Emerging Markets: 5 Best Countries to Invest in Today

Turning to emerging markets is a good foreign investment strategy because these markets have the biggest potential for growth. Yes, there is always risk, but a fast growing economy is a good indicator of a strong investment option. If you’re looking for the best emerging markets around the world, take a look at these five countries where many investors are seeing success.


According to Heckman Global Advisors, Hungary is the number one emerging market where people should invest. This is partially because its government tries to create competitive advantages for both large enterprises and small businesses through tax incentives, low-interest loans, and cash subsidies. On top of that, Hungary has a good location in Central Europe in a stable area. There is also plenty of agricultural land, unexploited resources, and well-developed tourism that all boost its economy.


In 2012, Kazakhstan attracted $14 billion (U.S.) in FDI inflows. That makes it one of the best investment destinations in the CIS region. There are several reasons why people like to invest in Kazakhstan, including its telecommunications infrastructure, natural resources, and competitive geographical location. Its economy is expected to grow more than seven percent by 2015.

John Ferraro, the Chief Operating Officer of Ernst and Young, advises foreign market investors to look to Kazakhstan as a stable and long-term investment option. He has worked in the financial services realm for several years and is one of the top people to turn to for foreign investment advice. In a John Ferraro interview, Ferraro said 81 percent of investors are happy with their decision to invest in Kazakhstan.


Businessweek claims that China has been the best foreign investment option since 2002. In 2008 alone, it had $108.3 billion in FDI inflows. This really is no surprise considering that a lot of the goods sold around the world are made in China. However, some wonder if China’s growth with slow as wages experience inflation. Of course, China still has an enormous internal market, good geographical positioning, and other competitive advantages. It’s still a strong and safe investment option for now.


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