Become a Certified QuickBooks Consultant (CQC)

The Certified QuickBooks® Consultant© (CQC) is a popular certification exam for QuickBooks Consultants. The certification is provided and administered by Poulos Accounting and Consulting Inc.

You can become a Certified QuickBooks® Consultant© by taking the exam at your own pace!  Pass the self-paced exam and market yourself as a Certified QuickBooks® Consultant and help increase your chances of obtaining new clients, or a new job!

Benefits of the Certification

  • List the Certified QuickBooks Consultant® (CQC) designation on your resume and market to potential employers. Give yourself the edge in this rough employment market!

  • Frame your Certified QuickBooks Consultant® (CQC) Certificate on your office wall and let your clients know that you are certified and a knowledgeable professional.

  • Are you a graduating college student looking to get an edge on the competition? If so, use the Certified QuickBooks Consultant® (CQC) designation on your resume to make yourself stand out.

  • Use the Certified QuickBooks Consultant® (CQC) designation to earn higher fees.

  • We verify our certificates so have a prospective employer call us and we will let them know you have taken the self-study course and successfully passed the exam!

Exam Details

The certification exam is based upon the material taught in the QuickBooks Ultimate Lesson Guide 2011. The exam is 100 multiple-choice questions with an 80% passing score required.  Upon successfully passing the exam the person will receive a certificate from Accounting Tech Institute (ATI), which is a division of Poulos Accounting & Consulting, Inc, showing that he is a Certified QuickBooks Consultant (CQC).

How to Prepare for the Exam?

You prepare for the certification exam you will receive the QuickBooks Ultimate Lesson Guide 2011.

The guide includes:

  • 16 Hours of Comprehensive Training (16 Lessons)

  • 5 DVD's with 16 Lessons

  • Bonus CD with Review Quizzes

  • 450 Page Intuit Textbook

  • Free 140 Day Trial of QuickBooks® Premier 2011

Prepare using this guide and receive your certificate upon passing the exam. Use designation on your resume, business cards, website and market to clients and employers.

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