Gobank: A New Bank Without Branches, Just an App

A new bank called Gobank is a new kind of checking account which operates just through a mobile app. It operates under the company Green Dot Bank and is planning to not open any branches for the bank. To operate your checking account all you have to do is to login into the app.

The app contains all the features and services that a customer expects from a checking account such as paying your bills, checking balances, and even deposit checks which works using the phone camera.

Everything works through the app right from opening the account. Even things such as ordering the debit card and reseting your passwords happens through the mobile app.

It is registered as a bank and is FDIC-insured. The best part is the minimal membership fees. This is what they have to say about it, "We think everyone should be able to have a GoBank account. So, for your GoBank monthly membership fee, pay us whatever you think is fair. Just set the dial anywhere from $0-9."

You can checkout more details at Gobank's website.

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