Top 10 Books on Project Finance

Folowing is the list of 10 most popular and comprehensive books on Project finance.

Modern Project Finance: A Casebook

Esty Benjamin Esty is one of the pioneers of project finance in the 21st century. This book is an excellent introduction to project finance, being a series of case studies used at Harvard Business School and elsewhere. Prof. Esty's book provides detailed information and roadmap on structuring finance for large projects which not readily available elsewhere.

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Principles of Project Finance by E. R. Yescombe

Edward Yescombe is a highlight in project finance. This book is thoroughly researched and carefully prepared, and an asset to any project finance library.

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Project Financing : 7th edition

This book helps you make your project finances work, and helps you evaluate alternate choices. With numerous examples, charts and diagrams, Project Financing is written in an accessible style which enhances understanding, and includes the following topics: overview of project finance and criteria for successful project financing; role of financing advisors; offering memoranda; risk for lenders; banks lenders and investors; credit risk; discussions of types of equity and debt; project financing documentation; private placements; cross-border and world-wide issues; revenue bonds; commercial paper; construction finance; controlling risk and hedging; guarantees; political risk, and multiple additional topics and examples.

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Introduction to Project Finance (Essential Capital Markets) by Andrew Fight

An essential book for all finance professionals who need a quick but thorough grounding in this specific area of finance.

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Project Finance in Theory and Practice: Designing, Structuring, and Financing Private and Public Projects (Academic Press Advanced Finance)by Stefano Gatti

In this book, Stefano Gatti of Bocconi University describes the theory that underpins this cutting-edge industry, and then provides illustrations and examples from actual practice to illustrate that theory. At key points in the book, Gatti brings in other project finance experts who share their specialized knowledge on the legal issues and the role of advisors in project finance deals. The CDROM included with the book allows readers to generate results using an excel spreadsheet.

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Project Financing: Asset-Based Financial Engineering (Wiley Finance) (Wiley Finance) by John D. Finnerty

This timely book describes an innovative financing technique, using examples and case studies such as Euro Disneyland and the Eurotunnel to walk readers through its essential steps and procedures. Analyzes the shortcomings of unsuccessful project financing attempts. Comprehensive coverage includes the rationale for project financing, security arrangements, legal structure and contract options, preparing the financial plan, estimating the borrowing capacity on a project, sources of funds, and much more.

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Financial Modelling for Project Finance by Penelope Lynch

Financial modelling plays a vital role in charting a project's cash flows. Model design, use of data and layout tips are presented in an easy-to-read format. A spreadsheet disk with sample data is included to help students practice their skills.

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The Law and Business of International Project Finance: A Resource for Governments, Sponsors, Lawyers, and Project Participants by Scott L. Hoffman

Project finance requires careful analysis and structuring of a wide variety of risks. This completely updated third edition addresses these risks and their resolution, and details the necessary elements of a successful project financing. Mirroring the structure of an actual project finance deal, this all-in-one handbook examines each step of the process.

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Project Finance (Self Study Workbook) by Richard Tinsley

This volume examines risk structuring and allocation in key industry sectors: power, transportation/tollways, railways, airports, ports, mining, oil and gas, telecoms, satellites, water/waste water. The 5 other comprehensive modules detail: the principles and types of project finance and their key characteristics and components; the methods of identifying and managing the risks involved; interpretation and use of technical feasibility and cash flow analyses; how best to structure and fund project finances; how to understand and use the legal and documentation framework to your benefit. Interest areas: project finance, project financing, risk management, financial analysis, emering markets, documentation.

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Advanced Project Financing by C. Richard Tinsley

Written by Richard Tinsley, author the best-selling self-study guide Project Finance. Underpinning its many revealing case studies is an identification of the major risks in project finance. The reader is then presented with 214 real-world case studies in which each choice of risk structure is explained and assessed. Interest areas: project finance, currency risk, credit risk, counterparty, joint venture documentation, emerging markets.

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