Introduction to Dodd-Frank Act

The Dodd-Frank Act is part of President Obama’s intent to re haul the financial institution framework in America. The Act aims at improving transparency and accountability in the American financial system. This act is an outcome of introspection and analysis post the biggest financial crisis in the United States of America since the Great Depression.

The Act has sixteen titles. They are:

Title 1: Financial Stability

Title 2: Orderly Liquidation Authority

Title 3: Transfer of Powers to the Comptroller of the currency, the corporation (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and the   board of governors (of the Federal Reserve System)

Title 4: Regulation of advisers to Hedge funds and others

Title 5: Insurance

Title 6: Improvements of Regulations to Banks and Savings association holding companies and Depository Institutions

Title 7: Wall Street Transparency and Accountability

Title 8: Payment Clearing and Settlement Supervision

Title 9: Investor Protections and Improvements to the

Title 10: Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection

Title 11: Federal Reserve System Provisions

Title 12: Improving Access to mainstream financial institutions

Title 13: Pay it back Act

Title 14: Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act

Title 15: Miscellaneous Provisions

Title 16: Section 1256 Contracts