Western Union Prepaid MasterCard

With all of the bad debt that many of us have racked up over the years, and it is only seemingly getting worse, it’s time to start taking better financial responsibility of our debt and future. For a good number of people, they get a new credit card and use it to book a trip or some other major purchase, and then tell themselves that they will deal with paying it off later. With all of the high-interest rates that are attached to credit cards though, it makes paying down this form of debt very challenging - even for those who earn a good salary due to high fixed costs for daily living.

Credit Cards Can Create Problems

Budgeting is getting more and more important to keep variable expenses in check, to improve personal credit ratings, and to reduce the stress that comes with debt and trying to keep paying it down while the interest accumulates daily. Credit cards are very convenient to use, almost too much so, and it has led to people going broke, or even worse - having to declare bankruptcy and start over from scratch.

What’s Like a Credit Card But Doesn’t Have an Interest Rate?

Consumers want the convenience of a credit card but don’t want the high-interest rates that come along with using them. So what alternatives are out there that provide many of the benefits that a credit card offers including the ability to make purchases when traveling overseas? A prepaid credit card provides much of what a traditional credit card offers but allows someone to save on the high-interest fees, but there are still negatives to consider.

A Prepaid Card That Suits Your Style

Western Union now offers its PrePaid MasterCard from NetSpend which offers a lot of value to its users - especially those who receive and send a lot of money transfers. How can you decide if this financial instrument is the right fit for your lifestyle though? We take a closer look at the Western Union Prepaid MasterCard to outline how it works, its benefits, what the costs are, and provide a transparent look at how it might be of use to you and how you live your life.

The Western Union Prepaid MasterCard - How It Works

Cash is handy to use but has its drawbacks, mostly its lack of protection if you lose it, if it gets stolen, or if it gets damaged or destroyed. Not everyone wants a credit card and not everyone has the credit history available to qualify for one. So that leaves someone having to use a debit card that’s associated with their bank account, but this financial instrument has its limitations.

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