Standard I - Professionalism (Standards of Professional Conduct)

The first standard, professionalism, has four sub-parts:

A. Knowledge of the Law
The members and candidates must know, understand, and comply with any law, or regulation governing their professional activities. In case of a conflict the member/candidate must comply with the stricter law. They should not knowingly participate in any activity that is in violation of the law.

B. Independence and objectivity
The members and candidates must act with independence and objectivity while performing their professional activities. They should not take any gifts or benefits of any kind that could hamper their independence and objectivity in performing their duties.

C. Misrepresentation
Members and Candidates must not knowingly misrepresent any information relating to investment analysis, recommendations, actions, or other professional activities.

D. Misconduct
The CFA members and candidates should not engage in any kind of misconduct, such as fraud, dishonesty or deceit, or any such act that adversely reflects upon their professional competence.

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