Online Excel Training - Beginners and Advanced

Being in the field of finance, Excel is an almost indispensable skill that every professional needs to have. Whether you are in investment banking, corporate finance, or even risk management, your skills at using Microsoft excel can make your life easy and number crunching a breeze. While we are working on an online program on Financial Modeling Using Excel, we wanted to bring you the best online training available to hone your skills.

Here are two online video courses on UDemy that teach you the various features and functions of Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel - Beginners / Intermediate Training

In this Microsoft Excel 2010 video course, InfiniteSkills introduces you to the latest version of Microsoft's standard spreadsheet application.

In this Excel training course, you will learn by watching the author actually perform the operation he is instructing on, as he explains step by step how to preform these functions. The training explains Microsoft Excel 2010 starting with the absolute basics of creating your very first worksheet. He slowly works you up through learning the various capabilities of this very powerful program, and covers topics such basic to advanced formula and functions. A chapter on how to connect to Microsoft Web Apps is also covered. The course also shows how to use your own SkyDrive to store and share your Microsoft Excel Projects. As part of this course, you can also download the working files that allow you to work alongside the author as he teaches you how to use Microsoft Excel 2010.

By the completion of this online training course, you will be fully versed, and capable of working with Microsoft Excel 2010 in a commercial Environment.

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Advanced Excel Training - Online Excel Course

This Excel 2010 advanced training course, follows up from the Beginners Excel 2010 course by delving even deeper into the features and functions of this powerful spreadsheet software.

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