Wiley Series 7 Exam Review 2015 + Test Bank: The General Securities Representative Examination

The Wiley Series 7 Exam Review 2015 + Test Bank: The General Securities Representative Examination is a reliable and comprehensive handbook to help prospective candidates clear their Series 7 exam.

Areas covered in the book include equity securities, debt securities, government securities, municipal securities, money market, economic fundamentals, options, mutual funds, variable annuities, issuing and trading corporate securities, customer account, margin account, retirement plans, brokerage office procedure, fundamental and technical analysis, direct participation programs, customer recommendation, taxation, professional conduct and securities industry rules and regulations.

The test bank has more  than 500 questions for better concept understanding. The authors of the book are instructors at the Securities Institute. They are subject matter experts for the Series 7 exam. The chapters include notes, tips, examples and case studies. The book has helpful hints on taking the exam. A practice test closes each chapter so that the reader can test their concept comprehension.

The authors recommend at least sixty hours of study, in addition to taking practice questions.

The exam taking tips in the book for the Series 7 test include:

  • Read the full question carefully
  • Understand what the question is asking
  • Identify key words and phrases
  • Take note of hedge clauses
  • Exclude wrong answers
  • Do not double guess
  • identify synonymous terms

All the very best on taking the Series 7- knowledge and reading based exam.

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