4 Jobs for the Mathmatically-Minded Individual with an Accounting Degree

If your love of math inspired you to get an accounting degree, then you should put your love of numbers to good use. There are dozens of high-paying, interesting, and challenging opportunities available for accounting majors, because your mathematical talents are special. Don't box yourself in when you're looking for a job, remember that fun and success are part of the same equation.

All the Way to the Top: CFO Positions

If you're good with math, shoot for the moon. In this age where everyone uses calculators and Google to do the work for them, anyone who legitimately loves crunching numbers and solving equations is top-notch. Don't think small, because your accounting degree could easily make you the CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, of a company. The CFO is even more important than the CEO, because they handle the money, financial goals, budgets, and payment plans.

Technically all you need is an accounting degree or a finance degree. However, prepare yourself to start from the bottom. You'll need to begin as a Certified Public Accountant and work your way to the top. If it's possible, think seriously about getting your MBA as well.

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Certified Public Accounting Gone Wild

Most accounting careers include auditors and account collectors, and you can take those skills to several exciting positions by choosing an accounting degree. International accountants should ideally know several other languages fluently. With math and language skills and an understanding of financial reporting facts and standards on international levels, you can specialize in trading treaties, international mergers, and overseas acquisitions.

If criminal law intrigues you, think about becoming a forensic accountant. These mathematicians spend their time tracking down white-collar criminals guilty of things like insurance fraud. You'll need your Bachelor's degree in accounting, but a minor in criminal justice is also helpful. You can become a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Forensic Accounting (Cr.FA), or a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

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Criminal Investment Special Agent for the IRS

How would you like to become a Special Agent? The IRS is always looking for mathematically talented agents to help them track down and prosecute criminals who extort, embezzle, or even kill people. In this position, you'll work alongside other agencies, such as the FBI, the DOJ, the DEA, and even Homeland Security. In attaining your Bachelor's, you'll have to take a minimum of 15 accounting hours, plus 9 hours in business and tax law, economics, banking and money, and/or finance.

Helping Others: Accounting in the Public Sector

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If it's your dream to help others with their finances, there are several options available that really only need your Bachelor's in accounting. Becoming a straight CPA is a wonderful job, but if you're looking work a lot outside of tax season, think about becoming a Financial Analyst. In this position, you'll help each client or business invest their money in worthwhile ways. Personal Finance Advisors help people meet financial goals of all kinds, while loan officers help people, companies, and other organizations get the loans they need for various endeavors.

Accounting is a rich, rewarding field, but it's not limited to straight accounting. Which of these do you consider the most exciting accounting career?

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