ERP vs. FRM Exam


I know ERP and FRM are two different certifications, but I would like to know which one is more beneficial from a career perspective? Should I do FRM or ERP if I want to be in the risk management field?


Here are some details and comparison points about these two exams:

1. Both ERP and FRM are offered by GARP, which is a well recognized body for risk certification.

2. FRM prepares you to become a risk manager. ERP also trains you on risk management but specially on energy risk (Oil and Gas)

3. FRM has global recognition and is well accepted. ERP is new not very well known, but that will happen soon (my opinion).

4. I would suggest that you go for ERP only if you are in the energy field and want to enhance your risk skills. You can also treat these two as complimentary, i.e., if you are already an FRM and entering into energy, ERP will be a great help.

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