Operational Risk Data

For any bank, the measurement and management of operational risk is of prime importance.

One of the best sources of operational risk loss data is the ORX data. The ORX Global Operational Risk Database is the world’s largest operational risk loss data resource. The Database contains 177,960 loss events to a total value of €62,000,000,000. The data that ORX collects is confidential. In general therefore ORX only makes data available to member institutions who contribute to the database.

ORX publishes a high-level abstract of the data, which is known as ORX Operational Risk Report. The Report is based on high-level ORX data and offers information on trends in loss data and the changes in the industry operational risk loss profile.

The key information provided in the report is:

  • Overall Summary of ORX Annual Data
  • Heat Map of Event Frequency - Distribution of Frequency of Loss by Business Line by Event Type
  • Heat Map of Gross Loss Amount - Distribution of Gross of Loss by Business Line by Event Type
  • Business Line Performance - Business Line Risk Ranking
  • Performance in the Financial Crisis

You can request  a copy of the ORX Operational Risk Report by clicking here.

a copy of the ORX Operational Risk Report.

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