provides a new visual way to invest. I find this really interesting because instead of having you look through data in spreadsheets, Simply Wall Street produces a beautiful, detailed infographic for every company and makes the analysis simple for all kinds of investors.


Wealthfront is an automated low-cost investment service. It is the largest and fastest growing automated investment service, with over $2 billion in assets under management. They provide sophisticated investment management at prices affordable for everyone.


Robinhood provides zero commission stock trading. It allows people to buy and sell stocks with zero commission. Robinhood itself makes money by collecting interest from customers who choose to upgrade to a margin account and it also accrues interest off of customers’ uninvested cash balances. Hwoever, customers are not charged for anything.


Motif allows you to invest in ideas instead of just stocks.  Based on different concepts, Motif creates intelligent portfolios called motifs. A motif is a carefully researched and intelligently weighted portfolio of up to 30 stocks that reflect real-world trends and investment ideas. Investors choose these portfolios to invest in and can easily tailor them as per their needs.


YCharts is the Financial Terminal of the Web offering professional financial research solutions and tools including comprehensive financial data, analytics, stock screening and fundamentals for more than 20K stocks and over 200K economic indicators.


AvaTrade's foreign currency trading software - AvaTrade offers a vast choice of trading platforms, for both automated and manual trading, with unique features and tools to optimize your trading experience.

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